Life As We Know It 2

Life As We Know It 2; College has started, Randy is reunited with an old friend and schoolmate. While Kim on the other hand is struggling to get over Randy and John. She bumps into Louis and later is romantically linked to Harry. Read on and see how Kim leans on John to be there for her and accompany her while the 1D lads go on tour for 8 months.


3. 1.3

Danielle: Why was she? 

Perrie: She said she had the baby blues last night. 

Eleanor: She told you? 

Perrie: No, she was on the phone with... John, I think that's what his name was. 

Danielle: So she left her husband and baby at home? 

Perrie: I don't know. 

Eleanor: Well she seems like a great girl, I'm sure he's home waiting for her to return. 

Perrie: No she's not. 

Eleanor: Why? 

Danielle: Why isn't she Perrie? 

Perrie: I caught her and Harry kissing. 

Danielle: What? *smiles big* Tell me more about it. 

Perrie: Danielle? *laughs* 

Eleanor: *smiles in chuckles* 

Danielle: Well? 

Perrie: It wasn't an actual kiss; it was more like a puckering one. 

Eleanor: Aww that is really sweet, they really do match eachother. 

Danielle: But hello Eleanor, she has a baby daddy at home. 

Eleanor: Maybe they're not even together. 

Perrie: Actually, they're divorced. 

Danielle: What? 

Perrie: She was crying and she said she regretted getting divorced and how she was wrong about Randy. 

Danielle: Randy, that guy that we saw. 

Perrie: I guess so. 

Eleanor: Who is Randy? 

Perrie: Maybe her crush? Well she said she wanted to start over with him, but he hurted her. 

Danielle: She's such a slut. 

Perrie: I know right. 

Eleanor: Perrie! She's your roommate! 

Perrie: So? *chuckles* Ain't I great at being a two facer to her? 

Eleanor: That isn't nice Perrie. 

Perrie: So, it's not you right? 

Eleanor: She's our friend now. 

Danielle: Yeah, who cares Eleanor! 

Eleanor: Girls, really? 

Perrie: Ok, I'll be nice to her. 

Eleanor: Thank you. 

Danielle: *chuckles and bursts out laughing* 

Perrie: *laughs* 

Eleanor: What? 

Danielle: Nothing El, nothing. 

Eleanor: Can you guys stop being rude. 

Perrie: We're sorry, we really are. *laughing* 

Eleanor: I'm gonna go to class. 

Danielle: Ok, bye. 

Eleanor: *leaves* 

Danielle: Eleanor is just too sweet and nice. 

Perrie: Yeah, I know right. 

Danielle: Sometimes it just gets annoying. 

Perrie: Yes! It does, it makes me just want to slap her and tell her to come to her sense. 

Danielle: *laughs* I know huh. 

Kim: Randy, can we talk. 

Randy: Yeah, can we talk later, I'm with Stacy. 

Kim: Exactly. 

Randy: *looks at stacy then kim* What? Got something to say about her, say it here so she can hear it too. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckles* Oh it's not about Stacy, it's about John. 

Randy: *stands straight and gives kim a serious look* What about John. 

Kim: I'm thinking about going to Florida University to be closer to John. 

Randy: Why? Isn't Truth what you always wanted since we first met? 

Kim: Yeah, but with you here, it's kind of hard for me to focus Randy. 

Randy: Ok, then I'll leave. 

Kim: Stanford sounds more like you Randy, Truth isn't for you, it only has Stacy here for you. 

Stacy: Hey. 

Randy: Don't. Kim, you want me to go to Stanford? For what? *chuckles* 

Kim: Isn't that what you applied for in the first place anyways. Randy if you go there now you can still get in. 

Randy: *gets mad* Stacy, I'll catch up with you later. 

Stacy: *grabs her bag* Ok, I'll see you after class. *looks at kim and leaves* 

Randy: What's gotten into you? John? What you talked to him yesterday or what?! 

Kim: John and I had a talk before we went to sleep. 

Randy: What'd you two talk about? 

Kim: I rather be closer to John than you Randy. 

Randy: *furious* So you're trynna say you don't want me near you. *looks into kims eyes* 

Kim: *holds in her tears* Randy, I never did want to be near you. You came here yourself to be near me. I could so do better without you here.  

Randy: Oh, so you want me to leave, where, to Stanford? 

Kim: Just as soon as you're far from me. 

