the new kids not a alien

this new kid jr has some strange habits. most everyone thinks hes a ailen,i just think no one understands him and it looks like to one loves him..... besides me.


5. #5

 It was a long bus ride home but me and JR got through it by talking and laughing.


 "Are you to dating?" Debbie asked poking her head into our row.


 "No" I say and push her head away.


 "Well I seen a picture of you to kissing" she said and chewed on her gum. 


 The blood rushed to my face and I had a shocked look on my face.


 "Hey every one Sarah's dating the alien kid!!" Debbie yelled and pointed at us.


 "Sarah's dating the alien kid, Sarah's dating the alien kid!" Everyone chated.


 The glow came to JR's eyes as he looked at me.


 "I'm sorry" he mouthed and gave my hand a light squeeze.


 "Yeah there dating" Debbie said and chewed loudly.


 JR glared at her and she backed away.


 "Alien boy alien boy alien boy!!!!!" She yelled.


 "Shut up!" I yelled .


 "No" Debbie snapped and cracked her bubble gum.


 "Sarah, JR, this is your stop" the bus driver said.


 "They even live in the same building"  Debbie said in a mocking voice.


 I stuck my middle finger up at her and followed JR off the bus.


 We walked into the building and straight to my apartment.


 "Mom I'm home" I said.


 Mom walked in from the kitchen, she looked JR up and down.


 "Who's this?" She asked.


 "Mom, this is JR he lives next door, where gonna study in my room" I said and smiled at JR.


 "Oh okay, hello JR" she said.


 "Hi" JR says and smiles.


 Me and JR walked upstairs and sat down.


 "So about the kiss, does that make me and you a couple" I asked and shut the door.


 He smirked "I guess so" he said.


 I smiled and walked over to him. He pressed his soft pink lips against mine and I ran my hands through his hair tugging on it lightly. We pulled away and I rested my head on his shoulder.


 "I love you so much" he whispered in my ear.

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