A night to remeber

Amber is 18 when she meets the mysterious boy that won't show his face. She meets the boy one night in the middle of nowhere.. But why was she there... Why was he there.... what would become of this pair and did her just ruin her plan....


3. wheres Emeli

i could hear the pain in her voice and i knew that she had been crying but why wasn't she coming to the cafeteria we always ate lunch together we always had since the first day of yr 7 what made today different.. i decided to go look for her .

I knew from the echo she had me on speakerphone and that she was in a bathroom there was only 3 female bathrooms in the senior school so i decided to go to the one closest to the cafeteria. when i got there i walked into the bathroom looking at all the stalls to see if any of them were locked.. none damn oh well next bathroom. the same thing occurred to me when i went to the other 2 bathrooms she wasn't there, then it hit me she was in our bathroom 

*flashback 2 yrs ago*

"emeli i have to pee really badly", "well go into that bathroom no ones used it in ages because apparently someone was killed in their or something" " Emeli thats a big deal i don't want to go in their what if a ghost is watching me whilst i pee" she just stared at me blankly "fine" i said as i stormed into the bathroom i came out about 5 minutes later cause i decided to fix the little make up i had on. when i came out emeli just took my arm and guided me back to class and from that day on the just happened to be our bathroom because no one else used it.

*flashback over*

When i got to the bathroom i opened the door i saw emeli there on her knees crying i immediately locked the door behind me so that no one else would be able to come in. then as i got closer i got see that part of her head was bleeding and thats when i saw him my dad was standing there with a handful of emeli hair in his hand he screamed at me "how dare you have friends i thought i told you no friends what of that do you not understand" "i'm sorry dad, i'm sorry please just let her go" i could feel the tears in my eyes but i held them back because i knew that it would make things worse. "so you're sorry now are you.. well its a little late for that darling this little friend of yours is no longer going to be a problem" as he said that i saw him draw a knife from the back of his pants and grab emelis hair and tilt her head back she was crying hysterically now and i was too much of a coward to do anything but her cry for help snapped me out of my trance i started to run at her putting my hand in front of the knife which meant my hand was in between her neck and his knife. my hand was cut badly it was hurting like hell and blood was going everywhere but i didn't care i had to get my friend out of their i grabbed my dads hand and snatched her hair out of his grasp, picked up emeli by the hands dragging her to her feet as we ran for the door i realised that i had locked it as we were fumbling with the door lock trying to get it open my dad was getting closer and closer finally we got the lock open and it flung open almost hitting my principal in the face we ran out of the bathroom screaming "help, help please somebody help" but when they looked into the bathroom he was gone without trace like he'd just disappeared in thin air

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