Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


2. 1.2

John: *bumps into kim* Hey. 

Kim: Hey? *gives john a weird look* 

John: So I heard Randy and you are officially over right? 

Kim: Yeah, we are after three and a half years. 

John: I can't believe he would break up with you though, you two seemed so happy together. 

Kim: Correct me if I'm wrong, are you trying to flirt with me? *kind of smiles* 

John: *embarrassed* No, maybe, I think, yeah. 

Kim: *smiles* I think you're a really cute guy John. Too bad we didn't meet before or else you know we could have been together three years. 

John: Yeah, I mean, you are really attractive and just beautiful. 

Kim: Awh. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* 

Kim: So, where do we start? *smiles* 

John: Well, we can... 

Kim: Start with this. *kisses john* 

John: *looks at kim and kisses her* 

Maryse: Oh my gosh, would you just look at them. 

Mike: I have never met anyone as disgusting as her and Randy. You know they really match eachother, I don't know why they broked up. 

Maryse: Because Randy's trying to get in Kelly's pants, while John's been wanting to get into Kelly's pants, but can't, so he's gonna go for Kim because she never says no. 

Mike: I have such a smart girlfriend.  

Maryse: *smiles and kisses mike* 

Randy: Oh, there you are. 

AJ: *smiles* I been waiting for you. I order your favorite food. 

Randy: You did! *smiles* Thank you babe. *kisses aj's cheek* 

AJ: So, where'd you go? 

Randy: I went to talk to a friend. 

AJ: What'd you two talk about? 

Randy: Oh you know, just guys stuff. 

AJ: Oh, interesting. *smiles* So I was thinking that tonight, we can do it you know. 

Randy: Tonight? Umm, I have something to do first then we can, yeah? 

AJ: Sounds good *smiles* Late is better anyways. *smiles and looks into randy's eyes* 

Eve: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Eve, hey? 

Eve: Listen, I saw Randy kissing Kelly, aren't you two together? 

Kim: Kissing Kelly? *chuckles* I thought he was dating AJ. 

Eve: AJ? You mean that crazy freshman?! 

Kim: Yeah, I caught them kissing in the back and who knows, he probably got into her pants already. 

Eve: *smiles at kim* You know, you're not a bad person. 

Kim: You're not bad yourself neither. 

Eve: Friends? 

Kim: Best friends. 

Eve: Sisters. 

Kim: Perfect. *smiles* 

Eve: *chuckles*  

Kim: You know since our dads are friends, I think we can click to.  

Eve: Yeah. 

Layla: Kim. *smiles* 

Michelle: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: What's going on? 

Michelle: Look, we didn't mean to interrupt your conversation with Eve, but there's something you need to know. 

Eve: Yeah and I told her already. 

Layla: Hey! You do not talk to her that way! 

Kim: And you do not talk to my friend that way. 

Michelle: Friend? Since when did you have friends. 

Layla: Yeah, I thought you only had boyfriends. 

Michelle: Unless there's something you're not telling us. 

Kim: *smiles* Oh how I wish you two can hear how you guys sound like. 

Michelle: Guys? We're the most... 

Kim: Flaw in the school, yeah, we all know and get it now. So save your breath and breathe. *walks off* 

Eve: *smiles big and walks off with kim* 

Randy: *rings the bell* 

Kelly: *opens the door* Hey. 

Randy: Are you ready? 

Kelly: *smiles sad* My mom says I can't go out tonight. I need to stay home and guard it, but you are more than welcome to hang out with me here. 

Randy: *disappointed* Yeah, of course. *walks in the house* 

Kelly: Have a seat, I'll bring you something to drink. 

Randy: Ok. *sits down and reaches for his phone* 

Kelly: *sits down next to randy* So, did you want to take me to a special occasion? 

Randy: Yeah, I did, but it's ok. We can always go another time. 

Kelly: *smiles* Thank you for understanding me. 

Randy: Yeah, yeah. 

Kelly: *lays in randys arm* I love just being in your arms. It makes me happy, warm, and complete. 

Randy: Complete? 

