Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


4. 1.4

Paola: Hey honey. 

Samuel: Hey honey, when are you coming home? 

Paola: Tomorrow in the afternoon. 

Samuel: Oh, well, there's something I need to tell you. 

Paola: What is it? 

Samuel: Well, I can't really say yet. 

Paola: Just tell me. 

Samuel: I'll call you back. 

Paola: Ok. 

Samuel: *hangs up and checks on kim* 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Samuel: *calls paola back* 

Paola: So? What's the news? 

Samuel: *looking at kims medications* Paola, I need you to be home tonight. 

Paola: Why? What's happened? 

Samuel: Paola, Kim's pregnant. 

Paola: What?  

Samuel: She's three weeks pregnant. 

Paola: Why did you let her and Randy....  

Samuel: It's not Randy's she said. 

Paola: What? I'm on my way home right now. *hangs up* 

Kim: *wakes up* Dad? What are you doing in here? 

Samuel: Expect to see your mother in the morning when you get up for school. 

Kim: What? 

Samuel: *leaves and closes the door* 

Kim: *phone rings* Hi mom. 

Paola: We are gonna have a serious talk when I get home, don't think about going tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok? 

Paola: *hangs up* 

Kim: *textes eve* 

Eve: Why? 

Kim: Moms gonna be home to lecture me, seems like dad told her. Gotta go to sleep, goodnight. 

Eve: Goodnight. 

Kim: *goes to sleep* 

Paola: She's still sleeping? 

Samuel: I thought she was gonna get up for school, but I guess not. 

Paola: I told her not to. 

Samuel: Where you going? 

Paola: Wake her up. 

Samuel: Let her sleep. 

Paola: No! 

Samuel: You get some rest too. 

Paola: I don't want to rest, I want to see and talk to her. 

Samuel: Ok, she's in her room sleeping. 

Paola: *walks upstairs* Kim! Kim! 

Kim: *hears and wakes up*  

Paola: *opens the door* 

Kim: Mom? 

Paola: *upset* Get up, we need to talk. 

Kim: I'm tired, can I rest for a bit? 

Paola: No! I'm here and we are gonna talk! 

Kim: Well can you stop yelling at me? 

Paola: Why? Why Kim. 

Kim: It was unexpected mom. 

Paola: Who's the father? You're father said it's not Randy's, so whose is it? 

Kim: A guy I met. 

Paola: Name? 

Kim: *sad/upset* John. 

Paola: John what! 

Kim: Mom! Can you not raise your voice at me? 

Paola: I'm your mother Kim! *cries* Did I not raise you to be a good person or not!  

Kim: *feels bad* I'm sorry mom. 

Paola: You are my only child and you are doing this to me?! I told you not to have sex until you are married! Do you want to make the same mistake and live the same life I do? Do you not see how your father and my life is? Every day we fight and argue! 

Kim: So you're saying that I was a mistake? That I was never planned? 

Paola: *catches herself* 

Kim: I see now mom. I'm finally glad to know that truth. 

Paola: No, Kim, I didn't mean to... 

Kim: *gets out of bed and grabs her keys* 

Paola: Where are you going? 

Kim: I'm leaving! *grabs her bag and stuff things into them* 

Paola: Kim, don't... 

Kim: *leaves her room* 

Samuel: Kim? Where are you going? 

Kim: I'm leaving. 

Samuel: *gets up* You are not leaving this place until your mother is done talking to you. *grabs kim* 

Kim: *cries* Let me go! Why would you waste your time lecturing me who was unplanned and unwanted?! 

Samuel: You are not unwanted or unplanned Kim, what are you talking about? 

Paola: Kim, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. You are my baby and I love you. 

Kim: Bullshit! *opens the door and leaves* 

Samuel: Kim! 

Kim: *calls eve* 

Eve: *phone beeps* Hello? 

Kim: Are you at school? 

Eve: I'm in class, why? 

Kim: Please leave, I'm outside your house. 

Eve: What? I can't just leave class. 

Kim: I'm not gonna go back home. 

Eve: I'm on my way. *leaves* Hey. 

Kim: Oh my gosh! *hugs eve* 

Eve: What happened?  

Kim: I can't believe my mom. 

Eve: What, what she say? 

Kim: She told me the truth. 

Eve: What truth? 

Kim: She said if I wanted to live the life her and my father does. Meaning, I as well was a mistake. 

Eve: No, well you know you can stay here with me Kim. 

Kim: Can I. 

Eve: Yeah, just, wait you didn't bring anything? 

Kim: Whatever's in my bag? 

Eve: *looks in kims bag* Really? Make up and two pairs of shorts? 

Kim: I wasn't paying attention. 

Eve: What time does your dad leave for work? 

Kim: He's off today and my mother is home now. 

Eve: Maybe they'll plan a date. 

Kim: Yeah, while their daughter is missing. 

Eve: Right, well you can wear some of mine. 

Kim: Let's go to school. 

Eve: So are you gonna tell John? 

Kim: Whenever I'm ready, right now he's really happy with Kelly and I don't want to ruin that. 

Eve: He is the father. 

Kim: *sigh* 

Randy: Kim. 

Kim: Randy, good that you're here. 

Randy: What? 

Kim: Can you do me a favor? 

Randy: No. 

Kim: Go get John for me please. 

Randy: What? 

Kim: I'm ready, you wanted me to tell him, so I'm here and I'm ready to tell him, so go get him for me. 

Randy: You're really gonna tell him? Why can't you just get an abortion? 

