Ouch. *Larry Stylinson*

Punk!Louis Flowerchild!Harry AU.

Louis is an asshole and the 'king' of High School.
Harry is his target, and is known as the faggot of High School.

Oh but what happens when their mums remember each other from high school and come to each other's houses constantly?
Louis must socialize with the 'faggot' who wears a flower crown.


4. Why?

Louis' POV

"Flower boy open up!" I knocked on what seemed to be his bedroom door and shook the door knob, locked. Of course. I smirked. "What a coincidence huh? Our mums being best friends and all. Might be seeing a lot more of you" I chuckled a bit, I heard a latch and the door swung open, I didn't have time to see who it was because I was falling backwards on my arse, Niall it was then. He got me good too. I felt my nose start to bleed.

"You leave him alone you emo prick!" I felt a blow to the stomach, and when I opened my eyes, the Irish douche was holding me up by my hair. He touched the hair. I scowled and took a swing at his face, right in the cheek. He let me go, but came back straight away, grabbing my collar and oh shit. I felt myself fall, but I didn't hit the ground, oh no, the bastard threw me down the stair case. I landed on the third step, smashing my back, and landed at the bottom, on my arse once again.

I heard two gasps and saw mum and what was her name? Oh right, Anne look at me from the kitchen, they both ran over. I did not need those two right now. I growled and stood up, sprinting back up the stairs and charging at Niall, who didn't see me coming, and from the corner of my eye I saw flower boy watching from a distance. 

"Louis Tomlinson get off him right now!" I ignored my mum's cries and punched blondie in the lip, and before I could get another one in, there was a strong grip on my arm. I turned and saw flower boy giving me a stern look, his fingers digging deeper into my bicep. Fuck this boy was stronger than I thought. "Get out of my house, please" I glared at him and was dragged down the stairs again by my mother. 

"You are grounded. you hear me?! Get your arse home right now" She pushed me towards the door and I glared at her, also. "No, Jay it's okay let me clean him and Niall up first" She sighed and motioned me over to her couch, Niall came down the stairs and was still death glaring me. "Niall, sit down" She still had her eyes focused on my bruises but pointed an arm behind her to where a small chair was, Niall sat.

Mum stood in between us, switching her gaze to each of us. "Do you want to tell me what happened or should I ask Harry?" She turned her focus to the boy that was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking worried. 

"Er, they u-um I guess Lou-" Niall cut him off with a flick of his hand. "Your asshole son here, practically threatened my best friend, the boy he has been bullying for 2 years, so I took a swing" Mum gasped and pursed her lips. 

"Louis. I want it to stop right now. No son of mine will be ever putting anyone down. You are to apologize to Harry and Niall profusely, and to even try and make it up to Harry, you're going to tutor him on the piano, Anne has mentioned he wants to play" My mouth dropped open but I quickly closed it. 

Nothing was going to change her mind, I could tell. 

I have to fucking tutor Harry Styles.


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