A night to remeber

Amber is 18 when she meets the mysterious boy that won't show his face. She meets the boy one night in the middle of nowhere.. But why was she there... Why was he there.... what would become of this pair and did her just ruin her plan....


2. Last day Of school

emeli's P.O.V

Amber Confused me she always did i didn't understand why she looked at me that way and then hit me i thought it was a big deal i mean it was the last day of school she had to go out with a BANG! but obviously she doesn't care it's never been her thing though she doesn't like being in the spotlight, she doesn't care what people think of her, shes so independent its like she has built walls around her so no one can get in i don't know why though she never told me. I on the other hand cared about what people thought of me A LOT! if one piece of hair was out of place then i would have a major meltdown its a bit of a problem i know but the doctors tell me i should grow out of it soon enough but i think they all think i'm crazy.

Amber's P.O.V

We finally arrived at the school gates i looked behind me and there was still a bewildered emeli standing behind, i do wonder why that girl isn't in a mental hospital yet shes such a perfectionist and she thinks too much but i love her and shes my best friend actually she my only friend and shes a secret my dad doesn't like me to have friends. 

So the day went pretty quickly the teachers were pretty reluctant today and didn't make us do much but i still sat in the back row by myself because no one like me i was always known as the girl with no life which is true in a way but it still hurt when they tormented me. It was lunchtime and i walked into the cafeteria searching for emeli, she was know where to be seen i decided to sit down at a table where no one was sitting then i called. One ring... Two ring... Three ring... then finally i got an answer 



'where are you im in the cafeteria come find me" 

"sorry i can't" 


" i just can't ok bye"



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