Kim: It's my baby! I'm not gonna kill it! I see what kind of father you're gonna be already. 

Eve: I'll go get him. *leaves* 

Kelly: *smiling* I can't wait for that. 

Eve: John. 

John: Eve? 

Eve: *fakes a smile at Kelly* Hi Kelly, I'm Eve Torres, Junior class president. Do you mind if I borrow John for a minute? 

Kelly: Umm yeah that's fine. 

John: What's wrong? 

Eve: Just come. 

John: Ok. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey John. 

AJ: Hey Randy. 

Randy: AJ. 

AJ: Can we talk? 

Randy: *looks at john and kim* 

Kim: Uh no, I was here first, you better go off someplace else. 

Randy: *walks off* What? 

AJ: Are we still together? I mean you haven't been calling me or coming over lately and I really miss that. 

Randy: You really miss that? Miss what AJ? We don't do anything, but have sex. 

AJ: Exactly. 

Randy: *grabs aj and kisses her* 

John: Yeah? 

Kim: Eve. 

Eve: I'll see you later. *walks off* 

John: Ok, yeah Kim? 

Kim: We need to talk. 

John: Yeah we do actually. 

Kim: Wait, what do you want to talk about? 

John: No, what do you want to talk about. 

Kim: Well what do you have to say first? 

John: You wanted to talk to me first. 

Kim: *silent* John. 

John: No, I know and I'm sorry. 

Kim: You knew? How? 

John: You really think I'm that dumb? Kim, I heard. 

Kim: That you're the father of my child? 

John: Yeah, wait what? 

Kim: *nervous* Umm, nothing. 

John: I'm the father of your child?  

Kim: John, you're the last person I slept with. 

John: Wow, ok, umm, this is awkward, I was gonna say everyone knows that you and Randy are back together. 

Kim: What? 

John: Kim, everyone's been talking about it. 

Kim: Randy and I are not back together and yeah now this is really awkward. 

John: How sure are you that I'm the father. 

Kim: You are the only person I last slept with.  

John: *silent* 

Kim: John, I'm scared. 

John: You can't keep that in there. 

Kim: Why? 

John: I'm in love with Kelly. 

Kim: You're the father of my baby John! 

John: *grabs kims cheeks* Please do not do this to me and Kelly Kim. I love Kelly and you and everyone knows that. 

Kim: John please, this is our child I'm carrying. Do you really want to just get rid of it? I mean it has a heartbeat already. 

John: Really? 

Kim: Yeah. 

John: I'll talk to my father and I'll let you know.  

Kim: Know what? 

John: What we can do about it.  

Kim: *crosses her arms* 

John: I have to go Kelly's waiting for me. *walks off* 

Eve: So, how did it go? 

Kim: He's as shocked as I am. He said he was gonna talk to his father about it then he'll let me know. 

Eve: Of course it's gonna be an abortion Kim. 

Kim: But I don't want an abortion, my baby has a heartbeat. I'm not gonna kill it! 

Eve: I know you're not, I didn't say agree with them. 

Kim: Eve, what am I gonna do. *stares out the window* 

Eve: Just be strong for you and the baby. 

Kim: I'm gonna go home. I don't care if I get scold more. *grabs her bag and leaves* 

John: Dad, can I talk to you? 

Nate: Yeah of course son. 

John: I got a girl pregnant and I need your help. 

Nate: You got Kelly pregnant? You know that's against her religion son. 

John: No, not her, another girl. 

Nate: Oh, so you cheated on her. 

John: No, I didn't, we broked up, I got with another girl and had sex with her and then me and her broked up and now I'm back with Kelly. 

Nate: Well... 

John: Kelly doesn't know. 

Nate: Well, I know what to do. 

John: What? Tell her to get an abortion? 

Nate: You... Marry her. 

John: What?! 

Nate: Yes son, you marry her.  

John: I don't even... 

Nate: We're not gonna harm a fetus son. The child wasn't brought to you and her for no reason. You love her right? 

John: What? 

Nate: I mean, if you didn't then you would have never had sex with her. 

John: I don't love her. 

Nate: Well you are. I'll set up a meeting with her parents. 

John: Dad. 

Nate: No more, end of convo. 

Samuel: Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey dad, hey mom. I'm sorry I left like that. 

Paola: *hugs kim* I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to say that. You know I love you and always will no matter what. 

Kim: And I love you too mom. I love both you and dad forever. 

John: Eve. 

Eve: Yeah? 

John: Have you seen Kim? 

Eve: No I haven't. 

Kim: Yeah? 

John: I don't want to marry you, so can you please get an abortion. 

Kelly: What? 

John: *turns around* Kelly. 

Kelly: You're pregnant? With John's baby? *looks at john* 

John: Everything's gonna be ok Kelly. She's gonna get an abortion and everything will go back to normal. 

Kelly: Why would you want to hurt an innocent baby? What has it done to you? 

John: I don't want to marry Kim Kelly. I love you. 

Kelly: She's gonna have your baby. 

John: Not unless we... 

Kelly: Don't. *looks at kim* Congrats on the baby, I really hope you and John live a happy life together. *fakes a smile walks off* 

Kim: *silent* 

John: Kelly? 

Kelly: *hurt/crying* 

John: Kelly. *runs and grabs kellys arm*  

Kelly: *crying* 

John: *pulls and hugs Kelly* 

Eve: Marrying John huh? 

Kim: My parents are gonna kill me. 

Eve: It's for the best though right? I mean you don't want an abortion, so... 

Kim: Eve, yeah thank you. *walks off*

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