Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


3. 1.3

Kim: *calls eve* 

Eve: Where have you been Kim?! 

Kim: I'm sorry I slapped you Eve, but I really need a friend right now, can you come over? 

Eve: Where are you? Are you ok? 

Kim: Just come to my house, it's unlock. 

Eve: I'm on my way. *gets in the car and drives off* 

Kelly: Aren't you concerned about Kim? 

John: No, why? 

Kelly: I mean, she hasn't been at school for a week and a half now. 

John: Yeah, I noticed that, but she's not important to me anymore, you are babe. 

Kelly: *smiles* I'm so glad we got back together. 

John: *kisses Kelly* Me too. 

Kelly: Being away from you was such a horrible experience, I can't picture you with someone not being me. 

John: I would never be with anyone else, but you. I want to spend my rest of my life with you Kelly. 

Kelly: *blushes* Awh! *hugs john* I love you John. 

John: And I love you more babe. 

Kelly: *hugs john tighter* 

Eve: No way! 

Kim: Eve, I can't go to school and face everyone. 

Eve: I know what you mean, everyone's gonna call you a slut, whore, and... 

Kim: Can you not! 

Eve: Sorry, but just be prepared to hear those words. 

Kim: I'm not going to school. 

Eve: Kim! You have to! You're doing so well already, you been m.i.a. for a week almost two. What do you think people are gonna say about you? 

Kim: What do you think people are gonna say when they see me pregnant and blowed! 

Eve: Kim, what if this is a false? We'll go to the doctors tomorrow and get you checked up. 

Kim: Ok, we'll do that. 

Eve: You know, even if you are, you're not even that big. 

Kim: I'm gonna be, my parents don't even know that I'm pregnant, only you. 

Eve: Well who was the last person you slept with?  

Kim: Last person I slept with was John. 

Eve: John!?  

Kim: Yeah, I haven't left this house since who knows when. 

Eve: Well, I gotta get to class, you know I can't miss any days or else, call me if anything happens ok. 

Kim: Fine, but don't! Tell anyone about this ok. 

Eve: Yeah, you have my words. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Eve: *leaves* 

Samuel: Hey honey, I brought some pizza for you. 

Kim: Smells good. *smiles* 

Samuel: How are you feeling today? 

Kim: I'm feeling better, thank you. 

Samuel: Ok, just make sure to take your medicines, I'll be at work, and I'll be coming home late, so make sure you get some rest ok. 

Kim: Yes dad, thank you so much for caring for me. 

Samuel: Of course, you're my little girl, I'm always gonna love and care for you no matter what. 

Kim: Always? 

Samuel: Yeah. *chuckles* Why? 

Kim: No matter what? 

Samuel: *serious* What's gotten into you? How high is your fever? 

Kim: Not high. 

Samuel: Ok, well I gotta get to work, I'll see you in the morning. 

Kim: Ok, be safe. 

Samuel: *kisses kims forehead* I will, bye. I love you. 

Kim: Love you too dad. 

Samuel: *leaves* 

Layla: Eve! 

Eve: Hey Layla? Michelle. 

Michelle: Why do you look so shocked? 

Eve: Shocked? I'm not... 

Layla: So where's your friend Kim been hiding? 

Randy: *hears them talking* 

Eve: She's at home, sick. 

Michelle: Sick or seeing someone. 

Eve: Hey! She's not what you guys expect her to be. 

Layla: Expect her to be? 

Michelle: *laughs* What she's pregnant and is about to be due! *cont. laughing* 

Layla: *laughing along* 

Eve: *serious face* 

Michelle: Lay, why is she giving us that look? 

Randy: *looks at eve* 

Layla: Wait. 

Michelle: She's not. 

Layla: Pregnant is she? 

Eve: *serious* 

Michelle: No way! 

Eve: We'll we're not sure yet, but you guys can't tell anyone else or I'm dead! 

Michelle: Who's the father? 

Layla: Yeah, who's the father? 

Eve: I'm not too sure, but she said she last had sex with was John, and John's dating Kelly again. 

Michelle: John? 

Layla: Wow, I can't believe he would impregnate her. 

Randy: Eve! 

Eve: Randy? *fakes a smile and chuckles* What's up? 

Randy: *serious* Kim's what again. 

Eve: Really sick, like throwing up sick. 

Randy: Because she's pregnant. 

Eve: *fakes a chuckle* What?! How can she be pregnant? 

Michelle: Where'd you hear that from Randy? 

Layla: Yeah, I want to know where you heard it from. 

Randy: You guys.  

Layla: Chelle, say something. 

Michelle: It wasn't us. 

Randy: Funny, Eve, where is she. 

Eve: She went to the doctors. 

Randy: *leaves* 

Eve: Wait! Where are you going? 

Randy: *takes off* 

John: Where's he going? 

Eve: He's going to check up on... John! 

John: What? 

Eve: Oh my god, umm, you and Kelly look great together. I'm glad you two got back. *walks off* 

John: *confused* 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey Layla, hey Michelle. 

