Ouch. *Larry Stylinson*

Punk!Louis Flowerchild!Harry AU.

Louis is an asshole and the 'king' of High School.
Harry is his target, and is known as the faggot of High School.

Oh but what happens when their mums remember each other from high school and come to each other's houses constantly?
Louis must socialize with the 'faggot' who wears a flower crown.


2. Oh no.

Louis' POV 

Okay yeah maybe I was a bit rough with the nerd, but he can't be openly gay, happy with friends, and attractive at the same time. Someone had to do the dirty work, might as well been me. I don't even know what his friends see in him, he's just a wierdo with a flower crown.

I walked into history and ignored the disgusted stare from my teacher, he thinks tattoos are 'politically incorrect' and that 'Abraham Lincoln wouldn't have approved of my piercings' fuck him. I took a seat way at the back and pretended to pay attention during the lesson. The girls up front kept looking at me, I couldn't tell if they wanted me or hated me to be honest, not like I cared. Girls aren't exactly my area.

Get where I'm going with this?

I like dick.

Not vagina.

The bell rang finally and I stood up fast and made my way out to the halls, I had free period. Music room it is then. The other twats pushed past me and hurried off to their next class, until there was only two people left in the corridor.

Me and flower boy.

"What are you looking at?" He dropped his gaze and looked at the floor, before turning around and scurrying into history class. Not long after, I was inside the music room, no one else was here, it was just me and the piano.

I sat on the seat and ran my fingers lightly over the keys, I let out a breath and started playing my own original song.


'Hands are silent, voice is numb,

try to scream out my lungs.

It makes this harder.

And the tears stream, down my face.'


That was the only part I sang of that song. I felt like the other parts didn't match my voice. I needed people to sing with me. But that was never going to happen. No way was anyone ever going to hear my music, it's no good anyway.


Harry's POV

I ran out of maths, it was finally the end of school. at least I wasn't bleeding like I normally would be. Louis seemed to leave me alone a bit more today. Thank goodness. I would of had to sass his ass and practically beg for another beating.

I let my bag hang of my right shoulder and I walked outside, waiting for Niall to get his ass out here so we can go home. Niall is my best friend, he's Irish and a jock, all the girls love him. No one understands why he's friends with me, he says it's because 'I'm a great person and people should get to know me first' but I don't think he knows that he's in fucking high school. No one does that any more.

I waited by the gate and finally saw a head of blonde hair walking my way, I was greeted by cheerful blue eyes. "Hey mate!" I smiled and greeted Niall in a hug. "Ready for my house? My mum said she had a surprise" Niall nodded and we started walking.

"Did ya get hit bad today?" Niall inspected my face while we were walking. I just shrugged "no face hits, just the stomach" He nodded and put a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry I wasn't there mate, coach was running us wild today" I gave him half a smile and shrugged again. "S'fine. Tomlinson's gone now, I'm safe for another day"

They both walked up Harry's driveway, and walked into the house. 

"Mum we're home!" Harry called out, Niall sat down on the couch and flicked on the telly. "Boys I'm in here! Look! One of my high school friends Jay is in town!" Harry's eyebrows creased as he walked into the kitchen and saw his mum and another lady at the counter with red wine.

"Oh, um hello. I'm Harry" She gave her greetings and grinned at the boy. "You must know my boy! I think he goes to your school, his name's Louis do you know him?" Harry froze and his eyes widened, even Niall heard what Jay had said, he was now next to Harry, rubbing circles on his back.

"Uh- Ye- Well -" Harry couldn't even speak. His mum's best friend was the mother of his bully. The boy that gave him injuries everyday. The annoying, violent punk. "Yeah! We know him! Louis Tomlinson, right? Great lad..He's not coming over is he?" Harry silently thanked Niall for saving his ass and crossed his two fingers behind his back that the answer would be no.

"Not sure love, he might. If he's done practising piano. I swear that's all he ever does. Play the piano over and over again!" That and punch the shit out of me 

I thought silently. Niall stepped in again and chuckled. "Must be talented! Well okay, we're going upstairs. Hey Anne" He leaned in and kissed Harry's mum's cheek before hauling Harry upstairs to his room.

"Mate, you're fucked"


A/N Hiya! This may or may not be rubbish, I haven't read through it and it's 2:44am! Anyway yeah ^-^ xx (Punk!Louis turns me on okay i'm not even joking holy crap)


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