Save me

This is a One Direction Fan Fic (:


4. Am I Afraid?

"Layla, what's wrong?" Louis asked me in his beautifully sweet voice "Nothing.. I just have this feeling and I don't want to let you out of my room." Louis looked at me in a funny way but he managed to find the words "Are you feeling a weird feeling in your stomach?" I think he's onto me "Ermm.. A little bit yes. Why?" Louis smiled a little smiles "Me too." What does he mean? He's confusing me "What do you mean?" I asked him and he moved closer "We're feeling the same feeling." Louis can't possibly be feeling what I'm feeling.  He's feeling something else "L-Louis?" I asked him "Yes Layla?" He looked at me curiously "What is this 'feeling' I'm having?" Louis smiled "I think you're having your first crush.. On Zayn right?" Louis looked down and it confused me. This must mean he has a crush too.. But on who? "No I don't have a crush on Zayn. I swear it.. but I think I have a crush on some one else.. And if you're feeling what I'm feeling, does that mean you have a crush too?" Louis once again smiled at me "Who's your crush? And yes. I admit, I have a crush on some one too." I looked at Louis in disbelief "I'm not telling you Louis. Not unless you tell me first." Louis fake yawned "I'm getting kinda sleepy. Night Love." He kissed my forehead and left the room, shutting the door behind him. I smiled and reached over to my lamp to turn it off. I softly layed my head down on my pillow and for the first time in my life, I fell asleep smiling. I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. I tied my hair up in a quick bun and threw on a dressing gown. It was quite cold. I walked down stairs to hear the boys laughing. I reached the kitchen and the boys all greeted me with their different tone of voices. "What were you boys laughing about?" I asked them curiously "Just talking about Louis' crush. Isn't that right Louis" Niall said in a humerous way "Louis!" Louis looked at me smiling "What?" I glared at him "And you won't tell me?" Louis smiled and all the other boys laughed "Patience Layla, patience." I glared at him again while getting a plate of bacon and eggs handed to me "Thank you Harry" I smiled "You're welcome Layla." Everyone finished their breakfast and we all got dressed into warm and lazy clothes. All the boys except for Louis had decided to go to the Mall and rome around. I also decided to stay in because it was freezing. "I'm just going to take a shower." Louis said "Okay Louis." I replied. I was downstairs alone. I was quite scared at this moment. There was no sun so it was quite gloomy and dark outside. I don't really know what I was afraid of. I decided to try and break this emotion I was having by going on a laptop that was sitting on the coffee table. I opened it and checked my email that I had just made at the library because I wasn't allowed on the computer at my Aunt and Uncle's. I saw 1 unread message. I clicked it and it read "Dear Layla, We miss you lots and we miss beating you. Please come back to give us the pleasure again. Forget about your parents, they were worthless anyway. I mean, that is one of the reasons we cut the brakes on your parents car. Oops. We only took you in so we could beat you. That's the other reason we cut the brakes, so we could have someone to beat. It was the perfect plan. See you soon sweetheart.

Love, Aunt and Uncle"

