the new kids not a alien

this new kid jr has some strange habits. most everyone thinks hes a ailen,i just think no one understands him and it looks like to one loves him..... besides me.


6. The last day with him



  Just tomorrow i was heading off to collage. I was excited but…I had to leave JR behind. 


 Just now me and JR where hanging out at my place wile my mom was out at work.


 JR titled his head to the side looking at me with a funny face.


 I laughed and he stopped and chuckled to.


 Get past all the abuse, JR was amazing. He taught me a whole bunch of things and even taught me a new language!


 I cuddled into JR and rested my head on his chest. "I'm gonna miss you so bad" I say and frown.


 He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead "not as much as I'm going to miss you" he said.


 I giggled "your sweet" I said.


 Even though it's a month later. People still call him alien boy.


 "Not as sweet as you" he said.


 I kissed his cheek and yawned. "It's 12:00, we should get to bed" I said.


 "Well I got to go now" he said and frowned.


 "Can you stay with me? At least till I fall asleep?" I asked.

 He chuckled and nodded "of course my princess" he said and picked me up bridal style.


I giggled and he set me down on my bed.

 He laid next to me and pulled the blankets over us. His strong arms wrapped around me.

 I soon fell straight to sleep in his warm arms.

 The next morning I woke up to the sun shinning on my face. I sat up and looked around JR was gone and the only thing that was left was a little black box sitting on the pillow. 



 I opened it and there was a necklace with our  names on it and a note folded on top.


 To- my beautiful girl friend 




 This is for your trip to collage, have a good time. Ill love and miss you so much.


 I read the note over and over and begin to cry, I didn't want to leave, I had no choice. I picked up my bags and walked to the door.


 I turned to my empty room and sighed.


 "Good bye" I whispered and slipped the tiny black box in my pocket.





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