A night to remeber

Amber is 18 when she meets the mysterious boy that won't show his face. She meets the boy one night in the middle of nowhere.. But why was she there... Why was he there.... what would become of this pair and did her just ruin her plan....


1. Amber

A Night to Remember 

My Dad and i have never really gotten on well, ever since i was a little girl i could always see disappointment in his eyes when he looked at me it was as if he didn't want me. i never really noticed it until i was 9 or 10 and he started to get me into all these boys sports he didn't want me to be a  girl he always wanted a boy. One night i overheard a fight between my parents my mum was crying hysterically as my dad stood over screaming " its all your fault women if only i had gone with karen i would've had a boy but no i put my faith in you and you betrayed me your worthless" i could see the anger in his eyes, he was furious i felt as though it was my fault i wasn't supposed to be who i was.  My mum had gotten up to try and calm him down whilst giving him a hug, he accepted her gesture of kindness as he always did but then i heard a faint cry of pain and witness my mother's lifeless body fall to the ground with a pool of blood quickly forming around her, i had just witnessed my father stab my mother in the back..he had killed her..... because of me...........

 9 yrs Later 

Today was my last day of highschool i was 18 and ready to leave i had a career set out in new york the man who had agreed to let me work for him seemed to be a nice person he worked with big pop stars and what not, i didn't know much about pop stars and the recent songs as my dad didn't like it so he never allowed me to listen to them but i didn't mind the music he played reminded me of my mother, My real mother my dad had married some slut called emma when i was 11 he said that she could produce a fine man. Which she did and ever since then its always been emma dad and jake never emma dad amber and jake thats just how it is but i was fine with it thats how i lived and that how it will stay. I was walking to school as usual when my friend emeli ran up to me screaming my name " what's wrong em" "has someone been hurt" "spit it out women for god sakes" she looked so distressed and worried i was concerned had something  major happened at school what was wrong with her. when she finally got her breath back from running after me she looks me dead in the face and said " Amber i have something really important to tell you... your shoes don't match your skirt' " i'm so sorry" i just looked at her as if to say are you freaking kidding all that to tell me my shoes didn't match " What?!?!?" she said, i just hit her arm and continued to walk to school with emeli next to me confused as ever.


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