Life As We Know It 2

Life As We Know It 2; College has started, Randy is reunited with an old friend and schoolmate. While Kim on the other hand is struggling to get over Randy and John. She bumps into Louis and later is romantically linked to Harry. Read on and see how Kim leans on John to be there for her and accompany her while the 1D lads go on tour for 8 months.


4. 1.4

Michelle: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Michelle: Hi, is this Kim? 

Kim: Yeah, this is her, who's this? 

Michelle: This is Michelle, remember me? 

Kim: Oh yeah, hey? How'd you get my number? 

Michelle: I had it from Eve. 

Kim: Oh okay, what's up? 

Michelle: Kim, did you really send Randy and his girlfriend over here? 

Kim: Just him not his hoe. 

Michelle: Hoe? Oh, so he's seeing someone else? 

Kim: Who knows, he's Randy. 

Michelle: Did you know he's engage? 

Kim: *shocked* What!? 

Michelle: His girlfriend's pregnant. 

Kim: No way! I just saw her like last month Michelle! 

Michelle: It's actually been three months Kim. 

Kim: *hurt* Are you kidding me right now? 

Michelle: I know we had a lot of trust issues in the past, but we are grown now. 

Kim: Is she big? 

Michelle: She's showing now. 

Kim: *cries* I still love him Michelle. 

Michelle: I'm really sorry Kim. I didn't mean to make you cry. 

Kim: Thank you for telling me. 

Michelle: I didn't really; I just wanted you to know. I'm sorry I made you cry. 

Kim: *wipes her tears* I have to call John. 

Michelle: Why? 

Kim: Bye. 

Michelle: Ok, bye? 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Kelly: What did you do today? 

John: Well, I finally got to know Layla. 

Kelly: *curious* You aren't seeing her are you? 

John: *silent* No, it only happened today. Babe, I have no interest in Layla. She's not as beautiful, attractive, and smart as you are.  

Kelly: *smiles* I love it when you say that. 

John: What that she's not beautiful, attractive, or smart? 

Kelly: No when you call me beautiful, attractive, and smart. *smiling* 

John: Oh? Well you are beautiful, attractive, and smart babe. 

Kelly: *smiles big* Aww, I really miss you. How many more days until I get to see you? 

John: Well, today's Wednesday, so two more day? 

Kelly: *screams* I'm so excited to see you John. 

John: *smiles and chuckles* I am too Kelly. 

Kelly: What do you want to do? 

John: Well, I don't know, what do you want to do? 

Kelly: We can finish were we left off. 

John: What was that? 

Kelly: Sex. 

John: Kelly! 

Kelly: I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. 

John: Ok, well we can do that before I leave yeah? 

Kelly: No, when you get here and when you leave. *smiles* 

John: *smiles big* Ok, we can do that. 

Kim: *calls john* 

John: Hold on, someone's calling on the other line. 

Kelly: Ok. 

John: Hello? 

Kim: *sad* John. 

John: Kim? What's wrong? 

Kim: John, I thought Randy wouldn't hurt me anymore, but he just did. 

John: What he do now? 

Kim: He's getting married! 

John: What? To who? 

Kim: To that girl I told you about. 

John: I'm really sorry Kim. 

Kim: *silently* She's having his baby.  

John: What? 

Kim: She's having his baby. 

John: Kim, speak louder. 

Kim: *cries* She's having his baby. 

John: *shocked* Kim, I am really sorry. I'll come see you this weekend. 

Kim: *crying* I'm so hurt John. 

John: I'll come over Friday and be there til Monday ok. 

Kim: Thank you John. *wipes her tears* 

John: Don't cry, I'll be there real soon. 

Kelly: *waiting on the other line* Ok John? *cont. waiting* 

Kim: Thank you so much for doing this for me. 

John: No, it's ok, I'll do anything for you Kim. 

Kim: Thanks. 

John: I'll see you soon ok. 

Kim: Ok. 

John: Ok, bye. 

Kim: Bye. 

John: *hangs up* 

Kelly: *phone beeps* Ok? *hangs up* 

John: *throws his phone on his bed* Kelly?! Shit! *picks up his phone* Hello? Babe? *phone beeping* Dammit! 

Eleanor: Hey Kim, do you want to go grab lunch with me? 

Kim: Yeah, we can. 

Eleanor: Wait are you busy? 

