I Finally Found you- Harry Styles fanfic

Maria is a ordinary girl who lives in New York but is Colombian. Maria's live is complicated and mess up. Her parents are getting the divorce. Maria suffers of deep depression but what will happen when Maria comes back to Colombia for vacations. Her only good thing in her live is One Direction. Their music is the only thing that makes her smile. One Direction is touring in South America. What happens when Maria meets Harry? Will Harry be able to stop Maria for cutting?... Find out in " I Finally Found you"...


2. Back Home

I hugged tight my uncle and bury my face on his shoulder as i softly cried. I was so happy to be back home. I couldn't believe that i was finally able to see my uncle after five years. 

" Look at you!" he said as he pulled away as he had tears on his eyes. 

" You are so grown up!" He said as he spin me around making me giggle. 

" Look at you!, have you cut your hair?" I said as i pushed his Justin Bieber like hair. 

" Its the new fashion!" he said making me laugh 

" oh and wearing gel!" I said giggling 

" they took your braces off! they look stunning!" he said making me smile

" Thank you! Im happy to be back!" I said smiling 

" Im glad yo see you!" he said hugging me again. I softly dried off my tears as he pulled away and introduce me to his family. 

" Maria, you remember paula?" he asked 

" Yes how are you?" I asked her 

" Im great! How was your flight?" She asked 

" It was good I'm just really tired" I said yawning 

" six hours right?" asked me Gina 

" yup painful six hours" I said making everyone laugh 

" so ready to see One Direction?" asked Gina

" since i was born" I said smiling making everyone laugh again 

" Your grandma has been asking for you!" said tommy 

" She has?" I asked 

" yes do you want to go visiting tomorrow morning?" He asked as we got in the car 

" I will love to" I said as i sat in the car and closed the door. Tommy sat on the driver seat and turn on the heating system. I laid my head against the seat and closed my eyes thinking about everything. I could finally have fun. I looked out the window as i felt tears on my eyes. 

" Sweetie why are you crying?" asked my uncle

" Just... a lot has been happening" I said as tears stream down my face. 

" Oh sweetie but you are here now and we are going to have fun so don't worry" He said making me smile

" There is my smile!" he said making me giggle

When we arrive to his apartment he introduce me to his cat and dog. Then he lead me into my room. I change into pajamas and jump into bed. I closed my eyes as my uncle kissed my forehead and turned off the lamp. 

" Goodnight sweetie, sleep tight darling!" he said making me fall asleep with a smile in my lips 


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