Protect You

I'm Christina Perez , I know nineteen different languages , I have thirty nine fake identities , I'm the most wanted female spy in the world and I know how to kill a man in more ways than you can count. I can find out your weakness just by looking at you. My only weakness is not being able to trust people. I've been lied to way too much. So Harry Styles , leave me alone because I will never trust you again.


2. Paired Up

"Chris , Gray wants you in his office. Now." Bethany , my friend said. "Okay." I said as I got out of my chair. I got on the lift and pressed the button that would bring me to the 10th floor. When I reached the 10th floor , I got out and went straight into Gray's office. Gray is basically the owner and is boss of the agency. But I treat him as a family member. A dad , an uncle , whatever you want to call him. I went inside and sat on a chair in front of his desk before he could say his usual 'have a seat'. "Christina , I have a mission for you." he said. "Do you remember Harry Styles?" he asked. "Yeah...?" "You'll be working with each other in this mission." he said. "WHAT?! Gray , you know I hate him! Why does it have to be me?! There are thousands of other agents in this agency that aren't on missions right now! Why me?" I asked. "Because,"he started. "you're the best in what you do." he said. He gave me a folder that had the mission written inside. "But Gray..." I started whining. "No buts. Go. Get your stuff. You're going to live with Harry and his band until this mission is over. He'll be here in 20 minutes to pick you up." he said. I groaned. I got up from the chair and went home to my flat. When I got to my flat , I pulled a black suitcase out of my closet and started putting my essentials inside. My guns , my clothes , my toiletries and other things an agent would need. I decided to take a quick shower. I changed into a white shirt , ripped jeans , my leather jacket and put my black combat boots on . I finished packing and I went back to the agency. I sat down on a chair and started playing on my phone. All I'm waiting for now was for Harry to come. I was doing research on Harry's band when I saw a pair of legs stop in front of me. "Christina?" the person asked. I nodded my head. "It's me , Harry." he said. I stood up and grabbed my suitcase. "Let's go." I said. Harry and I walked towards his black land rover. We got in and Harry started driving. "Can we move to the front now? We're getting squished in here!" two voices said behind me , causing me to flinch a little bit. I turned around and saw two boys , one with black hair and one with brown hair. Both were styled in quiffs. "Fine." Harry said , keeping his eyes on the road. The two boys jumped onto the seats beside me. "Hi!" the brown haired one greeted happily as he sat beside me. "Uhh...hi?" I said but it sounded more like a question. "I'm Louis." he said. "I'm Zayn." the black haired one said. "I'm Liam." a boy sitting at the back said. His hair was brown and he had a buzz cut. "I'M NIALL!" a blonde boy yelled , beside Liam. "I'm Christina." I said. "Hey , what's in that?" Louis asked , pointing at the mission file. "Nothing. Don't touch it." I said , pulling the file away from him. "Okay." he said. Harry parked in front of a huge white house. We got out and entered the house. The four boys ran and jumped onto a couch and started fighting over what DVD to watch. How childish. "I'm just going to talk to Harry for a while. In private." I said then the boys started giggling. Pervs. I pulled Harry into the kitchen. "Here." I said , passing the file to him. "This is the mission we're paired up in , Styles." I said. "So we're calling each other by our last names? Are we , Perez?" he said , smirking. "Shut up and read the damn file." I said. He flicked through the pages. "So , we protect the lads and we get that diamond?" he said. "Yes." I said. "Okay." he said after reading the file. He passed the file back to me. 

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