Stole My Heart

Abby Watkins is a small town girl who works at her family's diner with her brother Danny and best friend Nikki. When One Direction shows up at the diner, Louis instantly falls in love and turns Abby's world upside down.


7. Shopping

The next day, Nikki and I had the day off so we went to the mall. The whole time Nikki was just talking about Louis. "I just can't believe your actually dating Louis Tomlinson!" she exclaimed.

"It was one date!" I said.

"For now, but trust me, he's dying for more," she told me.

I rolled my eyes. "And we were together for all of elementary school and you didn't make a big fuss out of it then. He's the same person!"

"About that," she said. "How was making out at the movies?"

"We didn't make out!" I exclaimed. "We just watched the movie. That's what movies are actually for!"

"Yeah right, that's just what single people tell themselves," Nikki replied.

I sighed and walked into the dressing room. I came out wearing a dress Nikki made me try on, but I hated it.

"It's cute," she said. "Plus itd be easier for Louis put his hand up it!"

"Nikki!" I yelled, laughing.

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