Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


5. 1.5

AJ: Hey Kim. 

Kim: AJ. 

AJ: Listen, I just want you to know that Randy and I are still together, and I don't want you to ever come between me and him ever. 

Kim: Why would I want to come between you and your boy? *chuckles* I'm getting married. 

AJ: Married? To who? 

Kim: Why so curious? It doesn't involve you. *walks off* 

Eve: AJ, everyone knows how Randy is. We all know he doesn't love you, he's great at manipulating girls like you. He doesn't care or love you. He just wants sex, that's all that's important to him. 

AJ: Eve, I appreciate you giving me an advice, but I heard that many times. I don't care, I love having sex with Randy.  

Eve: You are just as disgusting as he is AJ. I hope one day you open your eyes and realize that you are nothing, but a whore. *walks off* 

AJ: *takes off mad* 

Randy: Whoa, babe, what's wrong? 

AJ: I'm sick and tired of Eve Randy! I cannot wait to put my hands on her!  

Randy: I'll take care of it, what she do or say? 

Samuel: Well that should be a great deal then; having your son marry my daughter. 

Paola: I really don't want them to, but if that's the best then ok. 

Nate: Ok, wedding it is then. 

AJ: Randy, I forgot to tell you yesterday, but did you know Kim's getting married. 

Randy: What? 

AJ: I don't know to who, but she said she was getting marri... 

Randy: *takes off* 

Kim: *walking* 

Randy: *grabs kims hand* You're marrying John?! 

Kim: *smiles* Aww, what's with that face and tone? 

Randy: You cannot marry John! 

Kim: Why not? I mean he is the father of my child. *smiles* 

Randy: I forbid you from marrying John! 

Kim: Forbid? Who are you my father?! 

John: Hey! 

Randy: *stares down at john* 

John: You don't talk to my fiancé that way. 

Randy: Fiancé huh? I don't see a ring on her. 

John: Don't worry, you will tomorrow. I'm gonna take her to look for one and then we're gonna go house looking with my father. 

Randy: *mad/upset* 

Kim: Aww really? That is so sweet of your father to do that for us. *smiles* 

John: *grabs kims hand* Let's go. *leaves* 

Randy: *furious* 

Eve: Wow, I mean, aren't they just perfect for eachother? 

Randy: *kisses eve and leaves* 

Eve: *shocked* 

John: I think this ring looks really good on you. 

Kim: Really? I kind of like this one over here though. *smiles* 

John: That one's nice too. 

Kim: I want to get this one, please.  

John: Yeah, we can. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you babe. *kisses john* 

Nate: Alright, how about this condo? 

Kim: I like it, it fits perfect. 

John: Yeah, it's really nice. 

Kim: We'll take it. 

Nate: Alright then. 

John: *holdings kims hand* So when do you want to get married? 

Kim: Well before the baby comes. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* How about next month. 

Kim: *kisses john* That sounds great. 

John: *kisses kim* 

Randy: Hi, is Kim home? 

Paola: Oh, she didn't tell you? She and John moved in together. 

Randy: Already? 

Paola: Yeah, I mean they are getting married next month.  

Randy: Next month? 

Paola: Yeah, haven't she told you anything? 

Randy: Yeah, she did. Thank you. *leaves* 

Eve: Who is it? 

Randy: It's me. 

Eve: *opens the door* 

Randy: Eve, I know you know where Kim lives. 

Eve: With John. 

Randy: Location. 

Eve: You'll have to ask her tomorrow because I don't even know. 

Randy: *kisses eve* 

Eve: I'm still not... 

Randy: *kisses eve again* 

Eve: Randy! 

Randy: I'm... 

Eve: *slaps randy and closes the door* 

John: *wraps his arms around kim* I'm glad that I'll be marrying you. 

Kim: *smiles and turns to face john* Aww really? Why is that? 

John: You're beautiful Kim. 

Kim: And Kelly? 

John: You know I'll always choose her over you, but since you're gonna be my wife. I gotta get use to you being first. 

Kim: *smiles big* Remember that night we first did it. 

John: Yeah? 

Kim: Well our sex life ever be that amazing again after Miracle is born? 

John: Oh, it won't be that amazing anymore. *whispers in kims ear* It'll be better. 

