Protect You

I'm Christina Perez , I know nineteen different languages , I have thirty nine fake identities , I'm the most wanted female spy in the world and I know how to kill a man in more ways than you can count. I can find out your weakness just by looking at you. My only weakness is not being able to trust people. I've been lied to way too much. So Harry Styles , leave me alone because I will never trust you again.


1. Memories

*4 years ago*

"NO! TAKE ME BACK! GET OFF ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The two men holding me didn't let go. They threw me into a van. I was crying. I crawled to a corner and curled up into a ball. "Don't cry." I heard a voice whisper in my ear. I looked up and it was a boy with curly hair. "Don't worry. I'll protect you. I promise." he said. "I'm Harry , by the way." he said. "You?" he asked. "I'm Christina." I said , sniffling. "Where are they taking us?" I asked. "The agency." he said. "Harry," I said. "Hmm?" "I'm scared of what's going to happen." I said. "Don't be. I'll be there to protect you." he said , causing me to smile. 

-At the agency-

"Get out." the men said after opening the doors. We got out. I held Harry's hand tightly as we walked inside a huge building. "Welcome to the agency." Harry said. We kept walking until we reached a door. "You can do this yourself Styles." one of the men said then they walked away. I looked at Harry. "I'm sorry Christina. I really am." he said. He opened to door and he pushed me onto a chair. He tied my arms and legs as I screamed and cried. "Sorry." he apologised one more time before letting a tall man come in. "I HATE YOU HARRY! I TRUSTED YOU!" I yelled as Harry closed the door.

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