Kelly: Yeah. 

Randy: Why is that? 

Kelly: I don't know, you're just so different from John. 

Randy: So have you ever had any kind of related sex with him? 

Kelly: No. 

Randy: Not even a blow job or anything like that? 

Kelly: No, just kissing. 

Randy: I can show you how much fun it is. 

Kelly: Randy, I'm not having sex with you. 

Randy: Why not? 

Kelly: I'm saving it for someone special, I told you didn't I? 

Randy: I'm not special or what? 

Kelly: Well... 

Randy: *kisses Kelly* 

Kelly: *kisses randy back* 

Randy: *touches Kelly side* 

Kelly: *kissing randy* Don't. *pushes randys arm and cont. kissing* 

Randy: *reaches for kellys waist* 

Kelly: *pushes randys arm* Stop. *cont. kissing* 

Randy: *really kisses Kelly* 

Kelly: *pushes randy away* Randy! 

Randy: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Kelly. 

Kelly: What do you think you're doing?! 

Randy: I'm sorry, I'll leave.  

Kelly: Wait. 

Randy: No, I should go, it's getting late. *opens the door and leaves* 

John: *putting on his shirt* I had an amazing time. 

Kim: I bet you really wanted it huh. 

John: For a long time, I hated it when Kelly would pressure me to wait. 

Kim: Well you know you can come and get me anytime. *smiles* 

John: Really? 

Kim: Yeah. 

John: *kisses kim* 

Kim: I think you should go now. 

John: Why? 

Kim: It's getting pretty late and I don't want you to be tired tomorrow at school. *smiles* 

John: I'm glad you worry about me, but I should be the one that's worried about you. *kisses kim* 

Kim: Ok, go now. 

John: Fine, I'll see you tomorrow then. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

John: *smiles and leaves* 

Randy: *bangs on the door* 

AJ: *opens the door* Randy? 

Randy: *really kisses aj* 

AJ: *kisses randy crazy* 

Randy: *lays aj on the bed and cont. kissing her* 

AJ: *takes her shirt off* 

Randy: *goes at it with aj* 

Kelly: *walking to the café and sees john* 

John: *smiles at Kelly* 

Kim: *runs up to john and kisses him* 

Kelly: *gets heartbroken* 

Kim: *sees Kelly looking* You're such a good kisser John, I can't believe we didn't do this before. 

John: Do what? 

Kim: Have sex, I mean you are great! Like really great John.  

John: Well thank you. *chuckles* 

Kim: Too bad Kelly missed out on it. *smiles* 

Kelly: You had sex with Kim! You told me you would wait for me! 

John: Kelly, are you hearing yourself right. 

Kelly: What? What! What am I saying wrong!? 

John: That was when we were together, Kim and I are together now, I can have sex with her all I want and whenever I need it. 

Kelly: Oh, so you're glad we broked up right.  

John: I didn't say that Kelly. 

Kelly: Yeah, you are. Since I wouldn't let you in my pants you decide to go for someone easy to get! Someone who will have sex for anything! She is disgusting John! 

Kim: Excuse me? Disgusting?! You're disgusting! Kissing Randy after me and AJ? Please get your eye vision check before you call me a name! 

Kelly: AJ?  

Kim: Oh, seems like you didn't know about it huh. I guess I should have been the better friend and told you that he's not worth keeping or being with unless you're into sex with him. He doesn't love you or anyone Kelly. All he cares about is him and sex! He is a selfish freak who needs and wants sex 24/7!  

Randy: Hey! 

Kim: Speaking of him. *looks at randy* So, did you already have sex with her!? Maybe tonight again! 

Kelly: Hey! I am a vir... 

Randy: I did not have sex with her, and I am not going to. I love Kelly. 

Kim: Just as much as what? Sex or AJ! 

Randy: *gives kim a serious look* 

Kim: Oh, oops, I didn't mean to spill everything out Randy, but as you can see, John and I were just heading off to the café, feel free to join us. *smiles and pulls johns hand and walks off* 

John: *looks at Kelly* 

Kelly: *hurt* 

Randy: Kelly, baby. 