Randy: Ouch Kim, that does hurt. It's like telling you to go to Harvard to be with your friends, like me telling you to go home.  

Kim: Maybe Harvard isn't such a bad school. At least I have Maryse and Mike and Eve who will be attending there next year. 

Randy: Perfect! Why don't you go there then! 

Kim: Are you trying to tell me you won't leave because of Stacy? You two are together aren't you? 

Randy: Yeah, we are Kim. 

Kim: And let me guess, you guys... 

Randy: Yeah we did that already too Kim. We weren't gonna wait on you to tell us. 

Kim: *hurt* I can't believe you Randy, I really can't. *backs up and runs off* 

Randy: Kim! Wait! *runs after kim* 

Danielle: Isn't that Randy? 

Perrie: Looks like he's chasing after Kim. 

Danielle: Wow, what kids they are. 

Perrie: It is they're first year. 

Danielle: How do you know? 

Perrie: She told me. 

Danielle: *laughs* Wow. 

Zayn: Hey babe. 

Perrie: Hey. *smiles and kisses zayn* 

Liam: What are you guys doing? 

Danielle: Oh nothing. 

Perrie: We just saw Randy chase after Kim. 

Danielle: Yeah. 

Liam: Why? *tries to find them* 

Danielle: Playing tag I guess. 

Liam: Dani? 

Danielle: What? 

Zayn: That was rude. 

Liam: I know Zayn. 

Danielle: *fakes a chuckle* What? Perrie was too. 

Perrie: What? I would never say anything bad about Kim. 

Danielle: *crosses her arms upset* 

Perrie: That was really rude Danielle, what's gotten into you? 

Danielle: Perrie, don't even start. 

Liam: Start what? 

Perrie: Nothing. *grabs zayns hand and walks off* 

Eleanor: Oh, you're early. 

Danielle: I can't believe her. 

Eleanor: Who Kim? 

Danielle: No Perrie! 

Eleanor: What happened? 

Danielle: I said something bad about Kim and Randy and Liam said that was rude and I then said Perrie was saying something bad as well and she didn't defend me, but herself! 

Eleanor: What did she say? 

Danielle: She said she would never bad mouth Kim because that's her friend. 

Eleanor: She's such a liar. 

Danielle: And you know, she said sometimes she feels like slapping you and telling you to come to your senses. 

Eleanor: My senses? What's wrong with them? 

Danielle: She said you're too nice. 

Eleanor: So she wants to slap me? 

Danielle: Yeah, weird I know huh. 

Eleanor: *upset* Yeah, what have I ever done to her? 

Danielle: I don't know, but she has issues. 

Eleanor: Yeah, she does, she needs to get them fix. 

Danielle: Yeah, well, I'm gonna go meet up with Perrie and have a talk with her, I'll be back later. 

Eleanor: Ok. 

Danielle: *leaves* 

Perrie: Oh hey Kim. 

Kim: Hey Perrie. *smiles* 

Perrie: I bought you something. 

Kim: *looks on the table* Where's yours? 

Perrie: Oh, I'm gonna go meet up with Danielle. 

Kim: Oh ok. 

Perrie: Yeah, so I'll be back later. *gets up and leaves* 

Danielle: You won't believe what Eleanor said about you. 

Perrie: What? 

Danielle: She said that you have issues and that you needed to fix them. 

Perrie: She said that?! 

Danielle: Yeah, what a friend right? 

Perrie: That bitch. Where is she? 

Danielle: She's in the dorm, if not then with Louis. 

Perrie: I'm gonna go find her. *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: *on the phone* Yeah, well I'm gonna clean up the room, I'll talk to you later. 

Eve: Ok, I'll call you another time then. 

Kim: Ok, take care. 

Eve: You too Kim, bye. 

Kim: Bye.

Eleanor: Hey Perrie. 

Perrie: I can't believe you Eleanor! 

Eleanor: What did I do? 

Perrie: I can't believe you said I have issues and that I needed to fix them! 

Eleanor: I did not say that! 

Perrie: Danielle told me! 

Eleanor: Danielle? 

Perrie: Yeah! 

Eleanor: That's because Danielle said you were gonna slap me for being to nice? Who does that Perrie?! 

Perrie: For being to nice? She said you were annoying, and that's when I said that. 

Eleanor: She said I was annoying? 

Perrie: Yeah, so why did you say I have issues huh?! 

Eleanor: I never said that! She said that! 

