Life As We Know It 3

Life As We Know It 3; Kim and the rest of the college WWE friends returns home. When Kim gets home, she is surprised to see her mom while Harry is struggling to leave the band to be with Kim. When Kim discovers from her father that her mother is dead, what did she think she really saw? Was it her mother's spirit or was it really her? Also Randy and Stacy are expected to be having their child before going back to college. Read on and see how this story ends. Part 4 is still being written, so please be patient with me.


2. 1.2

Randy: What was wrong with her? 

Mike: *silent* 

Randy: Mike! 

Mike: *looks away* 

Randy: Maryse? Michelle?! 

John: Randy. 

Randy: What! She's our friend isn't she! 

John: She is, but can you not act like this in front of your wife? 

Randy: Looks at Stacy. 

Stacy: *hurt* It's ok, really. 

John: No it's not! Don't pretend it's ok when it's not! 

Randy: *serious* What is wrong with Kim. 

Mike: Randy, Mrs. Frank died in a plane crash yesterday morning when we all flew here. 

John: *gasp and covers his mouth* 

Randy: *shocked* What? Mrs. Frank got into a plane crash? 

Kelly: *cries* How is Kim doing? 

Mike: She lost Miracle and now her mother; she'll never be the same again. 

Layla: *wipes her tears* My prayers go out to her and her family. I don't know why this is happening to her. 

Mike: All we can do is be supportive and be there for her and Mr. Frank.  

Michelle: Yes, that's all we're gonna be and do for now. 

Maryse: *hugs mike*  

Mike: *hugs Maryse* You ok? 

Maryse: Yeah. 

Louis: So you're really leaving huh? 

Harry: Yeah, we're done with performances, I minus go and stay with Kim and come back when school starts. 

Louis: Well, have a safe flight. 

Harry: Thanks Louis. 

Zayn: Alright, so this is it huh? We won't see you until three months. 

Harry: *smiles and chuckles* Yeah, three months. 

Zayn: *hugs harry* 

Niall: I might visit if I'm not doing anything. 

Harry: Alright, awesome, just let me know and I'll come get you. 

Niall: Alright. 

Liam: See you in three months Harrry. 

Harry: *hugs liam* See you in three months. Bye guys. *boards the plane* 

Louis: I'm gonna miss him. 

Niall: Me too. 

Zayn: Of course we are. 

Liam: I already miss him. 

Louis: Aww, Liam. *puts liams head on his shoulder* 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Harry: Hey babe, I'm here. I'm at the airport. 

Kim: Oh, ok. You didn't have to come. I really don't need you here right now. 

Harry: Why? Is something wrong? 

Kim: *silent* Yeah, there is.  

Harry: What's wrong? 

Kim: I think we need to break up. 

Harry: What? Why? 

Kim: It's hard to explain. 

Harry: Well can we talk about it? If you're upset about me delaying my flights, I'm sorry.  

Kim: No, just go back and stay with your friends. 

Harry: No, I'm gonna rent a car and I'm gonna come look for you. 

Kim: Don't please, you'll never find me here. 

Harry: I'll keep looking until I find you. 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Harry: Kim? *hangs up* 

Randy: *eating with stacy* 

Harry: *walks in the café* Aren't you Randy? 

Randy: Yeah, and aren't you that one guy? 

Stacy: Harry? 

Harry: Stacy?! You're, you're pregnant. 

Stacy: *smiles* Yeah, I am Harry. 

Harry: Are you having a girl or a boy? 

Stacy: It's a boy, his name is Keith. 

Harry: Well that's good to know, but do you guys happen to know where Kim lives? 

Randy: Why? 

Harry: Because. 

Randy: *gives kims address to harry* 

Harry: Thanks. 

Stacy: We're you gonna eat? 

Harry: I was, but since I saw you guys, I'll go see Kim first. 

Randy: Umm, she might not be in the best mood. 

Harry: Yeah, I know. I just got off the phone with her not to long ago. 

Randy: Oh, ok then.  

Harry: Bye?  

Randy: Bye. 

Harry: *walks off* 

Samuel: Hi?  

Harry: I'm sorry, but is there someone name Kim Frank that lives here? 

Samuel: Yes, that's my daughter, who are you? 

Harry: I'm Harry, Harry Styles. 

Samuel: What do you want with my daughter? 

Harry: I'm her friend. 

Samuel: Hold on. *walks to kims room* Honey, there's a guy here asking for you. 

Kim: Who? 

Samuel: He said his name is Harry Styles? 

Kim: *gets out of bed* How did he find me?  

Samuel: Want me to go tell him to leave? 

Kim: No, I got it. *walks to the door* Yeah? 

Harry: Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: How did you find me? 

Harry: I used a GPS. 

Kim: GPS? 

Harry: Ok, I got it from Randy, but still I found you, now can we talk? 

Kim: Come inside. 

