the new kids not a alien

this new kid jr has some strange habits. most everyone thinks hes a ailen,i just think no one understands him and it looks like to one loves him..... besides me.


2. school

 Sunday went by fast and I never got to see Jr again. I started wondering if he was okay. every now and then we would here sobbing groaning and glass breaking from the room where Jr was staying.


 Today it was Monday and i was sitting o a bench outside in my school uniform waiting for the bus to come.


 Jr soon came out and sat next to me he also had a school uniform on and he looked in pain.


 ''are you okay''' i asked worriedly.


 ''No'' he said quietly.


 ''what happened'' i asked.


 He was quiet for a minute til he lifted up his blazer sleeve showing scars, bruises and fresh opened gashes.


 My jaw dropped as i looked at the bruises carefully. I looked in his eyes and i could tell he wanted to cry.


 The bus soon came and he sat alone in a seat near the middle wile i sat in the back with my best friends.


 ''Hey loser'' a jock said to Jr.


 Jr ignored him and tapped his foot on the ground.


 ''Can you hear me wimp'' the jock said.


 ''oh trust me im trying hard to not hear you'' Jr said.


 ''What did you just say to me'' he asked.


 Jr turned away and ignored him again.


 the bus came to a stop and we all got out.


 ''your supposed to listen to me wile i talk to you'' the jock said.


 ''says who?'' Jr asked.


 The jock threw his fist and Jr blocked it.


 ''If you want to live i wouldn't do that if i where you'' he said and pushed him.


 ''Did you see that'' my best friend  Lizzie asked.


 i nodded slowly and looked at Lizzie.


 ''i think hes a alien'' tori said.


 ''Alien? why would you think that'' i asked.


 ''just fit the pieces together, he just out ran a guy thats twice his size. he pushed him down and how he talks, hes not natural'' tori said.


 ''it seems natural to me, you guys just dont understand'' i said.


 ''your the one that doesn't understand. hes a freak'' Lizzie said.


 something inside of me stung, i couldn't believe my best friends think hes a alien.



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