Angelina Thomson is a 16 year old junior at Pinewood High School in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. She wears her heart on her sleeve, making it easy for any guy to come by and snatch it. In this case, this guy's name is Skylar Brookshire. He has her wrapped around his finger, leading her on then cutting her off, until she learns how to protect herself from the affliction and contentment of the game of love.


7. Party Time!

       I woke up the next morning and I instantly knew that something didn't feel right. I then remembered the events of the previous night and I could literally feel my heart sink into my stomach. I felt more tears well up into my eyes (if it was even possible to have any tears left) and rolled back over under the covers.

       Did I really have to get up? There's really no point anyway. I had absolutely no motivation to do anything but sit in my bed and feel sorry for myself. Why did I have to have feelings? Life would be so much easier without them. I didn't want to be around people because then I would have to act like I was ok and watch their perfect lives. Why does it always seem like its me who ends up with all of the problems?

       About an hour later I finally got out of bed. I sulked downstairs, opened the fridge, closed it almost immediately, and walked outside. I already felt sick to my stomach, I doubt food would do any good. I inhaled the summer air and went for a walk. It would have been a pretty day if it weren't for the terrible mood I was in. Everything just looked dull and bored, almost like the excitement had been sucked out of it. After about an hour of walking in circles, I turned around and went back home.

       "Hey Angie, come here!" Bailey yelled at me from across the house right when I walked in the door.

       "Coming! And since when do you call me Angie?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen.

       "I don't know. Angelina's a long name. Anyway, I'm having a party and I need your help on the planning," she said.

       "Why are you having a party?" I questioned, knowing that our family never has parties at our house.

       "I just feel like it. I'm kinda stuck on who I should invite. I was thinking the whole senior class... and maybeeee... Roxanne," she said with a concentrated look on her face.

       "So you're pretty much just planning this party so Roxanne will have an excuse to hang out with Skylar again."

       "I mean yeah. She asked me to and it sounded like a fun idea," Bailey replied.

       "Whatever." And with that I walked back into my room, locked the door, and sat in my solitude for the rest of the day.


       I'm sick and tired of all of this. I mean I'm trying to be a good friend and all to Roxanne, but I'm done with being the person she has to go through to plan her perfect day of happiness. If I explained how I felt to her, she would probably think I'm just jealous that I can't get a guy, and I mean, I guess I am. The thing that bothers me the most is that I've known Skylar since 7th grade. I've always been there for him, through his ups and downs, and he the same for me. We used to be so close, and then Roxanne shows up and takes him away from me within weeks, and now he acts like I don't even exist. And I don't think she knows how painful that is.


       The week slowly went by, and by the weekend, I knew I was done. I wanted to transfer schools; I had no interest in seeing any of the people there ever again. But hey, surprise! My sister planned a party at my house! There was no getting out of this one. I honestly didn't know why I had to be there, but according to my mom, it would be rude to not show up.

       Roxanne came over early to help get everything ready, but I knew she just wanted to tell me her hopes and expectations of what would happen that night. Apparently she and Skylar had been "so excited to finally see each other again!" Like the great friend I am, I just smiled and nodded, laughed and made her think like I was just as excited for this party as she was. But my thoughts could not have been more opposite.

       Everyone showed up at around 7 and the party started with mild socialization and Just Dance 4. Btw, I slayed so hard at that, you have no idea :P It started getting darker around 8:30 and like the mature high schoolers that we were, everyone knew it was manhunt time. You might be wondering were the alcohol and the people having sex on the dance floor were, but under my parent's watch, nothing more than holding hands was going to pass very well.

       We started choosing teams, and I was more than surprised when Skylar called on me to be on his team. Roxanne went on Bailey's and the other 20 or so dispersed between the two. Our team was called to hide first, and I took off after Skylar into the woods.

       "Hey Angelina, I need to ask you something," Skylar said to me as he noticed I was behind him. We both stopped walking.

       "Yeah?" I said smiling, my heart pounding.

       "I don't know if you could tell, but I really like Roxanne. I need your advice on how I should ask her to be my girlfriend," he said.

       "I... I don't know. Whatever you come up with should be perfectly fine," I said and immediately walked away. Good thing it was dark so he couldn't see exactly how hard I was breaking down after he asked me that. The tears came without any possibility of being able to hold them back. I ran as far from him as I could, hoping he would think I was just really into playing manhunt.

       I sat down under a tree in the middle of the woods, having no idea exactly where I was. I could still hear the music from the party and people talking in the distance. My vision was fading in and out; I was crying so hard my brain wasn't working properly. I wanted this pain to end, anything to just make it all stop. I waited until I calmed myself down and tryed to make it look like I hadn't just bawled my eyes out. I wasn't very successful but I prayed that I could get into the back door and hoped no one would see me.

       I did the first thing that I thought of when I got into the front door: painkillers. Anything to make it stop. My head was pounding and I had a hard time stumbling into the bathroom. I opened the bottle and took out 5 of the pills. I swallowed 2 of them, but right before I could get the third one down, the bathroom door busted open for me to see no other than Bailey's boyfriend.


AN: Haha, I'm baaaack. Didn't think it would be that fast! But anyway, sorry for this long chapter, I had to end it here just in case you guys were getting bored. Don't worry, hopefully I'll post again soon. Thanks to anyone who is reading this story, it means a lot to me :)


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