Harry: *walks in the house* 

Paola: *smiles* Hi, I'm Paola, Kim's mother. 

Harry: *walks by paola* 

Kim: Just hang out here and make yourself at home. I'll be down in ten minutes. 

Harry: Ok. *sits down* 

Paola: Harry Styles huh? Well you're a very good looking guy. Are you treating my daughter right? 

Samuel: Harry? 

Harry: Yes. 

Samuel: Never seen you before, where'd you meet my daughter? 

Harry: School, at Truth University. 

Samuel: Truth huh? Is that the truth? 

Harry: *chuckles* Yeah. 

Samuel: Who'd you say you were again? Her friend? 

Harry: Yes, well boyfriend more like it. 

Samuel: Boyfriend? You do know that she's been through a hard life right? 

Harry: Yes, I do. 

Samuel: And you know about her personal life and everything? 

Paola: Honey, be nice to him. 

Harry: Yes, she told me about her miscarriage and divorce. 

Samuel: That's it? 

Harry: Yeah, why? 

Samuel: Nothing. 

Harry: I'm sorry I didn't get to introduce myself properly. I was supposed to come here with Kim, but couldn't because of my performances and shows. 

Samuel: Performances and show? 

Harry: Yes, I'm from One Direction. 

Samuel: Oh, my friend's daughter always talks about you guys. 

Harry: Really? It'll be a pleasure to meet her. 

Samuel: Her names Eve. Eve an d Kim are good friends as well. Maybe Kim can introduce you to her. 

Harry: Yeah, that'll be nice. 

Kim: I'm ready. 

Paola: Honey, he is really cute. *smiles* 

Kim: *sneezes* 

Paola: Bless you. 

Kim: Ready? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: So what were you and my father talking about? 

Harry: Just how we met, how I was and if I knew about your personal life. 

Kim: And what'd you say? 

Harry: I told him I knew about your pregnancy and divorce. 

Kim: *silent* Yeah? 

Harry: So, Eve?  

Kim: Yeah, what about her? 

Harry: Is she your father's friend's daughter? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Harry: Well I heard she was a huge fan, and I want to meet her. 

Kim: She's my best friend. 

Harry: Can I meet her? 

Kim: Not today Harry.  

Harry: Is everything ok with you babe? 

Kim: *silent* Harry. 

Harry: Yeah? 

Kim: *silent* My mom passed away. 

Harry: *shocked* What? When? 

Kim: The day I got here. *holds in her tears* My dad tried to reach for me, but I was on the plane. The same time my mom was too! I wish it could have been me instead of my mother!  

Harry: I'm really sorry Kim. 

Kim: *closes her eyes* It's what I get for being a horrible person right? 

Harry: You're not a horrible person Kim. You're perfect and beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles with tears* Am I? 

Harry: In every language, you're perfect and beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles sad with tears* Aww, thank you Harry. 

Harry: *smiles*  

Eve: Oh my gosh! You're Harry Styles! 

Harry: Yeah, I am. 

Eve: I can't believe I'm seeing this! Kim, why didn't you tell me you knew Harry? 

Harry: Who are you again? 

Eve: *smiles big* Eve, Eve Torres. 

Harry: Oh, so you're Eve. 

Eve: Yes! Oh my gosh, can I get a hug? 

Harry: Yeah, sure. *stands up and hugs eve* 

Eve: Is it ok if I get a picture too? 

Harry: Of course. 

Eve: Kim, take a picture. *smiles big and hugs harry* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Kim: *takes a picture* You know something Eve. 

Eve: What? *looks at the picture* Wow, we look really cute and good together. *laughs* 

Harry: *chuckles* 

Kim: Harry is my boyfriend. 

Eve: What? No way, he's not your... *looks at harry* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Eve: You two are together? 

Harry: Yeah we are. 

Eve: I, I don't believe it. How long? 

Kim: Almost a year, Eve can I talk to you. *pulls eve aside* 

Eve: I can't believe you didn't tell me! I'm your friend Kim! 

Kim: Eve! 

Eve: I can't believe this. 

Kim: You need to know something and I need you to be there this weekend. 

Eve: You're not marrying him Kim. I'm not gonna let it happen. 

Kim: Eve. *gives eve a serious look* 

Eve: What! 

Kim: I want you to be there for me for my mother's funeral. 

Eve: Why do I need to be there for your... mother's funeral? Kim, what happened? 

Kim: *holding in her tears* Please, just tell me you'll be there for me, in memory of my mother Paola Frank. 

Eve: *hugs kim* I'll be there for you Kim. I'm really sorry, what happened? 

Kim: She got in a plane crash. 

Eve: *gasp* Kim. *hugs kim again* 

Kim: Just be there. 

Eve: I will. 

Kim: Thank you. *hugs eve* 

Harry: What happened? 

Kim: Nothing. 

Harry: Are you done? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm ready to go home now. 

Harry: Ok.

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