Perrie: She said that?! 

Eleanor: Yeah! Since I'm too "nice" I would never say that about you. 

Perrie: *gets really mad* I have to go! *leaves* 

Danielle: Perrie? 

Perrie: You lying backstabbing bitch! 

Danielle: Whoa? What the heck? 

Perrie: Eleanor told me! 

Danielle: Told you what?! 

Perrie: That I have issues!? What the heck Danielle! 

Danielle: I guess that's what you get for not defending me earlier! 

Perrie: All that just because of that!?  

Eleanor: *opens the door* Girls? 

Perrie: All because of you Eleanor! If you weren't so nice and sweet! This would of nevered happened! 

Eleanor: Excuse me? Don't drag me into this. 

Danielle: What did you tell Perrie Eleanor! 

Eleanor: I didn't tell her anything or much Dani! 

Perrie: You know what, I'm done with you two! I no longer want to be seen with you two! *takes off mad* 

Eleanor: Perrie? 

Danielle: Oh don't Perrie her Eleanor! It's all your fault! 

Eleanor: My fault? You're the one that started it all! Saying that I was annoying?! Danielle, I hardly hang out with you two! 

Danielle: I can't stand you anymore Eleanor, I'm changing dorms tomorrow morning! 

Eleanor: Fine!  

Danielle: *walks into the dorm mad* 

Perrie: *slams the door* 

Kim: What happened? 

Perrie: I want you to leave this dorm for good and don't ever come back! 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Perrie: I don't like you Kim! I did until I found out what kind of person you are! 

Kim: Kind of person I am? What am I? 

Perrie: You're a cheater, cry baby, and you exaggerate too much! You need to get out! 

Kim: Oh, I'll be glad to leave tomorrow morning! *goes lay on her bed and faces the wall* 

Perrie: *goes to sleep* 

Kim: *walks around and hears liam singing* Is that them? *walks to the stage and sees the boys* It is them. *sees the girls separated from eachother* What happened last night? 

Harry: *walks up to kim and sings towards her* 

Kim: *stares at harry* 

Niall: *sings* 

Louis: *sings after niall* 

Harry: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Harry. 

Harry: Sorry I didn't get to talk to you at all yesterday. 

Kim: No, it's ok. *blushes* 

Harry: Would you like to go get some coffee with me? 

Kim: *smiles* I would love to. 

Harry: *holds kims hand and walks off* 

Stacy: Randy, I have something to tell you. 

Randy: Yeah? 

Stacy: I don't know how to tell you this, but... I'm pregnant. 

Randy: What?! You, you can't be! 

Stacy: But I am, I went to the doctors and they said it was positive. 

Randy: *wipes his face with his hand* We can't keep it. 

Stacy: Why? I always wanted a child with you Randy. 

Randy: You can't keep it! 

Stacy: Why? If you're not ready, it's ok. I can take care of it. 

Randy: You just can't keep it Stacy. 

Stacy: I want to. 

Randy: I have to get some air. *walks off* 

Harry: I had a really great date with you tonight. 

Kim: *smiles* I had a great time with you as well. *leans towards harry and kisses him* 

Harry: *smiles and kisses kim* 

Kim: Would you like to stay the night here with me? 

Harry: Wouldn't Perrie... 

Kim: She kicked me out that's why I'm here. 

Harry: Oh, oh? Well a place for yourself is nice. *gets close to kims face* Being away from the dorms is always good.  

Kim: *tries to back up* 

Harry: *pulls kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *pulls harry inside her house* 

Harry: *takes off his shirt* 

Kim: *takes her clothes off* 

Harry: So why are you here alone? 

Kim: I guess the girls broked up, Eleanor and Danielle are on their own and I'm assuming Perrie wanted to be alone too. 

Harry: But didn't she say she wanted a roommate? 

Kim: Not anymore. 

Harry: Well, like I said, a place away from the dorms are perfect. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* You like that I'm alone here huh. 

Harry: Yeah, I mean, it's just me and you. Hey! 

Kim: Yeah? 

Harry: Maybe I can move in. 

Kim: You can. 

Harry: And then Liam can move in with Louis. 

Kim: That sounds like a great plan. *smiles* 

Harry: I'll move in tomorrow yeah? 

Kim: I can't wait. *smiles and kisses harry* 

Harry: *kisses kim back* 

Randy: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Randy? 

Randy: Can I talk to you for a minute. 