Kim: *chuckles/blushes* 

John: *laughs* 

Kim: *kisses john* 

John: *kisses kim back* 

Maryse: Hi Kim. 

Kim: Oh, well if it isn't Maryse. What's up? 

Maryse: Long time no talk, I see that your married now right? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm married to the man I love. *smiles* 

Maryse: Man you love? Oh, so no more feelings for Randy anymore huh? 

Kim: There were never any feelings for him Maryse. 

Maryse: I see, well umm I can see that you are almost due. When is it? 

Kim: *smiles* Less than two weeks. 

Maryse: *laughs* I don't think you know how... big you are. 

Kim: Maryse, yeah I know I gained a few.... 

Maryse: Few? You gained a lot! Looks like twenty? Thirty maybe? 

Kim: *upset* I shouldn't even be talking to you Maryse. You know, you're the most horrible person I ever met. 

Maryse: Reminds me of someone I use to know. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* I have to go, I'm hungry. 

Maryse: Always eating too huh. 

Kim: One day when you are in my position and I'm in yours, I'll get you back. Just pray to god that you are still living. *walks off* 

Maryse: *crosses her arms* 

John: Hey babe. 

Kim: Hey. 

John: What's wrong? 

Kim: I ran into Maryse and things got a little out of hand. 

John: Why are you talking to her? She's drama. 

Kim: I don't know, but I can't wait to get your daughter out of me, so I can slap that bitch. 

John: Don't be upset, you know I'll always make you feel better. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you husband. 

John: *kisses kim* What can I get for you? 

Kelly: Hey Kim, hey John. 

John: Kelly? 

Kelly: Mind if I sit here? 

Kim: No, go for it. 

Kelly: I just want to congrat you both on getting married. I know it's hard, but you two are doing a great job so far for your daughter. She's the luckiest girl to get you both as her parents. *smiles* 

Kim: Aww, well thank you Kelly. 

Kelly: If you're wondering if I'm upset with you marrying the man I love, I'm not. I'm happy and very supportive of you two. I cannot wait, and I mean cannot wait to meet the little angel. She's gonna be beautiful just like her mother.  

Kim: Kelly, I really appreciate you being nice to me lately. I know you hate me and I know you're really upset with me, so just let it all out, lash it out at me.  

Kelly: I would, but you're pregnant. 

Kim: Really? 

Kelly: *chuckles* No, but again congrats, I have to go somewhere. *gets up and leaves* 

John: *silent* 

Kim: Well that wasn't awkward. 

John: *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: Yeah, that neither. *sees randy and aj kissing* 

Eve: Hey. 

Kim: What's up? 

Eve: Are you still mad at me? 

Kim: For what? I'm over him Eve. I'm married to John now, I'm happy with him, can't you see? 

Eve: I saw you staring at Randy and AJ just now. 

Kim: That use to be me. 

Eve: Yeah, I know, we all know. 

Kim: I'm just so hurt Eve. 

Eve: Why?  

Kim: I mean, I don't regret Miracle, but I really wish Randy was the father. 

Eve: Miracle came to you and John for a reason. I don't know what, but hopefully you and him will figure it out someday. 

Kim: Yeah, thanks Eve. *gets up and leaves* 

John: Are you ok? 

Kim: I can't sleep tonight. 

John: Is everything ok? Was it something Maryse said? Or maybe Kelly? 

Kim: It's none of them John. I just haven't been comfortable today.  

John: We can go see Dr. Campbell tomorrow morning. 

Kim: Yeah, since it's almost time for me to give birth too. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* I'm really excited about meeting our little girl. 

Kim: I am too. *lays on johns chest* 

Dr. Campbell: Kim, it's so good to see you. How are you? 

Kim: I'm good, but yesterday I just wasn't very comfortable. Does that normally happen when you're about to give birth? 

Dr. Campbell: Did you hear the baby kick? 

Kim: No? 

Dr. Campbell: Ok, well let's check it out. 

Michelle: Lay, Kim had her baby. 

Layla: Let's go! 

Kelly: Kim had her baby? Mom, I'll be home later! *leaves* 

Mike: Hey did you know Kim had her baby. 

