Life As We Know It

Life As We Know is a WWE&1D fanfic. It's about two couples name (Randy and Kim) and (John and Kelly). Randy and Kim are sex buddies and Kelly and John are more like lovers. Kim is a sex type girl and Kelly is a Christian good girl. Randy breaks up with Kim and gets with Kelly thinking he'll get into her pants. When Kelly breaks up with John, John and Kim sleeps with eachother and soon finds out.. Kim is pregnant with John's kid. Read on and see how these four characters along with 7 other WWE characters bond.


1. 1.1

Kelly: *smiles big* 

John: Babe! 

Kelly: Hey babe. *hugs and kisses john* 

Kim: *disgusted*  

John: What are you doing? 

Kelly: I was asking Randy and his? 

Kim: Girlfriend, but we're not interest in church things; we rather have sex then come to your pathetic party. 

Randy: I'll come. 

Kim: What?! 

Kelly: *smiles* Thanks, I'll be looking for you then. *walks off with john* 

Kim: You're gonna go! 

Randy: Yeah, why? 

Kim: Randy! Are you hearing yourself right? 

Randy: Yeah, and I'm gonna go. It might be fun, you should go too. *walks off* 

Kim: Ugh! *crosses her arms* 

Layla: *walking with michelle* 

Kim: Layla! 

Layla: *turns around* Oh look Chelle, it's Kim. *smiles* Hi, Kim. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Look, listen, I don't know if you know that I don't like you, but I heard that Kelly is going around asking everyone to join her tonight at her church for a party. 

Layla: Yeah! I heard about that. 

Michelle: Why didn't she invite us? I mean we're flawless aren't we. 

Layla: Yeah! 

Kim: If she invites you, don't go. *walks off* 

Michelle: Ooo, that girl is serious. 

Kelly: *smiles* Hi. 

Layla: Oh look, you must be Kelly right? 

Kelly: Yes, that's me; I want to invite you guys to... 

Michelle: Guys? We're known as the most flawless girls. 

Kelly: Oh, sorry. *smiles* I just wanted to invite you two beautiful girls to my church tonight.  

Layla: *looks at michelle* 

Michelle: *upset*  

Layla: *with michelle* Hold up, rewind, beautiful? 

Michelle: It's flawless. *walks off with Layla* 

Kelly: That was rude of them. 

Mike: Well if it isn't Kelly. 

Kelly: *confused* Hi? 

Maryse: *laughs* You are the most funniest girl I ever met. 

Kelly: *smiles* Really, thanks? 

Maryse: *speaks French* 

Kelly: I'm sorry, I don't speak... 

Mike: French. 

Kelly: Yeah, that. 

Maryse: Listen, I don't even know why you're inviting all these people for. 

Mike: It's not like they're gonna show up, they don't even know you. 

Maryse: Or like you. 

Mike: Maybe they just want you. 

Maryse: *looks at mike* Excusesz-Moi? 

Mike: *walks around Kelly* All guys want is a good looking, hot virgin to mess with. 

Kelly: I don't know what you're talking about. 

Mike: *chuckles* Exactly, because you are too young. 

Maryse: Are you sure, you're even supposed to be in this school. *chuckles* 

Kaitlyn: Hey, leave her alone. 

Maryse: Awh, if it isn't Kaitlyn. *smiles* Tough sophomores we have this year. 

Mike: Yeah, I remember most were chickens still. 

Maryse: Right. 

John: Hey babe, what's going on? 

Mike: Babe? 

John: Yeah, this is my girlfriend, why? 

Maryse: Girlfriend? *looks at mike* 

Mike: Nothing, just walking by. *smiles at Kelly and leaves* 

Maryse: *walks off with mike hand in hand* 

Kim: Wait! You're seriously gonna go to her church!? 

Randy: Yeah, Kim. 

Kim: Fine! Wait for me.  

Kelly: I want to thank everyone that came tonight, it means a lot to me. *smiles* Please help yourself around and with the food. *walks off stage and greets randy* Hi. *smiles* 

Randy: Hey. *hugs Kelly*  

Kelly: I'm so glad you came; it means so much to me. *chuckles* 

Randy: Of course I'll come, I mean, just look at you. *cheeks Kelly out* Gorgeous. 