Kim: Yeah what? 

Randy: You wanted me to leave Truth, so I am.  

Kim: Really? You don't have to anymore, I already found someone to replace you. 

Randy: Really? That's even better because I'm taking Stacy with me. 

Kim: You are?  

Randy: Yeah, we're gonna go to Stanford, just how you wanted. 

Kim: That's great. 

Randy: So umm, yeah, bye. *walks off* 

Kim: *hurt* 

Randy: *grabs stacys hand and kisses her* You ready? 

Stacy: Yeah. 

Randy: Ok, let's go. *leaves* 

Eleanor: Hi Kim. 

Kim: Eleanor? How are you? *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *smiles* I'm doing ok, have you talk to Perrie? I haven't talk to her for almost two months. 

Kim: Eleanor, she kicked me out the dorm. 

Eleanor: She did? 

Kim: Yeah, I don't know what happened that night, but she did.  

Eleanor: Where are you staying now? 

Kim: I live in a one bedroom apartment. Harry's gonna be moving in. 

Eleanor: *chuckles* Harry? Wait, didn't you say you live in a one bedroom... 

Kim: *gives Eleanor the look* 

Eleanor: Oh! I get it now. *laughs* That's really, I'm glad you two are with eachother, you two seem to really love eachother. 

Kim: Harry's a good person. 

Eleanor: Yes he is. He's sweet. 

Kim: Hey, that's my man, you have yours. 

Eleanor: I was just... 

Kim: *laughs* So was I. 

Eleanor: *laughs*  

Kim: So I'm assuming Danielle and you don't talk anymore right? 

Eleanor: No, not since that day. 

Kim: What happened if I may know? 

Eleanor: It's a long story, but I'm over it. 

Kim: That's good. You don't think being mad at eachother and not hanging out is tearing the guys up to? 

Eleanor: What do you mean? 

Kim: I mean, the guys have to leave the group just to see their girlfriend. 

Eleanor: No, I think they're ok with it. 

Kim: You think so? 

Eleanor: Yeah, I mean look at you and Harry.  

Kim: That's true. *chuckles* 

Eleanor: *chuckles* I have to get to class, I'll see you around. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Eleanor: Ok, then. 

Kim: *quick* Harry's moving in today, he's gonna have the guys help him, care to come with Louis? 

Eleanor: Yeah, Louis told me that Liam was gonna move in because Harry was leaving. 

Kim: Yeah, so come by with him. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Ok. *smiles* Bye. *walks off* 

Randy: We're here babe. 

Stacy: I can't believe we're gonna live here and raise our baby. 

Randy: Same here. *chuckles* 

Michelle: Randy? 

Randy: Michelle?! 

Stacy: Who's this? 

Randy: I graduated with her. 

Michelle: I'm Michelle, and you must be? 

Stacy: His girlfriend. *smiles* 

Michelle: Randy?! Is that a bump I see on her? 

Stacy: *chuckles* Yeah, we're expecting. 

Randy: You can't tell Kim though! 

Michelle: Oh, so that's why you're here. 

Randy: Not exactly... 

Stacy: She told him to leave. 

Michelle: Kim? She would never... 

Randy: She did Michelle. 

Michelle: That doesn't sound like her. 

Randy: She's changed. 

Stacy: Yeah, she's had. 

Michelle: Do you even know her? 

Stacy: Yeah. 

Randy: Not personally. 

Michelle: Then shut up Stacy. 

Stacy: *shocked* Excuse me? 

Michelle: I have to get to class, excuse me. *walks off* 

Eleanor: Wow, this is your place? It's pretty big for a one bedroom apartment. 

Kim: I know right? All rooms are an extra big. 

Eleanor: You sure this isn't a house? 

Kim: That's what I said.  

Eleanor: *laughs* Louis and I could just move in here too. 

Liam: I just got a roommate; I don't want to be alone again. 

Kim: Aww. *chuckles* Liam, you're so cute when you're sad. *laughs* 

Liam: *laughs* Thank you Kim. 

Eleanor: I mean, the guys are gonna be on tour next week until the month before spring semester end. Why not share a place together. *smiles* 

Kim: Eight months!? 

Harry: *walks up to kim* That was something I didn't want to talk to you about. 

Kim: Why Harry? I'm your girlfriend. We're you really gonna hide that from me that long? 

Harry: No, I was gonna tell you, but just not today. 

