Angelina Thomson is a 16 year old junior at Pinewood High School in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. She wears her heart on her sleeve, making it easy for any guy to come by and snatch it. In this case, this guy's name is Skylar Brookshire. He has her wrapped around his finger, leading her on then cutting her off, until she learns how to protect herself from the affliction and contentment of the game of love.


8. Party Pt. 2

       "What the hell are you doing?!" Taylor, Bailey's boyfriend, asked. By this point I had collapsed onto the floor and my vision was blacking out. It was by my complete will-power that I didn't pass out.

       "Don't tell anyone you saw this. Please." I stood up as fast as I could and ran out of the bathroom.

       "Wait!" Taylor yelled, but I didn't listen. I ran into my room and made sure to lock the door this time. After about 20 minutes I finally calmed down a bit, though I felt no better than before. I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked like a dying whale, so I put on more makeup before reluctantly heading back downstairs.


       As I should have guessed, no one really noticed that I was gone. Taylor kept giving me weird looks from across the room, but I just turned away and acted like I didn't see him. The second I was back in the middle of the crowd of people, I realized once again that Skylar and Roxanne were still missing. Seriously? I thought. I went outside into the darkness because I realized that people were starting to leave and they were no where to be found. Didn't they know that being in the woods at 11 o'clock was not the safest thing to do?

       I made a few more laps around our property, making sure to listen carefully for the sound of voices or snapping twigs. I walked pretty far into the back of the woods and was about to turn around when I saw the hot pink of Roxanne's tank top from behind a tree. Not wanting to hide and listen to their sweet talk, I just decided to yell at them.

       "Roxanne! Skylar! You need to come inside now, the party's over!" I called through the branches to them.

       "Is my mom here?" Skylar asked. The first thought was why his mom was picking him up in the first place, seeing that he had a car, but I didn't bother asking.

       "Not yet, but my mom wants you guys inside," I lied. I mean, I knew that's what my mom was probably thinking, I just didn't ask her.

       "Well if my mom's not here, then we can stay out here for a little longer," Skylar said with a mean tone to his voice. I was past the point of crying over him, now he was just making me mad. I honestly didn't care anymore, the pills were making me feel so numb that it didn't even matter.

       I turned around and walked back up to the house, though in the woods I left behind what little pride remained. I just wanted them to stop, I don't care how much I tried to convince myself otherwise. I hated the thought of them being together, I hated seeing them together, I hated hearing about their fun little dates. I just knew that in my mind, that should be me, not her.

       I stepped into the house and walked up into my room, purposely ignoring whatever glances Taylor was giving me. I shut my door and walked over to my closet. I lifted up a pile of junk and underneath it all I found my diary. I know it sounds like a stupid, childish thing to do, but I needed to vent to something. Anything. If I kept this all inside for much longer, I was gonna blow.

       It felt as if I wrote for hours. Before long, my hand was cramping up and I wasn't even halfway done writing what I was feeling. I have to admit,writing it down got it out of my mind and calmed me down. And on the plus side, in a few years from now, I can look back on it and see how much of a stupid idiot I was being. There are so many pages of me complaining about stupid stuff from when I was 7 and 8, about how my mom made me walk the dog, how Bailey took my goggles at the pool, how I wasn't allowed to play on the computer because I didn't make my bed. Everything seemed like such a big deal back then, I just hope it's the same this time.


       By 12:30, everyone had finally left, Skylar last of course (surprise, surprise), and Roxanne was taking a shower. I was preparing for the late night of her telling me how great of a time she had, about how much she likes Skylar, about how much he likes her. There were honestly several time when I wanted to tell her to shut up, but like the fantabulous friend I am, I kept my mouth shut. I know there's gonna be a day when I find a guy and I can't stop talking about him and I'll bet she'll do the same for me. I just doubt I'll ever date a guy she's in love with.

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