Kim: No, I can do my homework later at home. 

Eleanor: Ok, let's go then. 

Perrie: So I see you befriended Kim Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Kim is a great person, I don't know how you could ever bad mouth her. 

Kim: Bad mouth? You Bad mouthed me?! 

Perrie: Kim, Eleanor is lying, I would never talk about you like that. You know you're my best friend. 

Danielle: Best friend? Is that why you kicked her out? 

Perrie: What? She left herself! 

Kim: No I didn't! 

Eleanor: Your lies are horrible Perrie. 

Perrie: Excuse me?! 

Danielle: We know how you are now. We can't wait to tell Zayn what kind of girl you are. 

Perrie: Oh, he'll listen to me over you three! What are you reunited!? 

Danielle: *looks at Eleanor and kim* 

Eleanor: Yeah, we are. We we're gonna ask you too, but I'm glad we didn't. 

Perrie: *hurt* Well who needs friends like you guys anyways! *leaves mad* 

Danielle: Are we really? 

Eleanor: *smiles* If you want to be Danielle. 

Danielle: *smiles* Yeah, I do. 

Eleanor: *smiling* Ok. 

Danielle: *hugs Eleanor* Yay. *turns and looks at kim* 

Kim: *silent* 

Danielle: *hugs kim* We're really sorry Kim. You can come back in the group. We've been failing since you left. We can't come up with any routine and we leave this week to go on tour. 

Kim: *smiles* I can help you guys back up. 

Danielle: Can you! That would be really great Kim! *laughs* 

Kim: Of course. 

Danielle: Yay! *hugs kim again* 

Eleanor: I'm glad we're back together girls. 

Danielle: Me too. *smiles* 

John: Kim? 

Kim: John?! *surprised* Oh my, John! *runs and hugs john* How did you? 

John: I took the taxi. 

Kim: *closes her eyes* I missed you so much. 

Danielle: So that's John. 

Eleanor: I guess so. *chuckles* 

Danielle: He's really cute. 

Eleanor: Yeah, he is. 

Danielle: Why did she divorce from him? 

Eleanor: I don't know, but they look cute together too. 

Danielle: Yeah, they do. 

John: I have to call Kelly. 

Kim: Kelly? 

John: I have to tell her that I came here instead of there. 

Kim: You didn't have to, why would you? 

John: I can wait to see her, you're more important to me then anything right now Kim. 

Kim: *tears in her eyes* Really? 

John: Yes Kim. *hugs kim and kisses her forehead* Give me a minute ok. 

Kim: Ok.  

John: *calls Kelly* 

Kim: *walks to Eleanor and Danielle* 

Danielle: *smiling* He's really cute. 

Kim: Thanks. *smiles* 

Eleanor: What happened to you two? 

Kim: What happened? How'd you know about us? 

Danielle: Eventually Perrie overheard and told us. 

Kim: Ok now I really don't like her. 

Eleanor: I really hope you two fix things and get back together because... 

Danielle: You two look good together. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks girls. 

Kelly: I waited for you for so long and you do this to me? 

John: I'm really sorry, but something happened between Kim and Randy that I just needed to be there for Kim. 

Kelly: No, I understand. Have fun with her, bye. 

John: Kelly, don't. 

Kelly: *hangs up* 

Kim: Everything ok? 

John: She's upset with me because I chose you over her. 

Kim: *hugs john* Thank you. 

John: Where's your dorm? 

Kim: Oh, I live in an apartment. 

Eleanor: We're gonna leave you two alone ok. 

Kim: Oh yeah. 

Danielle: Catch you later. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok. 

John: Where's your apartment? 

Kim: I'll drive. 

John: That far? 

Kim: No, not really. 

John: Ok. 

Kim: Sorry for the mess, my boyfriend left out of town. 

John: Boyfriend? You never told me you and Randy lived together while this was going on. 

Kim: It's not Randy, his name is Harry, he's on tour with his band for eight months. 

John: Eight months! How are you... 

Kim: Don't worry. 

John: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at john* 

John: *smiles* I missed you Kim. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *hugs john back* I missed you too John. *looks at john* 

John: *tilts his head and kisses kim* 

Kim: *kisses john back* 

John: *lifts kims shirt up* 

Kim: *takes her shirt off quickly and pulls johns shirt up* 

John: *kisses kim and sits on the couch* 

Kim: *sits on top of john and unzips his pants* 

John: That was amazing. 