Kim: Why? 

Harry: Because I'm busy. 

Kim: Busy with what? 

Harry: Moving in with the girl I love? *smiles* 

Kim: *upset* I don't want to wait that long for you. 

Louis: That's the ideal of being a girlfriend of One Direction. 

Kim: Eleanor, how do you do this? 

Eleanor: It's hard at first, but then I got used to it because I traveled everywhere too, well not just me, but Perrie and Danielle did too. 

Kim: Where do they go? Where do you go? 

Eleanor: Perrie's in a music band, Danielle goes on dance tours, and I have fashion shows to model for. 

Kim: So I'm just the ordinary girl, who doesn't have a career? 

Eleanor: You're in dance with Danielle. 

Kim: I got out. 

Eleanor: Why? 

Kim: She didn't like me along with the dancers. 

Eleanor: I thought you were team captain. 

Kim: Yeah, I got booted off. 

Eleanor: I'm really sorry. 

Kim: It's okay really, I mean I can find a job and it'll take my mind off from it. 

Eleanor: Yeah, that's true. 

Kim: Wait! You mean you girls leave college too? 

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Kim: While in session! 

Layla: Hey John. *smiles* 

John: Oh hey Layla, what's up? 

Layla: Nothing much, just thought I'll talk to you since it's been a while you know.  

John: Wow, I nevered seen you so nice before. 

Layla: *chuckles* Yeah, I know, I've changed since I got here. 

John: Why is that? 

Layla: Well, if you want friends, you have to be nice right? 

John: Yeah, and I'm assuming that's all you been doing? 

Layla: Pretty much. So, are you still with Kelly? 

John: Yeah, Kelly and I are still together. 

Layla: Have you seen her? 

John: No, but I'm going this weekend so, it should be fun. 

Layla: This weekend? That's a hell of a flight and a very short weekend. 

John: I don't have classes Monday. 

Layla: You don't? 

John: I have a class on Friday, but it's in the morning, I can skip it. 

Layla: Well you're a really great person John, Kelly's lucky to have you. 

John: Thanks Layla. 

Layla: No problem, what are you getting? 

John: Just some hot wings and you? 

Layla: *laughs* I was just gonna get that too. 

John: *laughs* Well, hell let's sit with eachother too then. 

Layla: *laughs* Ok. 

Kim: So I'm guessing this is it after the plane takes off huh? 

Harry: Yeah, that'll be it. 

Kim: I really wish I can come with you guys. 

Harry: I wish too. *grabs kims hand and looks to the ground* 

Kim: What's wrong? 

Harry: Nothing. *looks at kim and smile* You look really beautiful today. 

Kim: *smiles* Aww, thank you babe. 

Harry: *kisses kims cheek* I love you. 

Kim: I love you too Harry. *smiles big* 

Harry: Eight months, and I'll be back. 

Kim: What am I supposed to do?! 

Harry: Wait. 

Kim: We're not married. 

Harry: So? 

Kim: Let's be single then. 

Harry: *lets go of kims hand* What? 

Kim: Let's break up, I can't wait eight months without seeing you. 

Harry: We're gonna get a week off and I'll come and stay with you. 

Kim: When? 

Harry: I don't know in February I think. 

Kim: I'll hire people to bring your stuff back. 

Harry: Just leave it; I'm gonna come back babe. 

Kim: Ok, I'll leave it. 

Harry: I have to go now. I love you. 

Kim: Love you too. 

Harry: Promise me you'll wait for me. 

Kim: Yeah! 

Harry: It's just eight months. 

Kim: Ok, I get it. Go before you miss your... 

Harry: *kisses kim* Ok, bye. I love you.  

Kim: *smiles* 

Harry: *smiles and runs off after the boys* 

Kim: *touches her lips* 

Eleanor: You and Harry are really cute. 

Kim: So are you and Louis. 

Eleanor: Thanks. Want to go grab something to eat? 

Kim: Yeah, sure. 

Eleanor: Ok. 

Layla: *laughing* I had an awesome day hanging out with you today John. 

John: *smiles* I did too, I'm glad we got to know eachother. I really wish we didn't have to wait til now. *chuckles* 

Layla: *smiles big* Me too John.  

John: *stares at Layla* 

Layla: *silent* 

John: *kisses Layla* 

Layla: Umm, goodnight? 

John: *smiles* Goodnight Layla. 

Layla: *walks off*

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