1D personal imagines

Comment or e-mail prettyprincess.ds@gmail.com your name or a name you enjoy, who you want to date in it, and if you want it to be a long or short and write why you like one direction.


3. Riley and Harry

Riley and harry were dating for almost 2 months. Today is there two month anniversary and Riley got Harry an expensive watch and she thought Harry would love it. "Harbear" she said as she walked into his apartment. She looked in the kitchen and living room but he wasn't there.then she heard music and she went to the backyard and saw a candle light on a table with lobster and water. "Wow'" she said. And then she saw a stage and on it was all of the boys singing. Harry came up to her and said "happy anniversary babe. I love you" "I know you do. I love you to" she said. 


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