1D personal imagines

Comment or e-mail prettyprincess.ds@gmail.com your name or a name you enjoy, who you want to date in it, and if you want it to be a long or short and write why you like one direction.


5. Sarah and Harry

It all started on a Sunday afternoon. Sarah was in the mall and she was upset. Harry Styles used to be her best friend but then he became famous and never called her. She never wants to see him ever again. But his band was in Cheshire for a month so she might see him. "Let's go this way, lads" Louis said. The boys were in the mall also. And when they made that turn into a store Harry and Sarah will meet again. **boom** someone banged into Sarah. No. It wasn't harry it was Liam. But when liam said "oh sorry miss" harry saw who it was. "I am fine." Sarah answers. "Sarah?" Harry asked. "Oh hello. Goodbye" Sarah said trying to walk out of the store. "What's wrong?" Harry asked. "You never called me or texted me. Why?" Sarah said. "I never wanted to tell you this but I am so nervous to talk to you because I am in live with you" harry said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked Sarah. "Definitely." Sarah said. A couple of years later they were saying their vows at their wedding and having a baby girl that harry always wanted to name Darcy.

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