Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


6. 1.6

Eve: Are you sure you want to do this? 

Kim: Yeah, I mean John's been telling me to get over it and move on, so I was thinking why not start off with this you know? 

Eve: Ok, let's do this then. 

Nate: Alright, make sure to put it in a safe. 

John: Yeah, I will dad. Thanks again for ordering it for me. 

Nate: No problem son. 

John: *leaves* 

Eve: Alright, it looks like we are all done. *looks at her watch* Oh my gosh, I'm late for my class, I have to go. 

Kim: What class? 

Eve: Dance class. *runs off* 

John: I'm home. 

Kim: I'm in the room. 

John: *walks to the room* Kim? 

Kim: I'm in Miracle's. 

John: *walks to miracle's room* What the? *upset* What did you do? 

Kim: I threw out all her stuff.  

John: Why?! 

Kim: Well you said for me to move on and this was the first thing I wanted to start off with. 

John: *hurt* How could you do this without telling me!  

Kim: *confused* What? 

John: How could you do this to our daughter?! 

Kim: *looks around and feels bad* 

John: Do you know how much this could hurt her Kim!  

Kim: *gets mad* Oh so now you want to be mad at me for ruining something you told me to get rid of?! 

John: *leaves mad/hurt* 

Kim: *gets more mad and kicks and hits the walls* 

John: *hears and runs to kim to stop her* Kim! Stop! What are you doing!  

Kim: *stops and looks at john crying mad in tears* 

John: Why would you do? 

Kim: *leaves the place* 

John: *looks around and falls to his knees and cries* Miracle, daddy's sorry. *cont. crying* 

Samuel: Oh, how'd you get in? 

Kim: I had the keys still. 

Samuel: Oh, ok, well your mother's not home, she went back to work. 

Kim: I don't care, I'm gonna stay here for a couple of weeks. 

Samuel: What about John? 

Kim: Dad, I don't care about him right now. 

Samuel: Oh, already arguing and fighting huh. 

Kim: Dad, it's nothing really. It's just; I don't want to talk about it. 

Samuel: Alright, well you can stay here for a couple of days, but you have to go back home soon. 

Kim: Dad, this is my home. 

Samuel: No, you're a married woman now Kim.  

Kim: All because of Miracle. 

Samuel: And just because she isn't here anymore doesn't mean you leave John. John's a good person Kim. 

Kim: Oh yeah, I know he is. 

Samuel: Then. 

Kim: Dad, this conversation is over. *walks to her room* 

John: Eve, have you seen Kim? 

Eve: No, I haven't seen her since we cleaned out Miracle's room. 

John: *upset again* 

Eve: Why what happened? 

John: So you're the one that helped her throw out Miracle's stuff. 

Eve: *scared* Uh yeah, why? 

John: *mad* Why didn't you guys let me know first?! Do you know how hurtful and upsetting that was to come home and see your daughter's room gone! That ripped my heart out! 

Eve: *feels bad* I'm sorry John, I thought you knew.  

John: No!  

Eve: Well, I'm very sorry. I can call her and tell her. 

John: No, that's why she's gone. 

Eve: She's probably at her parents? 

John: I tried, he said she went home, he called her and she didn't pick up. 

Eve: Where can she be? 

John: You're place. 

Eve: What? If she was at my place, I would have told her to come to school with me. 

John: Are you lying to me? 

Eve: No, never John. 

John: What about now. 

Eve: No. 

John: Now. 

Eve: John! 

John: Ok then. I just wanted to know, I won't be upset. 

Eve: She's not at my place and I really haven't see her since that day. 

John: Ok, thank you. 

Michelle: Hey Eve. *smiles* Hey John. 

John: Something you know that I don't know of or Eve doesn't know of. 

Michelle: What? I just came over here to say that Kelly is crying. 

John: Crying? 

Layla: Yeah, me and Michelle were walking down the hall when we saw her running. 

Michelle: And it looked like she was crying. 

John: Which way did she go? 

Michelle: Who knows now. 

Layla: Yah. 

John: I'm sorry, part me Eve, but I'm gonna go look for Kelly. 

Eve: Yeah, go for it. 

John: *runs off* 

Eve: Was she really? 

Layla: Why would we lie? 

