Save me

This is a One Direction Fan Fic (:


1. The Introduction

I'm Layla Cole and I think of myself as a nobody. Like no one even cares for me anymore and if they do I'll lose it in the end. I sit on the couch with no expression on my face. I'm good at hiding my emotions, I do it enough. Now I'm thinking. In all the movies everything always turns out on the bright side but not with my life. I get bullied at school because of my height, I'm 16 and I'm 5 feet tall. My mother and father died in a car accident when my mother was pregnant with my baby brother. I was 3 when the accident happened. I'm an only child and living with my Aunt and Uncle. They won't allow me to call them my parents and they won't call me their child either. They're my gaurdians and nothing more. I remember hearing that they would throw me out when I turned 17 and my birthday's tomorrow. I could ask Jeniffer if they could take me in untill I get my life on track. Jeniffer has been my friend since primary school and she is literally the only person I can trust. She is like my other half and if I didn't have her I don't know where my life would be right now. I don't go to High School because my Aunt and Uncle didn't want me to have a good career. About 2 years ago I was walking home from Jeniffer's and I made the dumb decission of walking down an alleyway. I walked down the alleyway and before I knew it. I was raped. I have been terrified of any guy getting close to me ever since. I suddenly awake from my daze and walk upstairs to my single bed with stained sheets. I gently lay down and shut my eyes.




Heeeeeey guys! This is my first fan fic I've ever written and I'm hoping it sounds like a good start (: If you didn't know what this is about, It's a One Direction fan fic so if you don't like them, I would suggest not reading the rest of this story (: I love you all! Stay beautiful <3 Xx

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