Kim: I don't know how we ever gotten divorced. *smiles and lays on johns chest* 

John: I don't know why we did neither. You are so amazing in bed Kim.  

Kim: *looks at john and smiles* 

John: *moves his head towards kim* 

Kim: *scoots up and kisses john* 

John: *pulls the cover over them* 

Danielle: Can't believe we are leaving tomorrow Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Me neither. 

Kim: Hey girls. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Hey Kim. 

Kim: Umm listen. Danielle, I can't go on tour with you guys. 

Danielle: What? Why? 

Kim: I have something personal to take care of with Randy. John's here to help me. 

Danielle: What happened? 

Eleanor: Dani, she said it was personal. 

Kim: Danielle, I believe in you that you can get the group on top and do just fine like before. 

Danielle: Yeah, but you're the best at it. 

Kim: I believe in you Danielle.  

Danielle: I don't know. 

Kim: Well you're gonna have to agree because my flight's in an hour to Stanford. 

Eleanor: Is that where he went? 

Kim: Yeah, John and I are headed over there. 

Eleanor: Well, have a safe flight and I hope you fix whatever you're gonna fix there. *smiles* 

Kim: Thank you Eleanor. *hugs Eleanor then Danielle* 

Danielle: Fine, be safe. 

Kim: Thank you. *leaves with john* 

Randy: *holding stacys hand* 

Father: Do you Randy take Stacy Keibler to be your lovely wife til deaths do you part. 

Randy: I do. 

Stacy: *smiles* 

Randy: *smiles* 

Father: Do you Stacy take Randy DeMoth to be your lovely husband until death do you part? 

Stacy: *smiling* I do. 

Randy: *smiles cocky* 

Father: I now pronounce you both as wife and husband. You may now kiss. 

Randy: *kisses stacy* 

Stacy: *dancing with randy* I'm really happy you made this decision.  

Randy: Yeah, I am to. *fakes a smile* 

Stacy: Our son is gonna be the happiest boy alive. 

Randy: Yes, he is. 

Matt: Sorry to interrupt, but Randy, Stacy someone wants to talk to you in the private room. 

Stacy: What? 

Randy: Who could that be? Thanks Matt. *leaves* 

Stacy: *follows randy* 

Randy: *opens the door* 

Kim: *sitting* 

Randy: Kim? 

Kim: *trying not to cry* I guess I got here a little too late to stop the wedding. Lucky huh? 

Stacy: Why are you here? 

Kim: Shut up Stacy!  

John: Stacy?  

Kim: *looks at stacy then her stomach* I see your carrying the man I loves baby. 

Stacy: He is my love now Kim. 

Kim: Don't! Speak, I said. 

Randy: Why are you here Kim? 

Kim: Why? Why am I here? Because the man I love married a bitch I hate! 

Randy: Don't say that about my wife. 

Kim: Wife? Wife? I thought you said you dreamed of marrying me. *tears fall slowly* You told me to wait for you and here I am, hurt, burned, and stomped on. *holds in her tears/ talks mad* I prayed each night that you and Stacy would not get together, but I guess I prayed wrong because you two are married and gonna have a baby together. *cries* Oh how I wish that was me Randy! *mad* Oh wait, it was. *looks at stacy* Do you really want that baby? Do you really think Randy loves you Stacy? You don't know him like I do Stacy.  

Randy: Don't do this Kim. 

Kim: Don't! interrupt me Randy! I was once pregnant Stacy. I was pregnant by a guy that I really liked! We got married because of our daughter Miracle. I fell in love with my baby's daddy because of her. *cries* I was happy Stacy, I was happy every day throughout my pregnancy until one day. Little Miracle left the world while she was still inside me. 

Stacy: I'm really sorry that happened to you Kim. 

Kim: *crying* Do you know how much that hurted? Do you know how much I cried! How much people cried for me? Still today I mourn over her. There will never be a day where I will be happy again. 

Stacy: I'm sorry that happened to you, but that won't happen to me and Randy. 

Kim: I don't hate you because you are married to Randy. I envy you for taking my spot in having his baby and marrying him. 

Stacy: *feels guilty* 

Kim: You know, I was glad that he came to Truth University to be with me. I was really hoping to start over and be happy with him again, until you came. You look everything from me! 

Stacy: I... 

