the new kids not a alien

this new kid jr has some strange habits. most everyone thinks hes a ailen,i just think no one understands him and it looks like to one loves him..... besides me.


10. The day I go back

  Me and JR walked into the old school.


 Debbie and her friends where waiting at the end of the hall way.


 Debbie snapped her fingers and the people leave.


 "So I see you came back" she said chewing on her gum.


 I held JR's hand tightly and she cracked her gum.


 "Admit it JR your a alien" Debbie said.


 JR's eyes glowed as he looked from me to Debbie.


 He took a deep breathe and bit his lip.



 "I am a alien" he said.



 To be continued…


 a/n: oh my god, what's gonna happen next?? 

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