Kelly: *blushes* Thank you. 

Randy: So where's your boy? 

Kelly: He's over there talking to a few friends.  

Randy: Listen, why don't you just give up your virginity? 

Kelly: Well, I'm waiting for the right guy. 

Randy: I can be him. 

Kelly: *smiles and blushes*  

Randy: I wouldn't hurt you at all baby. 

Kelly: Baby?  

Randy: Yeah. *smiles* 

Kelly: I, I don't know, I mean, I love John and all, but you are pretty cute too. *smiles* 

Randy: Then what are you waiting for? 

Kelly: What do you mean? 

Randy: *smiles at Kelly* 

Kelly: I have to go. *walks off* 

Kim: Hey. 

Randy: Hey. 

Kim: I'm ready to go home, this place is like... 

Randy: It's over. 

Kim: Yes! It is over, so let's go, c'mon. 

Randy: No, it's over Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, so let's go. 

Randy: I'm breaking up with you. 

Kim: *chuckles* What? 

Randy: We're done. 

Kim: Done? Do you know what we've both been through since freshman year! 

Randy: It was a great experience, but sometimes I'm just tired of sleeping with you. 

Kim: Fine! Did that Kelly girl get you crazy for her! 

John: *looks and sees kim and randy arguing* 

Randy: Kim, lower your tone. 

Kim: No! Because you know I'm right! 

Randy: Kim. 

Kim: You just want her for sex isn't it! You're breaking up with me just so you can have sex with her. I know you Randy. I'm not stupid. *sees john walking towards them* 

John: I'm gonna have to ask you two to leave. 

Kim: *smiles at john* Don't worry, I was just leaving. *looks at Randy* Good luck trying to get with her or into her pants should I say. *walks off* 

Randy: *pissed off* 

John: *looks at randy* That's my girlfriend, I love her, and you're not gonna do anything to her. *walks off* 

Maryse: I heard you and Randy broked up. 

Kim: Yeah, we did Maryse, and why do you care. 

Maryse: *chuckles* Jealous much huh, seems like you're not the center of attention anymore. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Oh, Maryse. Mike would still have me if you letted him. He's an animal in bed. *smiles and walks off* 

Maryse: *upset* 

Mike: Hey? 

Maryse: *slaps mike and walks off* 

Mike: *groans* Maryse?! *runs after her* 

AJ: This is so awesome, I can't believe I'm freshman president; this is awesome, like really awesome. 

Kaitlyn: Yeah, I bet it is. 

AJ: I mean, vice president is good too, but president is better you know. *smiles big* 

Kaitlyn: Yeah, it is AJ. 

AJ: *bumps into eve* Oops, I'm sorry. 

Eve: I'm sorry? I'm sorry? 

AJ: Well. *looks at Kaitlyn* 

Kaitlyn: Eve, just let it go. 

Eve: Oh, this must be the new freshman president right? *smiles* Eve Torres, Junior class president, it's finally nice to meet you. *pulls out her hand* 

AJ: It's nice to finally meet you too, I'll shake your hands, but you got bitch written all over it and I don't want it. *smiles* 

Kaitlyn: *chuckles* 

Eve: *serious* Listen to me kid, I don't know who you think you are, but you're talking to the business here. 

AJ: The only business you are is being a student. *smiles* 

Eve: AJ, I don't think you get it, I mean, look at you. *chuckles* You still have a long way to go and long time to grow. How old are you again ten? Shouldn't you be in six grade? 

AJ: *upset* 

Eve: Aww, don't be sad now, mommy can't be here to hold your hand anymore. *smiles evil* 

AJ: *walks off mad* 

Eve: *smiles big* Bye. 

Randy: *bumps into aj* Hey! 

AJ: *crying* I'm sorry. 

Randy: Hey, what's wrong? 

AJ: I can't stand her. 

Randy: Can't stand who? 

AJ: You don't know her. 

Randy: I know everyone. 

AJ: Eve, she's the junior class president. 

Randy: Eve? Yeah, she's very attractive, sexy, and smart, just... 