Michelle: Yeah, have some faith in us Eve. *walks off* 

Layla: Yah, have some faith in us. *walks off with michelle* 

John: Kelly? Kelly, what's wrong? 

Kelly: *crying* John. *hugs john* 

Kim: *turns the corner and sees Kelly hugging john* 

John: *hugs Kelly* What's wrong? 

Kelly: John, I'm so hurt. 

John: Why? What happened? 

Kim: *listens to the conversation* 

Kelly: I was dating this college guy from another city and he tried to rape me. 

John: What? How? 

Kelly: I was with him behind the bleachers. 

John: *hugs Kelly tighter* I'm sorry, I wish I was there to help you. 

Kelly: I'm really really scared John. 

John: Don't be, I'm here now and I'll always be here for you. 

Kelly: *hugs john tighter in tears* 

John: How'd you escape? 

Kelly: The cops got him. 

John: The cops? How did they get him? 

Kelly: I screamed for help. 

John: That was probably the smartest thing you ever done Kelly. 

Kelly: I know. 

John: Let's go get you something to eat. 

Kelly: Ok. 

John: *walks with Kelly in his arms* 

Eve: Kim. 

Kim: Eve? 

Eve: John was looking for you. 

Kim: Really? I just saw him walk off with Kelly to go get something to eat. 

Eve: Well Michelle and Layla said... 

Kim: Yeah, I heard. I think I'm gonna go back home afterschool and tell him I want a divorce. 

Eve: What why? 

Kim: There's no need for us to be married still, it was only Miracle that got us together.  

Eve: That's true, but he's been a great guy to you Kim. 

Kim: I know he has, but I just can't pretend to be in love with him anymore. I tried to and it's nevered work. 

Eve: John isn't bad looking Kim, do you know how many girls wish to be with John? To be married to him exactly?! 

Kim: I guess I was lucky. 

Eve: Yeah, so don't. 

Kim: I'm sorry Eve, but I have to. Seeing him and Kelly hug and talk just now, he really loves her still. I mean if I really love him, I'll let him go. 

Eve: And if he really loves Kelly, he'll let her go. 

Kim: Eve, you're not helping me. I been thinking about this since the day Miracle left. 

Eve: Really? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Eve: Well, I guess it's up to you. I mean, you're the one married to him, not me. 

Kim: Exactly, so that means? 

Eve: Ok? 

Kim: It means that you need to stay out of my way. 

Eve: I always am ain't I? 

Kim: Whatever. *walks off* 

John: *opens the door* 

Kim: *stands up from the couch* Hey? 

John: Kim? Where have you been? 

Kim: *smiles* I been staying at a motel. 

John: Motel? Why? 

Kim: I didn't come here to argue, I can here to talk. 

John: Ok, what do you want to talk about? 

Kim: I think it's best if we divorce John. 

John: Divorce? 

Kim: Yeah, I mean we really don't have anything in common. We don't talk, we don't communicate, our sex life is horrible and love life is just silence. 

John: If it wasn't for... 

Kim: Miracle we wouldn't be married, yeah, I know. 

John: I really wish I didn't tell you to get an abortion, she probably heard that's why she left. 

Kim: Don't say that. *goes and hugs john* 

John: *hugs kim* 

Kim: So do you agree with me or not? 

John: Honestly... 

Kim: I still know you love Kelly. 

John: You do? 

Kim: I saw the way you hugged and comforted her earlier. You two look really good together and I don't and I mean ever don't want to come between you two ever again. 

John: *smiles then chuckles* You really are something you know that. 

Kim: What do you mean? 

John: You can make me hate you with a passion and at the same time make me love you with all my heart and soul. Not just that, but you can also make me fall in love with you by just making a tiny little funny comment or mistake. 

Kim: *laughs* Really? 

John: Yeah. *looks into kims eyes* 

Kim: *looks back into johns eyes and closes her eyes* 

John: *kisses kim*  

Kim: *stops kissing john* Sign the paper and let's get divorce. 

John: What? You have the papers already? 

Kim: Yeah, I spent all week doing that, don't worry I already signed it, so you don't have to wait on me. *smiles sad* 

John: Kim, why? 

Kim: Don't you want to divorce and be with Kelly? 

