Ouch. *Larry Stylinson*

Punk!Louis Flowerchild!Harry AU.

Louis is an asshole and the 'king' of High School.
Harry is his target, and is known as the faggot of High School.

Oh but what happens when their mums remember each other from high school and come to each other's houses constantly?
Louis must socialize with the 'faggot' who wears a flower crown.


1. The target.

"Hey faggot welcome back!"

"Oi guys! There's flower boy!"

"Ugh look, the gay boy's back!"

I winced at the words that were being thrown at me in the halls, It was only the first day back at school and we had gotten back to the name calling schedule. Yay.

Summer break was crap. My mum was working late every night and I managed to avoid getting beat up most days. The assholes in my neighbour hood show no mercy. To me anyway.

"Hey flower boy!" I shook my head slightly, I knew what was coming. Before I took another step through the halls, I was shoved against the lockers. I looked up into a pair of blue eyes, they stood out a lot from the eyeliner he was wearing. I sighed before relaxing in his arms.

"Hello Tomlinson, what have you in store for me today?" I asked in a completely dull voice. Louis Tomlinson. He's the worst. He's a punk, his lip is pierced as well as his eyebrow, tongue, and nose. This happened everyday, I was used to it. He would beat me till I bled, and kicked me till I couldn't speak, then spat on me and walked away. The usual.

He scowled and tightened his grip on my collar. "The usual you girly faggot" I shrugged a bit before glaring at him. "Have at me then please, I'd like to get to music class a bit early" 

Without another word, I felt a hard blow to the stomach and I fell to the ground groaning, Louis swung his foot back and kicked my abdomen, the wind escaping my lungs silently. "You like that, Styles?" I hissed as he bent down and pulled my hair, "I said.." He kicked my stomach again. "Do you like that? On the ground how you're supposed to be?" I groaned again and nodded slightly. Of course I didn't like it. I wanted him to leave me alone but since that was not going to happen I might as well pretend like I'm okay.

He let go of my hair and my head smashed on the ground. "Prick" I heard Louis mumble before he spat on my shoulder and walked off.

Want to know the worst thing about this school? Not one person helped me. Not one person looked down and bothered to think of me.


I fucking hate Louis Tomlinson. Nothing is going to change.


A/N  Hello there! This is my new fanfic and yeah this is a taste of what it's going to be like >_> 

Sonny x


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