AJ: She made a fool of me! 

Randy: Look, I know this is a weird way to start, but I'm Randy, you can always come to me if you need... 

AJ: *kisses randy* 

Kim: *sees aj kissing randy* Randy!? 

Randy: Kim? 

Kim: What the hell is this? 

Randy: Kim, it wasn't what it looked like. 

Kim: Oh, going for a younger girl now huh, I see how it is. Couldn't get Kelly, so you're gonna go for a freshman, who doesn't know anything about you. 

Randy: What? 

Kim: Honey, if you're gonna be with Randy, just know, he loves sex more than you. *smiles and walks off* 

AJ: *looks at randy* 

Randy: It's not true. 

AJ: I'm willing to do it if you are. *smiles* 

Randy: *smiles and kisses aj* 

John: Hey babe. 

Kelly: Hey. *smiles sad* 

John: What's wrong? 

Kelly: Look, I know you love me and I love you, but there's something you need to know. 

John: Yeah, just say it babe. *grabs kelly's hand* 

Kelly: I want to break up. 

John: *lets go of kelly's hand* I'm sorry, what? 

Kelly: It's over John. 

John: Why? What made you change your mind about me or about us? 

Kelly: I'm in love John, and it's not you. 

John: Tell me it's not Randy. 

Kelly: *smiles* Well, he seems to really like me and I think he's really cute.  

John: You think he likes you? He does Kelly! 

Kelly: *smiles big* Really? 

John: He likes every girl! He's known as a man-whore. 

Kelly: What? Why is that. 

John: He sleeps with every girl he sees and finds attractive. 

Kelly: Well, he seemed to really like me for me, so I want to give him a try. *smiles* 

John: How sure are you that he likes you for you? 

Kelly: He told me during the party. 

John: Wrong, Kelly. 

Kelly: Can you just accept the fact that I'm over you John. 

John: Is that what you really want. 

Kelly: Yeah, I thought about it all last night. 

John: All, all last night! 

Kelly: Yeah. 

John: Alright, fine. Good luck with getting your heart broken. Don't come running back to me when he rips your heart out of you! *walks off* 

Layla: Kelly, hi Kelly. *smiles* 

Kelly: Oh hey Layla. 

Layla: Listen, we kind of heard that you dumped John for Randy is that correct? 

Kelly: Yeah, I did. *smiles* Why? 

Layla: Why? *looks at michelle* 

Michelle: Girl, you just don't know. John is an attractive man; every girl would die just to be with him, but. 

Layla: Uh huh. *smiles* 

Michelle: But, dumping him, that is tough of you. Getting with Randy, that's easy. 

Kelly: Why? *smiles* 

Michelle: Good luck. *smiles and walks off* 

Layla: *smiles* Have fun. *walks off* 

Kelly: *confused* 

AJ: *holding randy's hand* I can't believe we are together, I mean being the freshman president and now dating a senior who's a treasure. This is just the best high school ever! *smiles* 

Randy: Yeah, this is. *sees Kelly* I'll be right back. 

AJ: Where are you going? 

Randy: Go to the café and wait for me please. 

AJ: *smiles big* Ok. 

Randy: *kisses aj and leaves* 

AJ: *walks to the café* 

Randy: Hey. 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey Randy. 

Randy: *kisses kelly's cheek* How are you? 

Kelly: I'm good and you? 

Randy: Listen, I wanted to know if you are doing anything tonight. 

Kelly: Tonight? 

Randy: Yeah, you know. I mean if you are then... 

Kelly: I'm not doing anything tonight. 

Randy: Great! How about I take you out tonight then, yeah? 

Kelly: *smiles big* I'll love that. 

Randy: Great, I'll pick you up at seven. 

Kelly: Ok. *smiles* 

Randy: *kisses Kelly* 

Kelly: *smiles and blushes* 

Michelle: Ugh, would you just look at that cheating reputation of his. 

Layla: Right, but at least he's over Kim. 

Michelle: I don't even think they were ever together Lay, they we're only together for sex. 

Layla: True, but still. 

Michelle: Whatever Lay, c'mon. *walks off*

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