Save me

This is a One Direction Fan Fic (:


2. 17

I'm awoken by my screaming Aunt and Uncle. I try to listen in on what they're saying but all I can hear is faded screaming. I get up and out of my stained bed. I realize it's my birthday and I'm 17. I try to be as quiet as I can so they can't throw me out just yet. I text Jeniffer saying "Hey Jen, As you know It's my birthday today but the thing is.. My Aunt and Uncle are throwing me out today and I need somewhere to stay, so could you meet me at the park around the corner from mine in about 20 minutes? Love you xx" I quickly see my phone light up in reply from Jen "Oh my gosh! Happy Birthday Bub! Of course you can stay at mine and yes meet you at the park in 20. Love you too xx" I sigh in relief from the text and I quickly and quietly get dressed and pack my bags. I walk downstairs and stop in the middle still hearing my Aunt and Uncle screaming. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, open my eyes and carry on walking downstairs. They immediately stop and look at me with an evil smirk on their face. "Happy Birthday slut!" My Uncle says to me. I still feel down on the inside but I'm use to it and I;m hiding my emotions. "I hope you know what today means?" My Aunty asked me. "Yes Aunty.." I replied "Come here!" My Uncle said with aggression. I just looked at him with fear. "Did you not hear me? I said, COME HERE!" My Uncle said getting more angry by the minute. I rushed over standing in front of him. I looked up at him. I could see the Devil in his eyes. I felt the pain hit across my cheek. He had slapped me. I held my cheek in pain but held back the tears. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheek. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt?" I just looked down still trying to hold back the tears. "Get out of my sight you ugly Bitch!" I listened and obeyed my Uncle. I opened the door holding my bags behind me. I started to walk out the door and just before I shut the door my Aunty said "Don't make the most of your life, You're not worth it! Slut!" The door finished closing and I started to walk to the Park. On the way to the Park I saw.. a boy? He was talking and tickling a baby in a push chair. I don't think he knew who the baby was or the Lady pushing the push chair. He looked so friendly the way he was treating the baby. As I got closer I got a clear glimpse of him. He had luscious brown hair that stuck up off of his head a little bit. He was wearing red Jeans, white shoes and a white top with thin blue stripes. I have to say he was looking pretty damn fine. I got closer and he turned around and looked at me.. smiling. I saw the sparkle in his eyes and I smiled back. I finally reached him and the Lady carried on walking with her baby. I flicked my hair to the side and looked down at the ground. I felt something hit me softly on my way past this boy. I looked up and it was his arm. I turned towards him and he smiled at me. "Ello Love, Where are you headed?" He said in his amazingly sweet voice. "Hey, Ermm.. I'm going to the Park to meet a friend." I replied "With bags? And I didn't catch your name" He replied with his sweet voice "I got thrown out of my Aunt and Uncle's place and it's my birthday today. I'm 17... It's a long story and I'm Layla" I said sadly "Well I don't mean to sound needy but I want to listen to this long story and I like your name, it's beautiful. I'm Louis by the way" I was surprised at what he said but I found the words in my mouth to reply "Really? Well come with me and I could tell you and my friend this long story. She doesn't know the full story either and It's nice to meet you Louis" I replied with a little smile on my face "Nice to meet you too Layla" Louis said with a smile on his face. "Lets go shall we?" I asked. He nodded and we walked towards the park. We arrived a few minutes later and I saw Jennifer. She looked at me in a funny way but I explained it all. I told her that I needed to explain a lot to her over at her house with Louis. She agreed and so did Louis. I threw my bags in the car and we left the Park and headed to Jen's. We soon arrived and I put my bags in Jen's room. Nobody else was home. It was only Louis, Jen and I. We sat down on the couch and I explained everything over a cup of hot chocolate. My parents, The abuse, How I was living and.. The rape. They were both shocked but felt sorry for me and I watched the tears fall from their eyes which caused tears to fall my eyes. Now.. They both know.

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