Maryse: Really? Didn't we just saw her yesterday? And didn't she say two weeks? 

Mike: Who knows, but she's here, let's go. 

Eve: Kim had her baby. 

Randy: Really? 

Eve: Yeah, why don't I drive. 

Randy: Yeah, c'mon AJ. 

AJ: Are you sure? 

Randy: It'll be fine. 

AJ: Ok. 

Nate: Oh hello, you guys must be Kim's friends? 

Eve: Well most of us, and the others are classmates. 

Nate: *crying* 

Maryse: What's wrong Mr. George? 

Nate: I have bad and good news for you guys. 

Randy: Kim!? Is she ok? 

Nate: The good news is Kim's ok. The bad news is... *cries* Miracle didn't make it. 

Maryse: *shocked*  

Eve: *cries* What? 

Michelle: No, she was so healthy for the baby though. 

Nate: I don't know what happened, just the other day she was fine, and today she's gone. 

AJ: *crying* I'm so sorry Mr. George. 

Kelly: Mr. George.  

John: *walks out the room crying* 

Kelly: *crying* John? 

John: *crying* Hi. 

Randy: John. 

John: Maryse, Kim's asking for you. 

Maryse: *crying* Me? Why?  

John: She's been asking for you all day. 

Maryse: *walks into the room* 

Randy: John. 

John: *walks to the corner and cries to his lap* 

Randy: *hurt* I'm really sorry John.  

John: I got to hold her for a minute and then she was taken away Randy. 

Randy: *cries* I'm really sorry this happened to you and Kim. 

Kim: Maryse. 

Maryse: Kim. *goes and lays on the bed with kim hugging her* I'm so sorry, it's all my fault. 

Kim: *really crying* The doctor said it was nobody's fault. Miracle is gone Maryse. 

Maryse: I am really sorry. *cries harder* 

Kim: *cries* 

John: Are you ever gonna go back to school? 

Kim: No. 

John: Well when are you? 

Kim: I'm in mourning John! Do you really think I want to go to school and face the people there!? 

John: Well... I'm gonna go. 

Kim: Go! You don't even have to come back here ok! *tries to hold in her tears* I really don't need you to be here with me. I want to be alone. 

John: Ok, then I'm gonna go to my dad's. 

Kim: Go! 

John: I'm going. *leaves and then comes back* You know Kim, why don't you try getting your emotions out by going to the gym and stop eating all the food and everything. 

Kim: *looks at herself and around the house* 

John: Your weight is really bad Kim. *leaves* 

Kim: *sits on the couch and eats* 

Mike: Have you? 

John: She won't even listen to me. 

Mike: I'll have Maryse go over. 

John: Yeah. *walks off* 

Maryse: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Can I help you? 

Maryse: Can I come in? 

Kim: Yeah.  

Maryse: Kim, you need to come back to school. 

Kim: Maryse, I'm in mourning, I don't feel like going to school, I don't feel like doing anything, but eat, eat, and eat. 

Maryse: What happened to you Kim? You used to be this hot girl that's the center of attention and now you're at the bottom. 

Kim: I'm a mom now Maryse, I don't' have time to look nice for anyone or anything anymore. I just want to be home with Miracle. 

Maryse: Kim. *silent* Miracle isn't here. 

Kim: *cries*  

Maryse: *hugs kim* I know how hurtful and hard it is, but it's been two months, you need to come back to school, graduate is next month, are you really wanting to flunk and not graduate? 

Kim: I really miss Miracle, she would have been two months today. 

Maryse: Kim, how about we go to the gym together yeah?  

Kim: No, I want to stay home and eat. 

Maryse: Kim, as much as I hate to say it, you're getting fat and that's not you. 

Kim: *looks at herself again* So. 

Maryse: I care. Don't you want John to have a sexy hot wife? Not an young big trashy looking wife. 

Kim: I'm not a big trashy looking wife. 

Maryse: Well, then change. 

Kim: I'm in mourning Maryse! 

Maryse: Ok, well when you're done mourning. 

Kim: I'll never be. 

Maryse: Come back to school tomorrow. *leaves* 

John: I'm home. *looks around* Kim? 

Kim: I'm in Miracle's room. 

John: Why are you in here? 