Michelle: Eww. *walks off* 

Layla: *smiles rude and walks off* 

Randy: *bangs on the door and rings the doorbell nonstop* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Randy: It's me! 

Kim: Shit! What's he doing here? 

Randy: Open up Kim!  

Kim: *opens the door* Hey? What brings you here? 

Randy: I heard you were sick, so I came to check up on you. 

Kim: *smiles* Awh, you care about me. 

Randy: I heard. 

Kim: Heard what? *plays dumb* 

Randy: I'm not stupid. 

Kim: That I was sick? Yeah, I am, I been puking all day and I went to the doc... 

Randy: It's because you're pregnant. 

Kim: What? I mean, where'd you hear that from? 

Randy: Who else, you're best friends. 

Kim: Best friends? I only have one best... friend! How dare she tell you! 

Randy: She didn't, I overheard her. 

Kim: Over? Overheard her? Who did she tell? 

Randy: Michelle and Layla. 

Kim: What! Why would she! 

Randy: Because eventually, they found out and she couldn't hide it. 

Kim: Are you upset with me? 

Randy: Why would I be? You're not my responsibility. 

Kim: Right, you have AJ and... 

Randy: Of course I'm upset with you Kim!  

Kim: *serious* Look, it was unexpected. John and I, we used a condom, but I guess it broked when we were having... 

Randy: Why would you do it with him! 

Kim: And why would you do it with AJ! 

Randy: I did not have sex with AJ. 

Kim: Lies, AJ only told me. 

Randy: Ok, yeah I had sex with her, but what does it have to do with you and I? 

Kim: Same thing Randy! What does John and I have to do with you!? 

Randy: Because maybe I still love you! 

Kim: You love me? Really? 

Randy: Yeah I love you Kim! 

Kim: *touched* I never heard you say that word before, can you say it again. 

Randy: *serious* I love you Kim. That could have been my child, but you didn't let me. 

Kim: I'm really sorry Randy. 

Randy: I can't believe you Kim, I'm disappointed in you! *leaves* 

Kim: *hurt* 

Samuel: Where are you going? 

Kim: I'm gonna go to school. 

Samuel: But are you feeling better? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm all better now dad. I just want to go to school. 

Samuel: Do you want to go to the doctors? I can take you. 

Kim: No, I'm fine really, I'm gonna go to school. 

Samuel: Is everything ok honey? 

Kim: Yeah, I'll be home later. *leaves* 

Eve: Kim. 

Kim: You backstabbing bitch! 

Eve: What?  

Kim: How dare you tell people that I was pregnant! 

Eve: I would calm down if I was you. 

Kim: Why did you tell them! 

Eve: I didn't, they were joking and that word came out and I just couldn't stop myself. You want them to be happy for your right? 

Kim: Happy? I don't need anyone to be happy for me Eve! I can be happy on my own! Plus who knows, maybe I'm not pregnant Eve. 

Eve: Just be careful please. 

Kim: I can't believe you. *turns around* Randy? 

Randy: Look, I'm sorry I scold you like that yesterday, but I was just... 

Kim: Just keep your mouth shut. *walks off* 

AJ: Babe. *smiles and sees eve* What are you doing with my man? 

Eve: Excuse me?! I was not talking to your boyfriend and neither was he talking to me! We were both talking to Kim! 

AJ: I don't see her and plus you're lying needs to improve. 

Randy: AJ, let's not. I was not talking to Eve, Kim just left. If you look you can see her walking away* 

AJ: *looks* Oh, well who cares, are you coming tonight? 

Randy: AJ, I kind of don't want to be with you anymore. 

AJ: What? 

Randy: I'm in love. 

AJ: With who? 

Eve: *leaves* 

AJ: Who are you in love with? It's not Eve is it? 

Randy: What?! No, I don't even find interest in her, I mean even though she's hot, but no. 

AJ: Then who? 

Randy: It's Kim. 

AJ: Kim? 

Randy: Having sex with you makes me miss being with her. 

AJ: That's it? 

Randy: That's all me and Kim do AJ. You're not as interesting as Kim. She'll always be fun and enjoyable. 

AJ: *slaps randy and walks off mad* 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey Kim. 

Kim: Kelly?  

Kelly: How are you? I heard you haven't been feeling too well. 

Kim: I'm better. 

Kelly: I was just asking because you've been gone for a while, but I'm glad you're ok now. *smiles* 

Kim: Why are you being nice to me? 

Kelly: Well, I always have haven't I? 

Kim: *curious* Kelly, you haven't heard anything about me right? Like around campus or anywhere on here. 

Kelly: No, why? What's everyone saying about you? 

Kim: Nothing, that's good then.  

Kelly: *gives a confused look* 

Kim: I'm gonna go. 

John: Hey Kim. 

Kim: John! Hi, how are you? I haven't seen you since... 

John: We broked up. 

Kim: Yeah, that. 

John: You look sick, are you sure you're cleared to be here today? 

