1D personal imagines

Comment or e-mail prettyprincess.ds@gmail.com your name or a name you enjoy, who you want to date in it, and if you want it to be a long or short and write why you like one direction.


4. Tyle and Zayn

Tyle's P.O.V

"How about snow white, daddy?" My daughter said to Zayn. "Today I am going to tell you a real life story" zayn said. "Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl and she was going to school. It was a new school and she didn't know anyone. She was very nice so she made a new friend easily. That friend was named Zayn. Zayn was very nice to Tyle and they became best friends. They did everything together. Then Zayn got upset because his girlfriend was mean and cheated so he went to Style. Zayn realized he was in love with his best friend. Tyle also realized she was in love with her best friend" "but daddy aren't they each others best friend" the curious 5 year old asked. "Yes. So then the prom was coming up and Zayn asked Tyle to go with him. She agreed. At the prom, Zayn and Tyle  both said they loved each other." Zayn finished and the child in. "But what happened to them?" She asked. "They lived happily ever after" Tyle said as she walked towards her daughters bed. "Mommy, was the story about you?" The child asked. "Yes." Tyle answered. "Then your daddy's princess in a real life fairytale" the child said and fell asleep. And it was true. Tyle and Zayn live in a real life fairytale. Tyle is Zayn's princess and always will be.

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