Kim: Because I miss our little girl. John she would have been two months today. 

John: Kim, you have to move on, she won't come back anymore. 

Kim: *cries* Don't you ever miss or love her! 

John: I truly love and miss her as much as you do Kim, but crying won't bring her back. 

Kim: How can you? She's your daughter! 

John: Kim, just please try to move on. *walks out* 

Kim: *gets mad and messes up the room* 

John: *runs to the room* Kim?! Why would you do this?! 

Kim: *takes off* 

Paola: Baby?  

Kim: *crying* Mom. 

Paola: *hugs kim* Aww, my baby. *kisses kims forehead* I'm so sorry. 

Kim: She would have been two months today mom. 

Paola: I know, I know. I love you so much baby.  

Kim: I can't believe she's gone. 

Paola: Me neither baby, me neither. 

Kim: Can I spend the night here. 

Paola: Why what's wrong? 

Kim: John just doesn't seem happy anymore mom, he's always so angry and so upset with me. 

Paola: Maybe that's because he's under stress like you. He's hurt and crying on the inside just like you. 

Kim: *cries* But mom, he's always telling me to move on and be happy. 

Paola: *hugs kim* Everything well be ok at the end. 

John: Oh, so you decide to come home. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm really sorry. 

John: *walks up to kim and kisses her* It's ok babe. I love you. I just want you to be happy again. 

Kim: I am happy. *fakes a smile* 

John: That's not a real smile. 

Kim: *smiles* 

John: *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* 

John: There's the Kim I know. 

Kim: *hugs john* I miss our daughter. 

John: I do too. 

Kim: Let's get some sleep, I want to go back to school tomorrow. 

John: Ok. 

Eve: Kim? It's so good to see you here at school again. 

Kim: I know, I mean, it's time I get out of that house and you know look good again. 

Eve: Look good again? Kim you are perfect the way you are. 

Kim: Awh, thanks Eve, but I need you to help me with rearranging Miracle's room afterschool, can you come and help me? 

Eve: Where's John gonna be? 

Kim: He's gotta pick up a package from his dads. 

Eve: Ok, yeah, I'll come over and help you. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks, I'll see you after school then. *walks off* 

AJ: Randy, I really hate the fact that Kim is married and we're not. 

Randy: AJ, maybe because you're still young. 

AJ: So? I mean, we've already slept with eachother, right? 

Randy: Doesn't give me the right to marry you. 

AJ: Why? 

Randy: I'm not in a rush to marry you. 

AJ: Oh? Ok then, well, whenever you are, just let me know. *fakes a chuckle* 

Kim: Oh, so wanting to marry Randy huh? *looks at randy* 

Randy: *annoyed* 

AJ: *smiles* Yeah, we're gonna get married, just not sure when yet. 

Kim: Where's the ring? 

AJ: They'll be one soon, just I don't know when. *chuckles* 

Kim: *serious* Well good luck trying to get a ring on from him. *walks off* 

Randy: AJ, we're not getting married, like ever. 

AJ: Do you mean that? 

Randy: AJ, I want to break up with you. 

AJ: Break up with me? 

Randy: I'm going to college far away in the fall and I'm gonna meet another girl and I'm gonna fall in love with her and forget about you. 

AJ: Well don't! I know you can be faithful Randy, I believe in you. 

Randy: I am AJ, but for a year without seeing you. I can't do that. 

AJ: Well we can break up when you go to college. 

Randy: You're not listening AJ, I don't want to be with you anymore. Our sex life is getting boring. 

AJ: I can make it interesting if you let me. 

Randy: *starts to walk away* 

AJ: *grabs randys arm* If you just let me, I can really. I'll make it more fun this time. 

Randy: You're not interesting AJ. I mean, you're beautiful and all, but what my mind really wants is Kim. 

AJ: Randy! She's married to John. 

Randy: I don't care, I love her. I always had, but never told her because. *silent* 

AJ: Because what Randy? 

Randy: Because I thought she didn't love me back. 

AJ: *starts to cry* 

Randy: AJ, please don't cry. 

AJ: *cries* 

Randy: AJ. *grabs ajs arm* 

AJ: *slaps randy with the other hand and walks off mad* 

Randy: *groans/mad*

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