the new kids not a alien

this new kid jr has some strange habits. most everyone thinks hes a ailen,i just think no one understands him and it looks like to one loves him..... besides me.


8. #8

 "JR please wake up" I whispered.


 I took up his arm, there was gashes that where fresh, purple bruises, and red scars.


 I took his hand and held it to my face.


 "I love you" I said.


 I set his arm down and kissed his cheek, Witch I knew he liked.


 My phone beeped and I picked it up. It was a text from Debbie.


 I rolled my eyes but looked at it anyway.



 I see your alien boyfriends in the hospital, it was fun watching him get beat up. He's worthless, when he wakes up tell him to go back to his own planet.


 To. Debbie 

 Shut up! He's not alien and he is not worthless. Your just to cruel to see that.



 Everyone hates him, your the only one on his side. He may not tell you this but he cut because of us.


 I gasped and took up his arm again. Sure enough there was three pinkish reddish scars lined up perfectly on his wrist.


 Anger welled up inside me. Not at JR but at Debbie, how can she do that, because of her and her stupid friends, my boyfriend is now in the hospital.


 I shut my phone down and shoved it in my pocket. I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest. I rested my head on my knees and cried.


 Hours flew past and I was still crying. I was never going to live that down like ever.


 The heart monitor started beeping really fastly.


 I looked over at JR and he opened his eyes.


 I walked over to him, I took off the breathing mask and set on a table.


 "JR are you okay" I said taking his hand.


 He squeezed my hand lightly. "I'm fine" his voice was raspy and he could barely talk.


 I hugged him tightly  "I'm so sorry" I said tears streaming down my face.


 He stroked my hair softly "it's not your fault" he said.


 "It feels like it, I shouldn't have left" I said.


 "Stop blaming it on yourself, you did nothing wrong" he said.


 I pulled away slowly and looked into his eyes, I really don't know how but his eyes turned from brown to blue. 

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