John: I don't want to divorce you just because there's no Miracle anymore. We can learn to love eachother without a child and when we're ready, we can try again. 

Kim: *serious* I don't think I can do that John. 

John: Why not? We can try Kim. 

Kim: You sound like as if you don't want to lose me, almost like as if you love me more than Kelly. 

John: Maybe it's because I do. I'm just not sure what I want... yet. 

Kim: *touched* It's best if we divorce and if it's meant to be then we can always get back together. 

John: *silent* I kinda don't want to do this, but also, I do. 

Kim: A part of me says hold on, but the other part of me is telling me to let go. 

John: *grabs the paper and pen*  

Kim: *stares at the paper hard and then john* 

John: *sighs* Alright, let's do this then. *signs* 

Kim: *kisses john and closes her eyes* 

John: *releases his lips from kim* What was that about? 

Kim: Thank you. 

John: So this is it?  

Kim: I'll go look for a place to stay for the meanwhile and you can stay here. 

John: No, you can stay here, I have the money, I can go and look for another place to stay. 

Kim: *smiles* Really? You'll do that for me? 

John: Yeah, that's the best I can do for you. 

Kim: Well thank you John. 

John: *smiles* It's ok. I'll go get my stuff. 

Kim: *hugs john* Thank you so much for everything John, you are amazing, and you deserve a girl who loves you for you and that's Kelly. 

John: *chuckles* Yes Kim. 

Kim: *laughs* Alright, well... 

John: I'll go pack for reals now. *leaves* 

Randy: So I heard. 

Kim: Heard what? 

Randy: You and John divorced. 

Kim: Oh yeah, we did. 

Randy: Why? 

Kim: No reason. 

Randy: Because you wanted to have more fun and sleep around more right? 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Randy: *grabs kim on both sides and locks onto her tight* Or is it that you still want me. *stares down at kim and then back up* 

Kim: *smiles* Well someone misses me don't they. 

Randy: *lets go of kim*  

Kim: So does AJ know you about this? *smiles big* 

Randy: I broked up with her. 

Kim: *laughs* Broked up with her? Why? She was too small for you? Too tight, no, she can't be because you are pretty big and you love sex so much you do it every day, so she's pretty what? Loose now. 

Randy: That's not funny, she's not like you. 

Kim: Yet. 

Randy: Listen do you want to come to my place tonight or not. 

Kim: Oh? Already craving it huh? *chuckles* When do you ever stop thinking about it Randy? 

Randy: C'mon Kim, one last time together. Kim and Randy, before we go to college and meet new people. 

Kim: *smiles* I'll see you at eight then. 

Randy: *smiles evil* 

Kim: *kisses randy and walks off* 

Maryse: Kim, I can't believe you and John are officially divorced. 

Kim: I know right, I mean it feels great to be single again, but I do miss having a partner. 

Maryse: *smiles* I'm sure you'll find someone better, and maybe this time in college. 

Kim: *smiles* Even better. 

Maryse: C'mon Kim. Look does this dress look nice on me? 

Kim: You know, I have to be somewhere I forgot. 

Maryse: Who are you seeing at this time? We have to shop for our graduation dress Kim. *chuckles* 

Kim: I'm meeting someone special for the last time. 

Maryse: Who? 

Kim: *smiles silent* 

Maryse: Oh? Randy? 

Kim: *smiles big* Yeah.  

Maryse: And? 

Kim: We're gonna do it for the last time. He wants a Kim and Randy, one more time before we go to college. 

Maryse: Ok, well good luck then. 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles and walks off* 

Randy: You came. 

Kim: Who wouldn't? *walks into the house* 

Randy: *walks up behind kim and moves her hair and kisses her shoulder* 

Kim: *laughs* This is very awkward Randy. 

Randy: *puts his hand up kims shirt kissing kims neck* Why? 