I sat on the couch glaring at the screen. I broke from my daze to see Louis coming down the stairs. "Are you okay Layla?" I was still shocked at what I just read and I tried to say, Yes I'm okay but instead I broke down crying. Louis rushed over to me and held me close to his warm body. I was sobbing into his chest. "What happened Layla?" I pulled away from his chest and pointed at the laptop. Louis read it and closed the laptop. I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. Louis slowly wiped them off my cheek as he spoke "Layla, don't worry. They won't find you and all we need to do is show the police this email and you can tell them the address of their house. Then they will be locked away. Everything will be fine and I won't let anybody hurt you." I hugged Louis and felt his warm body once again. I suddenly felt his arms start to wrap around me too so I pulled away. "I won't hurt you I promise." I looked at him "Prove it." Louis smiled "How?" I smirked "Tell me who your crush is" Louis' smile suddenly got bigger "But whhhy?" Because it would make me feel so much more better knowing I don't only have my sercets in me and I'll have one of your's too." I smiled "Okay but it may sound really weird.." I looked at him "What do you mean?" Louis' sighed "I don't know how to say it so I'm going to say what I'm feeling." I smiled "Okay Louis. Go ahead." Louis smiled "Well when I first layed eyes on her on the street I knew there was something about her that hooked me onto her. She's beautiful in every single way." I looked into Louis eyes as he looked into mine "Her name is Layla. She's sitting next to me right now." He started to smile and I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks "Do you mean..?" I asked and Louis answered smiling "Yes Layla, I mean you." I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't find any words to say so I just spat out something random "I'm falling for you Louis." Louis smiled and leant towards me. He was going to kiss me. I started to lean in aswell and he broke the gap between us. Our lips touched. I pulled away. "Was that meant to happen?" I asked "Of course." Louis said smiling. We both stood up and went upstairs into Louis' room. We sat on his bed. "Louis?" I was curious to know.. "Yes Layla?" Louis answered "Does this mean.. We're like a couple?" Louis looked at me "I want it to mean that.. Do you?" Louis asked "Of course Louis." Louis smiled and kissed me on the cheek "Then yes. We are a couple." I stood up and left the room smiling like an idiot. I leaned against the wall just outside of Louis' room. "Layla?" Louis asked but I didn't answer. I just kept smiling. I saw Louis walk out of the room. "What are you doing?" Louis asked me "Not much." I answered. Louis came over and held my hips so I just went with it and wrapped my arms around his neck. "The boys will be home in any minute." Louis said "Soooo?" I asked pulling out of his grip "Should they know?" He asked "Know what?" Harry asked walking up the stairs "Nothing Harry. Just shut up." Harry smirked "There's somthing going on." Louis glared at him "Okay Okay, Yes it is what you're thinking." Harry smirked an evil smirk "I KNEW IT!" I laughed "Oh Harry shut it." I said. Harry left to his room and the other boys were downstairs watching T.V.. "We missed lunch but I wasn't that hungry.. And now it's time for dinner but I'm still not hungry. I think I'm going to go to bed. Night Louis" I said and he kissed me goodnight "Night Layla." He replied. I walked into my room shutting the door behind me. I closed my curtains and turned on my lamp. I feel so streesed right now. What if Louis is just pretending? What if my parents aren't actually dead and my Aunt and Uncle have them trapped somewhere? What if my Aunt and Uncle find me? What if they sent Louis out to pretend to make me happy and then break my heart? I'm feeling so stressed and I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going to vomit. I rush to the bathroom quietly and lock the door. I hang my head over the toilet bowl. Nothing. I stand up and look at myself in the mirror. Is this me or is this a dream? If it is I want to wake up right now. I close my eyes and open them again. This is reality. I look in the mirror cabnet and see a razor. I grip my hand around the razor and pull it out of the cabnet. I close the toilet seat lid and sit on it. I roll up my sleeve on my left arm and hold the razor firmly in my right. I slowly press it against my skin and drag it along. I feel the skin break and I see the blood that I have drawn. I feel like some of the stress has been lifted off my shoulders. I press the blade into my skin once more and I feel the skin rip seeing that I have once again drawn blood. I wash and put the razor back. I feel like a whole lot of stress has just left me. I pull my sleeve over the wounds and leave to my room to find Louis sitting on my bed. Well shit. "Louis what are you doing?" Louis smiled "I wanted to sleep with you." I looked at him "I'm sorry Louis I just want to be alone right now. Maybe tomorrow night." Louis fake pouted "But.. Awwww." I tilted my head at him "Louis. Seriously. Get out." Louis stood up and gave me a kiss and left. He shut the door behind him. I changed into my pajamas and layed in bed. I turned out my lamp. Could cutting be my new stress reliever?..

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