Stole My Heart

Abby Watkins is a small town girl who works at her family's diner with her brother Danny and best friend Nikki. When One Direction shows up at the diner, Louis instantly falls in love and turns Abby's world upside down.


13. Little Lies

Suddenly after remembering all of my spy skills, I snuck onto a plane to a city in Ethiopia, where Mitch was training some of his new recruits. My seat was right next to an old lady,

"Oh, what's your name sweetie?" she asked.

I had to think fast. "Ellie King."

"And what are you going to Ethiopia for by yourself?"

"I'm visiting someone," I replied.  Not a lie...

"Oh, well isn't that nice?" she said.

It had been so long since I was in training that I almost forgot how to think fast.

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