Save me

This is a One Direction Fan Fic (:


3. Sympathy, Love and Passion

Louis and Jen try to comfort me as much as they can. I know they want to help but it's in the past now. Out of nowhere Louis says "Why don't you come and stay with me? For a few days, weeks or even months, as long as you need." I looked up at him and wiped the tears away. I felt like someone actually cared for once other than Jeniffer. My face lit up "I would love to. But are you sure I wouldn't be invading any of your space or any other people that live with you? Like your girlfriend? Wouldn't she feel like her space has been invaded?" He looked at me and smiled with his arms open "You wouldn't be invading any of my space, it's my offer and.. What girlfriend? I haven't had a girlfriend in about.. A year." I looked at Jen and smiled, she smiled back and nodded knowing I was asking for permission to go and stay with Louis. I looked back at Louis and said "I'm in." Louis smiled "Great!. Well come on then Love we best get going, go grab your bags and I'll call a taxi and wait in the taxi" I smiled and nodded. I ran up to my room and grabbed my bags. I looked at the room and smiled. I then went back downstairs and hugged Jen goodbye and I whispered "Thank you" We let go and she winked "Go get him tiger!" I giggled and went out the door and into the taxi. We then arrived at Louis' house. It looks pretty big for just one person living in here. Well I'm no one to judge. I followed Louis inside and he showed me to the room I'd be staying in. I went upstairs to 'my' room and unpacked my bags. I didn't see Louis anywhere upstairs so I thought I should be nosy and look into what the other 6 doors were. I looked in the one next to mine and it was the bathroom. I then opened the door to the right of the bathroom and it was a bedroom. I assumed it was Louis'. Then there were 4 doors on the other side of the hall upstairs. I went into the first one down the far end. It was another bedroom. Could this be another spare or Louis'? I then opened the next door and it was another bedroom. Does Louis' have other people living here? I opened the other 2 doors and surprise, surprise they were 2 more bedrooms. So there is Louis' bedroom, my bedroom and 4 others? Who's could they be? I went back downstairs to find someone sitting on the couch. It wasn't Louis. Could this be one of the other people living here? I slowly walked towards him. He looked over to me and said "You must be Layla. Hi. I'm Harry. Louis has told me to stay here with you while he went to the store." Harry has such a deep and husky voice with curly hair that goes to one side. I then replied with "Yes I'm Layla. Nice to meet you Harry. So, do you live here as well as Louis?" He smiled "Nice to meet you too. Oh and yes I live with Louis too but I'm not the only one. Our 3 friends live her too. Zayn, Niall and Liam." Oh.. I just crashed a house full of teenage boys "I'm sure I'll meet them soon and I'm so sorry for invading your 'boy' space. I'll try fit in." Harry then quickly replied with "No you don't need to do that. We need a girl in here anyway and I'm sure we will all be the best of friends" We both laughed "Yes okay Harry. Thank you for making me feel at home" I said smiling "Anytime Layla." Harry went back to watching T.V so I went into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. I cleaned up the mess afterwards. Soon after I had finished Louis pulled up in the driveway in his car. I walked towards the door and 4 boys came piling in. I smiled knowing these must be the boys. They all smiled back and said something to me one by one. First the boy with blonde hair "Hello Layla. I'm Niall and we will all try to be the best of help to you." He said in his Irish accent. Next the boy with black hair that stood up "Hey Layla. I'm Zayn. Welcome to our home" I have to say this one was quite attractive. Finally the boy with short, styled brown hair. "Hi Layla. I'm Liam and I won't let these nim rods make you feel out of place. This is your home now too." This one made me smile. "Thank you guys." They all smiled and went into the living room. Louis smiled at me "Don't worry Layla I didn't tell them about everything you told me. That stays between us. I promise." I smiled "Thank you Louis." It was getting late so I decided to make dinner for everyone as a thank you gift. I made Mac and Cheese and everybody loved it. The boy by the name of Zayn said asked me something randomly "Tell us about your childhood and everything that's happened. Louis just said that you needed a place to stay. Not much detail." I looked down and Louis jumped in for me "Zayn she doesn't have to tell you anything unless she's comfortable with it." I felt thankful but I looked up "It's Okay Louis. If I'm going to be living here I think they deserve to know." Louis sat down along with all the others on the bar stools and I was facing them all. So I began "My Mother and Father died in a car accident when I was 3. My Mother was also pregnant with my baby brother. I'm an only child. I got given to my Aunt and Uncle but they didn't car for me at all." The tears started to form in my eyes and I carried on "They wouldn't allow me to call them my parents and they would never call me their child.. My uncle abused me and always called me names. My Aunty just helped him and told me to kill myself a few times." I stopped to take a look at the boys and they had a few tears slowly going down their face but I carried on. "They would always treat me like dirt and walk all over me but that was heaven compared to what happened to me.. When I was 14." I started to cry but I managed to find the words in my mouth "I was walking home from my best friend Jeniffer's and I walked down an alleyway as a short cut but.." I stopped and Louis came over to comfort me. Everyone had a few tears slowly sliding down their cheeks. "I was raped." I wiped my tears and stayed strong. All of the boys gave me sympathy and made me feel a whole lot better. "I just want to go to bed. Is that okay?" I asked Louis. "Of course." Louis replied. I walked up to my room and shut the door. I got changed into my pajamas and just lied in bed with the lamp on.. Thinking. I heard a knock interrupting me in my thoughts. "Come in." I said in a polite way and I sat up. It was Louis. He closed the door softly. Louis sat on the far end of my bed. "I saw the way you were looking at Zayn today.. You're not attracted to him are you?" I looked at him wondering why he would want to know or why he would even care. So what if I'm attracted to him. Not that I am. "No I'm not but why?" He looked at me for a few seconds "Ermm.. He's just.. A trouble maker that's all and I don't wanna see you get hurt." He cares for me Oh My Gosh. "Thank you Louis" I leaned over towards him and hugged him and he hugged back. I pulled away and his eyes caught mine. I looked down and went back towards my pillow. "Well goodnight Layla." Louis started to get up but I grabbed his arm stopping him. "Are you okay Layla? Do you need something?" I just ignored what he said and made him sit down on my bed. I don't why but I just didn't want to let him out of my room. I wanted him to stay. Why was I feeling this? I couldn't be falling for him.. Could I?

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