Protect You

I'm Christina Perez , I know nineteen different languages , I have thirty nine fake identities , I'm the most wanted female spy in the world and I know how to kill a man in more ways than you can count. I can find out your weakness just by looking at you. My only weakness is not being able to trust people. I've been lied to way too much. So Harry Styles , leave me alone because I will never trust you again.


3. How's Life?

Harry leaned on the black and white counter. "How's life?" he asked. I felt anger inside of me. I pulled him to the wall , tightly gripping on his neck. "How's life? You're seriously asking me that? Well , you left me when I needed you. When I trusted you!" I said , putting my knee on his groin. "You lied." I said , putting my knee back down only to bring it back up to knee his groin. Harry groaned in pain as he fell to the floor. "You left me tied to that chair when I needed you the most." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek. "I'm sorry." Harry apologised. "No , Styles! Do you seriously think sorry will cut it? Well it doesn't! I fucking hate you!" I screamed. The four boys ran into the kitchen to see what was happening and they saw Harry on the floor. They helped Harry stand up. "I'm really sorry." Harry whispered , walking towards me. "No." I said , slapping him on his cheek. "I'm only here for my job. Not to forgive you. The sooner we're through with this , the better." I said I started walking away. I walked out of the house and I walked on the street. I kept walking until I heard a male's voice calling my name from behind me. "Christina!" he yelled after me. I turned around and saw that it was Harry running after me.He caught up to me and he grabbed my wrists to prevent me from running away."I-I love you Christina. And I'm so sorry I left you there. I was only listening to the agency's orders." he said. I couldn't believe my ears. "Do you love me too?" he asked , looking into my eyes. I just stared. "In case you didn't hear me clearly , I said I fucking hated you , Styles!" I screamed. I pulled my arm away and just looked at him. "Christina I'm so sorry for leaving you there. I was 15. I didn't know." he said. "I was 14 Harry! Do you think being trained to kill a person was appropriate for my age? Styles , that agency ruined me!" I screamed at him. Harry was speechless. "We'll discuss about the mission tomorrow morning." I said , walking back into the house , leaving him. I went inside to see the other four boys waiting by the door. They were just looking at me. In shock of what I did , I suppose. I kept walking. I dragged my suitcase into the room I was going to stay in. I shut the door and locked it. I sat on the bed and just stared at the wall. I heard the boys' muffled voices. I laid my head on the pillow and decided to go to bed since it was already 10:30pm.



Sorry if this isn't good. I've got a mild case of writer's block so please bear with me. I love you guys so much. Thank you for actually taking the time to read this. I know it's not perfect but I'm doing my best to get there. Once again , thanks. xx - Sam

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