1D personal imagines

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7. Corina and Zayn

Corina and Zayn are best friends. Zayn is always there for Corina and he would do anything for her. Corina is hanging out with the boys at their flat and they are watching a movie.

Corina's P.O.V

I was at the boys flat and we were watching a movie. The movie was a comedy so we were all cracking up by the time the movie was over. Harry was staring at me a lot so then I asked him why he kept looking at me. And all he did was smirk and walk away. Then later, Harry came over to me and asked me if I will go  out with him and I was about to answer when Zayn came into the room and said "Corina, will you go out with me?" I didn't know what to say "zayn, Harry just asked me to go out with him" I said. "What?!?" Zayn looked upset and angry. He ran outside to the back yard. "Zayn!!" I yelled. "Harry I can't go out with you. I love zayn." I said and ran after zayn. "Zayn, why did you run out here?" I asked him. "Because I can't hear if you say yes to Harry." He answered. "Why not?" I asked. He was about to answer but then he jumped in the pool. I jumped in after him. "Because I love you" he said. "I love you too" I said. He smiled. He leaned in and I did too. We both closed our eyes. He kissed me. I kissed him, too. I know I sound childish but I just can't get over the fact that me and my best friend kissed. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Zayn asked. "A million times yes" I answered and we kissed again. 

*3 and a half years later*

Narrator: it is almost 4 years since Zayn and Corina started dating. A month ago he proposed and last week they became Mr. And Mrs. Malik. They are hoping on having kids in the future, but not so fast. They are truly, madly, deeply in love and nothing or no one can change that.

THE END!!!!!

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