I Finally Found you- Harry Styles fanfic

Maria is a ordinary girl who lives in New York but is Colombian. Maria's live is complicated and mess up. Her parents are getting the divorce. Maria suffers of deep depression but what will happen when Maria comes back to Colombia for vacations. Her only good thing in her live is One Direction. Their music is the only thing that makes her smile. One Direction is touring in South America. What happens when Maria meets Harry? Will Harry be able to stop Maria for cutting?... Find out in " I Finally Found you"...


1. Introduction

Maria POV

I cried softly in the bathroom as I realized that no one really loved me. My mom did but… it was a different kind of love. My step- dad who I adore its cheating on my mom. My dad left when I was born and I haven’t seen him in my 16teen years. My mom is also cheating on my dad which makes things harder. Live is really hard at sixteen. My name is Maria. Im Colombian but I live in New York. My step-dad and my mom travel a lot so I usually live alone. I have long black curled- wavy hair. I have dark brown eyes that usually look like they where black. Im not skinny and im not fat. I have curves which I hate cause my butt never fits on the dresses. I promised my self not to do this but I had to. I took the razor out and cut my thigh. I wince in pain as I cried. One Direction “ Moments” filled up in the room as I cut myself. I never really though that live would be this hard at sixteen. I start feeling alittle dizzy so I stop. I stand up and hide the razor again. I take band-aids out and put them on my cuts. I pulled up my long sweats. I clean everything and turn off the light and come out. I walked into my room and lay down. I turn off my light and close my eyes.


School is over . I have to fly to Colombia. Im going to my uncles house. One direction is coming to Colombia which is awesome. I wish that I could meet them. Their music is the only thing that makes me smile. I sit on the gate and wait for my flight. I turn on my ipod and play ed sheeran music. I close my eyes for a second when I feel something down my leg. I opened my eyes and pull up alittle my skinny jeans and realize I was bleeding. I sight and ran to the bathroom. I take the pants off and bandages realizing that I was bleeding pretty badly. I clean it and put new ones on and but a pair of skinny jeans on. I always had a extra pair since I knew this could happen. After six hours, we finally arrived to Colombia. I sight as i looked at the line in security. I took my phone out turning it on and seeing my uncles text. 

" Sweetie text me, when you arrive or call me please baby girl" he texted. I smiled at the text and click on "Uncle" 

" Hola!" he said though his phone. 

" Uncle Tom!" I said smiling 

" Sweetie!, where are you? Im already outside!" he said exited 

" Im in security! There is a million people on front of me!" I said frustrated 

" Dont worry darling" He said 

" Great so i will see you outside" I said smiling 

" Ok, cant wait to see you " said uncle tom. I hung up and took my earphones out and connected them into my phone. I pressed Cher Lloyd in the artist list. " With Ur Love" came on making me relax. I started dancing in the line making people look at me but who really cares. After minutes of waiting! I finally fast security and claimed my bags. I pushed the car down the corridor. I heard people talking and laughing. I felt the cold weather close as we i walked closer to the slide door. I stepped on front of them making them open. The cold, dry weather hit me as they open making me sniff. I turn and finally saw my uncle. He was standing next to his girlfriend and his girlfriend daughter Ginna. 

" UNCLE TOMMY!" I said smiling. He softly turned and smiled at me making me run into his arms...


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