1D personal imagines

Comment or e-mail prettyprincess.ds@gmail.com your name or a name you enjoy, who you want to date in it, and if you want it to be a long or short and write why you like one direction.


6. Mia and Harry

Mia was just another fan of one direction. NOT! Her brother was Liam Payne for gods sake. Yes. She knows the rest of the band. Yes they are as fun as you think they are. Yes she loves harry styles. Yes she ... Wait. Go back! She loves harry styles. Her brothers best friend and band mate. She's not to young to date him. He is 19 and she is almost 19 in 2 weeks its her birthday. But what will Liam say? She is going to tell him. Today. "Liam. I need to talk to you" mia said. "Okay" liam said. "I think I am in love with...." Mia said. "With who?" Liam asked worried. "Harry" Mia said, "well.. If you love him I can't stop love. Tell him how you feel." Liam said. He is always so kind and forgiving. Mia went on Skype and called to video chat harry. "hi harry" mia said. "'Ello Mia. Why did you call?" Harry asked, "I need to tell you something very important." Mia said. "I need to tell you something too, love" harry said. "On 3 we will both way it" mia said. "Okay 1, 2" harry said. "3. I think I love you" they both say. They both smile. "Will you be my girl friend?" Harry said. "Yes." Mia said. That was the start of a beautiful relationship that lasted forever.

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