Kim: Because it's been almost a year, and that's a record. *turns and faces randy* 

Randy: *takes kims shirt off* 

Kim: *stares into randys eyes* 

Randy: *looks down on kim and then to her face* 

Kim: *puts her arms around randy and kisses him* 

Randy: *carries kim onto the counter* 

Kim: *still kissing randy* 

Randy: *lays kim down and kisses her down* 

Kim: *sits up quick and unbuttons randys pants* 

Randy: *quickly takes off his shirt and pulls kims pants off* 

Kim: *smiles and kisses randy and pulls him on top of her* 

Randy: *inserts into kim* 

Kim: *moans* 

Randy: *touches kim and flips her around* 

Kim: *stands on her knees and turns to kiss randy* 

Randy: *feels kims body and grabs onto her* 

Kelly: Are you sure this is gonna be ok? 

John: It'll be safe Kelly, trust me. 

Kelly: *scared* Ok. 

John: *inserts into Kelly* 

Kelly: *moans and then lets out a loud cry* 

John: What's wrong? 

Kelly: It hurts. 

John: It'll be ok. 

Kelly: *closes her eyes* 

John: *inserts again* 

Kelly: *cries* 

John: Want me to stop? 

Kelly: No, don't stop. 

John: *goes at it with Kelly* 

Maryse: Guess what I bought babe. 

Mike: What'd you guy? 

Maryse: *unzips her dress* 

Mike: Wow, you are looking very sexy baby. Come here. 

Maryse: *goes and kisses mike* 

Mike: *grabs onto Maryse* Give it to me baby. 

Maryse: *unstraps her strap* 

Mike: Wow.  

Maryse: *gives mike a blowjob* 

Mike: *tosses Maryse and pulls off her outfit and inserts in her* 

Mrs. James: Parents, friends, and families, the class of 2011! 

Kim: So this is it huh, I mean were all going to college in the fall, no more high school. No more seeing eachother, well yeah, but who knows. 

Mike: Maryse and I will see eachother still at Harvard. 

Maryse: Yeah, where are you two head Michelle? 

Michelle: Lay and I are heading our own ways. 

Kim: Awh, why? 

Layla: I'm gonna go to Florida University to dance for the Miami Heats. 

Kim: Oh, that is awesome, you Michelle? 

Michelle: Stanford and you? 

Kim: I'm off to Truth. 

Randy: I guess I'll go next. *silent* I'll be going to... Truth University. *looks at kim and then everyone* 

John: Truth? Randy, that's not you. You don't dance! 

Randy: So, I can learn. 

John: Interesting. 

Kim: Where are you headed to? 

John: I'm headed with Layla to Florida University. 

Maryse: It looks like we're all headed our own ways now huh. 

Michelle: Except for me, I'm going by myself. 

Kim: Well, I'm sure you'll meet new friends there right? 

Michelle: Ha, yeah Kim, I sure did meet a lot here. 

Kim: Well who knows what the future may bring.  

John: Kim's right, who knows. Within a blink of an eye, something, or someone can change your life for good. *looks into kims eyes* 

Kim: *smiles and looks away* 

John: To the toast of the class of 2011, we'll always be together, no matter then distance, no matter the miles, we'll always be remembered, and never forgotten. 

Kim: *toasts with Maryse* 

Maryse: *smiles and drinks her wine* 

Randy: *grabs kims hand* Can I borrow her for a minute Maryse. 

Maryse: *smiles* Go ahead. *walks off* 

Kim: Yeah? 

Randy: *rubs his hand up and down kims arm and chuckles* I really really enjoyed last night Kim. 

Kim: *smiles big* Really? I did too, I mean I don't if it's just me or if it's you too, or maybe that it's been so long, but... *chuckles* It was the best one I ever had with you. 

Randy: *smiles and chuckles* Yeah, I was trynna say that just now. 

Kim: *smile* Well I'm glad we both think alike. 

Randy: So you don't mind me going to Truth right? 

Kim: No, but John's right, you don't even dance. 

Randy: I'll learn just to be near you and your heartbeat. 

Kim: *blushes* 

Randy: That's all that matters right? *gets close to kims face* 

Kim: *step back a bit but puts her face forward* 

Randy: Am I right? 

Kim: *up close to randys face* Umm, yeah, I guess. 

Randy: *moves all the way back* I thought so. 

Kim: *sighs big* 

Randy: *quickly reaches out and pulls kims head and kisses her* 

Kim: *smiles while kissing randy* 

Randy: *really kisses kim* 

Kim: *wraps her arms around randy/jumps on him and kisses him back smiling*

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