Randy: Kim, that's enough, leave. 

Kim: Leave? Leave! I can't leave like this.  

Randy: *grabs kims hand and pulls her towards the door* 

John: Let go of her hand Randy. 

Stacy: *turns and looks* John? 

John: Kim's right Randy. You don't love Stacy like you love Kim. 

Randy: What? 

John: Randy, I known you since we were in pre-school. I saw the kind of relationship you and Stacy had. It was love, but not like yours and Kim's. No one's ever made you this happy until Kim came into your life. She's the one that replaced Stacy when she left. You forgotten all about Stacy! You never spoke a word or her name ever since you met Kim! You were crazy in love with Kim. When you heard that Kim was pregnant with my child you were going crazy and when you finally heard that we were getting married, you went even crazier. You never did that with Stacy when she had her boyfriends in the past. 

Stacy: Is that true Randy? Are you even in love with me? 

Randy: *silent* 

Stacy: Randy?  

Randy: No. *looks at stacy* No, I'm not in love with you. I never was. I just really liked you and your body. I'll never give you the love I once had for Kim with you.  

Stacy: *cries to her knees* 

Randy: I'm sorry Stacy. *pulls kim and kisses her* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *shakes her head* I don't love you Randy. 

John: What? 

Kim: I'm in love Randy, and it's not John neither. 

Randy: Tell me it's not Louis. 

Kim: No. 

Randy: Zayn? Liam?  

Kim: *shakes her head* 

Randy: Harry, Niall? 

Kim: I'm in love with Harry, even though I have to wait eight months for him. I can wait for him. 

John: *gives a confused look* 

Kim: I'm sorry, but I have to go. I have a dance tour I have to attend. *runs pass john* 

John: Bye? 

Kim: *turns back and kisses john* Thank you for last night. *runs off again* 

Kelly: So what happened with Kim and Randy? 

John: You know, she called it off with him.  

Kelly: What do you mean? 

John: Randy's married to his elementary, middle school crush, Kim's moved on with a college guy. She's on tour right now actually. 

Kelly: Tour? 

John: She's stomping now. 

Kelly: *chuckles* Wow, that is incredible. 

John: I know right. 

Kelly: Are we ever gonna get married? 

John: Who knows what the future is holding for us. 

Kelly: *smiles* 

John: *kisses Kelly* 

Danielle: Kim! You're here! 

Kim: My planned turned out just like I planned. *smiles* 

Danielle: Alright, well let's do this then. Team! 

Kim: *starts off with the dance* 

Eleanor: Welcome back Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: Thank you El! *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I have a surprise for you. 

Kim: A surprise? 

Eleanor: Yeah, a group from another school is here to perform. They sound great. Let's go watch them. 

Kim: Oh, ok? Are they any good though? 

Eleanor: They are perfect. 

Kim: Ok. *stands in the center looking at the stage* 

Harry: *walks out from behind the curtains and sings* 

Kim: *smiles big* 

Harry: *finishes his part and kisses kim* 

Liam: *sings his part next* 

Danielle: Wasn't that just the best show ever? 

Kim: It was the best! 

Harry: *wraps his arms around kim and swings her* 

Kim: *screams and laughs* 

Harry: I'm back babe. 

Kim: *smiles and kisses harry*  

Harry: I love you Kim. 

Kim: I love you Harry. *kisses harry again* 

Eleanor: They are truly cute. 

Danielle: Too cute. 

Perrie: Hey Eleanor, hey Danielle. 

Danielle: Oh hey Perrie. 

Perrie: Are you girls still mad at me? 

Eleanor: Umm, no. 

Perrie: Really? 

Danielle: Kind of, but we can make it work. *smiles* 

Perrie: Really? Thank you. *hugs Danielle and Eleanor* 

Kim: *puts her head on harrys chest* I'm so glad you are back babe. 

Harry: Was eight months long? 

Kim: No it was fast because I was enjoying myself on tour. *smiles and looks at harry* 

Harry: *smiles* Well I missed you while I was gone and couldn't wait to come back to you, but I was also scared. 

Kim: Why? *frowns* 

Harry: Because I thought you would have found someone new. 

Kim: Never would I replace you babe you know why? 

Harry: Why? 

Kim: *smiles* Because I finally found someone who loves me for me. 

Harry: Aww. *pulls the cover over and kisses kim*

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