Olivia is a foster girl, and has been since she was born. when she was six she went to live with James and Mary, she is now nearly sixteen and one night there house is broken into and her parents are murdered. to make it worse she is there that night when it happens, but the killer doesn't know that, not yet anyway. Olivia is heart broken and goes out to find the man who took her parents life, her life, and everything that matters. how far is she willing to go to avenge her parents and what happens when he finds out she was there. The hunt begins as they hunt each other, both wanting to kill to finish what was started.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


"Thud" I start to cry but my mum told me to be quiet. I closed my mouth and held back the tears trying to escape, I moved further under the couch. That was when I heard footsteps, I held my breath as they came to my parents room. 

" Take what you want and leave I won't tell anyone what happened" I heard my mum say sounding strong "You think that's what I came for" I heard a man say and then laugh I heard my mother gasp before she screamed. I just heard more laughter and another thud before the footsteps on the staircase. It wasn't until I heard the front door close that I let go of my breath but I couldn't move. I was staring into the eyes of my mother, her eyes were still open and filled with fear. When I finally could look away and move I found her body on the other side of the room. If this was my mother where was my father.    I ran down stairs and screamed I saw my father he looked just like mum. I couldn't hold it all in I collapsed on the floor and cried. I then thought that the neighbors would have heard the screams so I went into dads tool shed. Before I knew what I was doing I saw the monster. It surrounded the house engulfing everything. I knew by the time the police got here and saw the bright orange monster, they would think I died with my parents, I didn't stay to help put out the fire and say what I saw, I knew that I had to take down the guy who did this. I had to avenge my family, the only thing I had in this world. Well the only foster family I have, I had been with them since I was six which was ten years ago in a week. I never knew my real family but they became my family and I had to get the person that took their lives, my life and everything I had.    I ran around the back and hid in the tree when I heard the sirens they were close but not close enough. They were too late they were gone, he was gone and now I was gone.  
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