Stole My Heart

Abby Watkins is a small town girl who works at her family's diner with her brother Danny and best friend Nikki. When One Direction shows up at the diner, Louis instantly falls in love and turns Abby's world upside down.


2. That Was You?

"Are you Abby Watkins?" Louis asked.

"Yeah." I was surprised. He knew my last name?

"We were best friends in elementary school!" he exclaimed. "Remember, we'd go in the slide and kiss?"

"You kissed Louis Tomlinson and you didn't--" I clamped my hand over her mouth.

"That was you?" I asked.

He nodded. "So anyway, I was wondering if you'd wanna go to a movie sometime," Louis said.

I didn't no what to say. "Um...okay."

"I'll pick you up and noon tomorrow and we can to lunch before?"

I nodded. He walked out the door and Nikki slapped me. "You kissed Louis?!"

"I just found this out!" I yelled. "And we were kids!"

She jumped all around. "I can't believe Louis is in love with you!" 

"Nikki! He's not in love with me!"

"Not yet!" she said.

I rolled my eyes and started to clean the booth.

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