Stole My Heart

Abby Watkins is a small town girl who works at her family's diner with her brother Danny and best friend Nikki. When One Direction shows up at the diner, Louis instantly falls in love and turns Abby's world upside down.


16. Gonna Beed Your Help

I shrieked as I ran to the library where the girls were waiting for me. "There's a pharmacy three doors down," I yelled in pain. "Someone get me some tweezers and bandages, stat!"

I leaned against a dusty bookcase of books that nobody had touched for ten years. I fell to the ground and held in my screams.

Quickly two of the girls came back. I got the tweezers and winced as I wiggled the bullet out of my arm. I don't think I had ever been on so much pain. Then I tightly wrapped up my arm in the bandage. 

"I'm gonna need your help, girls," I told them.

"With what?" someone asked.

"Hijacking a helicopter."

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