Kelly: I can't believe you. 

Randy: What? 

Kelly: I really liked you Randy, I thought you did too.  

Randy: And I do. 

Kelly: Then why did Kim say you are also seeing AJ. 

Randy: I'm not seeing... 

AJ: Hey babe. *smiles* Look, last night was a great night; I mean it was the best sex I ever had. Well, yeah because it was my first time. *smiles big* 

Randy: *fakes a chuckle* AJ, can you go order me something to eat in the café. 

AJ: Yeah. *kisses randys cheek and skips off* 

Kelly: *tears in her eyes* I can't believe you would do this behind my back. 

Randy: I can explain everything Kelly. 

Kelly: Explain yourself? 

Randy: I'm actually cheating on her with you. 

Kelly: *upset* That's even worst Randy! *walks off*  

Randy: Kelly. *grabs her arm* Listen. 

Kelly: You know, I trusted you, but I was wrong. John was right, you were only using me.  

Randy: I love you Kelly, I'll break up with AJ just for you. 

Kelly: I'll think about it. *walks off* 

AJ: *walks in the café smiling* 

Kim: Awh, why are you smiling for, something good happen or something. 

AJ: Kim, I don't know why you would break up with Randy, he gives such good sex! 

Kim: *crosses her arms upset* 

AJ: *smiles big* Yeah, it was great, he gave it all in and just went wild. Before he even got into my house. *smiles evil* 

Kim: *fired up* 

John: Kim, let it go. 

Randy: AJ. *looks and sees kim upset*  

Kim: Too bad you'll never get the love I got from him. 

AJ: I'll get it, just much more.  

Kim: Too bad you don't know that he's also seeing Kelly behind your back! 

AJ: What? *looks at randy* 

Randy: *grabs aj's hand* We need to talk, c'mon. 

Kim: Wait. 

Randy: *turns around* 

Kim: *slaps randy and runs off* 

John: *goes after kim* 

AJ: *gasp* Are you ok? 

Randy: *walks off* 

AJ: *runs after randy*  

Eve: Kim. 

Kim: What! 

Eve: Geez, I was just gonna say that I saw Kelly crying. 

Kim: I! Don't care about that dumb blonde bimbo, Eve! 

John: Why would you call her that? 

Kim: John. 

John: Just because she said you were disgusting doesn't mean you call her a dumb blonde bimbo. 

Kim: Oh, so I see you still care about her huh? Why don't you go back to her and maybe this time she'll let you in her pants! 

John: Hey! I respect that she's a virgin ok! I'm glad she doesn't go around like you! I'll rather date a virgin then a slut! *walks off and goes find Kelly* 

Kim: *offended* 

Eve: Wow that was just... 

Kim: *slaps eve and walks off to the lot* 

AJ: Are you seriously seeing Kelly Randy?! 

Randy: Why would you listen to Kim, she's just jealous of us. 

AJ: So you're not seeing Kelly? 

Kelly: *hears aj and randy* 

Randy: No! Never, you know I would never see Kelly behind your back. 

AJ: Are you sure Randy. 

Randy: Yes babe! You know I have no interest in Kelly, she's doesn't compare to you. You are more and far beyond better looking than her. 

AJ: *smiles* Am I really. 

Randy: Yes, even more beautiful than her. 

AJ: *walks up to randy and kisses him crazy* 

Kelly: I can't believe you Randy. 

Randy: Kelly? 

Kelly: *cries* I really believed in you for a minute again. I can't believe how stupid I am for letting myself fall for you. You're a liar, a backstabbing friend, and a cheater! *runs off and cries* 

Randy: *looks at Kelly running* 

AJ: Babe? 

Randy: AJ. 

AJ: Kiss me. 

Randy: *kisses aj* 

John: Kelly. 

Kelly: *crying* John. *runs into johns arms* I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. 

John: What happened? 

Kelly: Randy cheated on me. 

John: *hugs Kelly* I'm sorry. 

Kelly: *hugs john*

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