Kim: Oh yeah, I'm fine really. *fakes a chuckle* I'm gonna go. 

Kelly: You can hang out with us. *smiles* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes and walks off* 

Michelle: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: Michelle, Layla. 

Layla: We heard from Eve. 

Kim: Yeah and I didn't appreciate that. 

Michelle: We are happy for you Kim; we just want you to know that. 

Kim: Really? Well, thank you, but just to let you know, I'm not too sure if I am yet. 

Michelle: Well you know we are here for you if you ever need anything. 

Layla: And we mean anything. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Well thanks girls, I'm gonna get to class. I'll see you guys around. *walks off* 

Randy: Kim. 

Kim: Randy? 

Randy: Can I talk to you. 

Kim: *looks back and sees michelle and Layla staring* 

Michelle: Go. 

Layla: *walks off* 

Michelle: *follows* 

Randy: Are you gonna get rid of that thing or not. 

Kim: That thing? It's my baby Randy. 

Randy: I don't like it. 

Kim: Well guess what Randy, it doesn't like you neither. *walks off* 

Randy: So you're not gonna tell him or what. 

Kim: *turns back around* I am, just not now. 

Randy: When? When you give birth to it? 

Kim: Randy, the baby's not yours, don't get involved please. 

Randy: Oh, so I can't care about my girlfriend? 

Kim: Girlfriend? Randy. *chuckles* You broked up with me. 

Randy: And now we're back together. 

Kim: It doesn't go like that. 

Randy: Well I say. 

Kim: Have a good day. *walks off* 

Samuel: How was school? 

Kim: It was great, why? 

Samuel: Just asking, I'm gonna be coming home late, so cook for yourself ok.  

Kim: Yeah. *puts her bag down* I'm gonna go wash up, I'll be back down. 

Samuel: Ok *sees kims phone buzzing* Dr. Campbell? *picks up the phone* Hello? 

Dr. Campbell: Hi, is this Kim's phone I'm calling. 

Samuel: Yes, this is her father. 

Dr. Campbell: Oh, Mr. Frank correct? 

Samuel: Uh huh. 

Dr. Campbell: I was just calling to tell her that her results came in and it's positive. 

Samuel: What's positive? 

Dr. Campbell: Kim came by last week for a check up and it turned out that she is pregnant. 

Samuel: She's what? 

Dr. Campbell: She's three weeks pregnant. 

Kim: *walks down the stairs curious* 

Samuel: Oh yeah, I'll be sure to tell her that. 

Dr. Campbell: Ok, well thank you, have a great day Mr. Frank.  

Samuel: You too. *hangs up* 

Kim: Who was that? 

Samuel: Dr. Campbell. 

Kim: What he say? 

Samuel: I don't know, why don't you tell me. 

Kim: Tell you what? 

Samuel: *gives kim a serious look* 

Kim: We should talk when you're not busy. 

Samuel: Oh, I'm not. 

Kim: You're gonna be late for work dad. 

Samuel: I'll call in. 

Kim: What? You can't do that, you love your job too much. 

Samuel: Who's the father? 

Kim: What? 

Samuel: Who's the father Kim? Dr. Campbell called and said that you are three weeks pregnant. 

Kim: *shocked* 

Samuel: Get in the car. 

Kim: Where are you taking me? 

Samuel: We're gonna go meet Dr. Campbell. 

Kim: Why? 

Samuel: Don't ask. 

Dr. Campbell: Kim? Mr. Frank. 

Samuel: So tell me again. 

Dr. Campbell: *explains* 

Samuel: Thank you. *leaves* 

Kim: I'm gonna go to Eve's. 

Samuel: Eve? Who's that. 

Kim: My friend? 

Samuel: We need to talk. 

Kim: And I need to talk to her! 

Samuel: You watch your tone! 

Kim: I'm sorry, I'll be back before nine. *leaves* 

Eve: So it came out positive? 

Kim: Yeah, I can't believe it Eve.  

Eve: It may be a mistake, but it's a miracle. *smiles* 

Kim: I'm not supposed to be pregnant. My mother would kill me. 

Eve: Where is she? 

Kim: She works at the airport. 

Eve: When will she be back? 

Kim: Tomorrow. 

Eve: Shit. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. 

Eve: Your phones buzzing. 

Kim: It's my dad. *picks up her phone* Yeah, I'm on my way. 

Samuel: On your way? It's 9:23 Kim. 

Kim: I know, I'm in the car already. *hangs up* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Eve: *hugs kim* Oh, be safe, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: *leaves* 

Samuel: So? 

Kim: What? 

Samuel: Figured out who the father is yet? 

Kim: Hey?! 

Samuel: In case you don't know. 

Kim: I do and I'm not telling you. 

Samuel: Randy!? 

Kim: No. 

Samuel: *confused* What? 

Kim: It's hard to explain, but I'll sort it all out and I'll fill you in. Right now I'm tired, I'm gonna go to sleep. *walks to her room*

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