Another World: More Than This

Another World: More Than This is the fourth series. In Another World: More Than This, Kim and Louis are now together. Read on and see how Kim gets discovered that she's dead. Also, see what happens to Louis.


1. 1.1

Harry: Well look who it is. *smiles* If it isn't the love birds. *smiles big* 

Kim: Hey Harry. *smiles* 

Louis: *holding kims hand* Hey everyone. *smiles* 

Zayn: What? 

Louis: Yeah, shocking I know huh. 

Niall: I'm assuming the talk yesterday was about this? 

Louis: Not really, but close Niall. *smiles* 

Liam: Well you two look perfect together, a real good team. 

Louis: Thank you. 

Harry: What can I get for you two? 

Louis: For me, a number two, and just a bottle of water for my lovely girlfriend. 

Harry: Seriously, that's all you're gonna order for her? 

Louis: She's a vegetarian. 

Harry: No, she's not, I ate at her house before, perhaps a salad? 

Kim: No, water is fine. 

Harry: Ok, weird. 

Kim: *smiles weird* Thanks Harry. 

Louis: He? 

Kim: Yeah, I didn't eat much really, maybe a bite or two. Same with my parents. 

Zayn: *looks at kim weird* 

Kim: It's, we're vegetarians.  

Liam: Nice. *smiles* 

Louis: Can I come over to your place tonight? 

Kim: You know you can always come to my house without my permission.  

Louis: Great, I'll take you home afterschool then. 

Kim: Yeah, that's fine. 

Harry: Alright, here's your food, and here's your water Kim. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Louis: Thanks mate. 

April: Ouch, paper cut. 

Kim: *smells and looks around* 

Louis: We're gonna go, we'll see you guys tomorrow or hopefully later. *grabs kims hand and quickly walks out the café* 

Kim: *tries to turn back* 

Louis: You're ok, just keep walking with me. 

Kim: *walks with Louis* 

Dave: Oh, hey Louis, long time no see, how are you? 

Louis: I never been better, thanks to your amazingly beautiful daughter. *smiles* 

Dave: *smiles* I heard, how do you feel? 

Louis: As if nothing even occurred to me. *smiles* 

Dave: That's great; I heard that you two are seeing eachother now, correct? 

Louis: Yes, we are, so far she's an amazing girl. I love her with all my heart and soul.  

Elizabeth: Honey, can you give me a hand. 

Kim: Sure mom. What is it? 

Elizabeth: Can you wash the veggies for me please. 

Kim: Oh mom, we can go and eat somewhere; you don't have to cook anything for Louis. 

Elizabeth: Honey, that's rude to say. 

Kim: He already knows we don't eat. 

Elizabeth: Really? 

Kim: Did you forget? 

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. 

Kim: Mom, we'll go out and eat, it's ok. 

Louis: Hey Mrs. Austin. 

Elizabeth: Louis, I was just making you something to eat. 

Louis: Oh no, you didn't have to. *smiles* 

Elizabeth: You have to be hungry right? 

Louis: Yes, but I'll go out and buy something to eat, don't worry. *chuckles* 

Kim: See. 

Elizabeth: It's ok, it's almost done. 

Louis: Well, thank you than Mrs. Austin. 

Elizabeth: Elizabeth is fine. 

Louis: Elizabeth. *smiles* 

Kim: Did you want to spend the night here? 

Louis: Spend the night? I heard you don't even have a bed. 

Kim: Well, the guess room you slept in. 

Louis: *chuckles* Would you be sleeping with me though? 

Kim: We don't sleep Louis. 

Louis: I know, I was just kidding. 

Kim: *smiles in chuckles* I love you Louis. 

Louis: I love you even more babe. 

Kim: Awh. 

Louis: What? 

Kim: Even Harry didn't call me babe. 

Louis: Because you are my babe, and you are my world even though you're dead, but clearly not because you next to me talking to me. 

Kim: *laughs* You're funny, I love being around you and just having a good laugh. 

Louis: You know I always love keeping a smile on your face and making sure that you're always laughing too. 

Kim: *smiles in tears* 

Louis: *pulls kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *kisses Louis* 

Elizabeth: Foods ready. 

Louis: I'll be right there. *smiles* 

Zayn: Awh, look at the love birds, aren't they cute. 

Louis: Really cute aren't we? *smiles big* 

Eleanor: *walks in the café and sees Louis holding kims hand*  

Kim: Eleanor? 

Eleanor: Oh. *fakes a smile* Hey everyone, I was just ordering something to go. 

Louis: Go right ahead please. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *smiles and walks off* 

Danielle: Oh, hey guys, we were just looking for Eleanor. 

Perrie: *goes and kisses zayn* Hey babe. 

Zayn: Hey baby. 

Perrie: My mom wants you to come by later, can you? 

Zayn: Yeah, I can. 

Perrie: *smiles* Ok, good. 

Liam: Are you still upset with me? 

Danielle: No, why? 

Liam: Just asking, because you don't talk to me anymore. 

Danielle: *smiles* Awh, you know how to be worried too. 

Liam: I'm always concerned and worried about us babe. 

Danielle: *hugs liam* You're so sweet, I'll come over later after class babe. 

Liam: *smiles* Yay, ok. I'll be waiting. 

Danielle: *smiles and leaves with Perrie and Eleanor* 

Louis: Kim, I know this is too much to ask for, but is it too much to if I'm asking you to turn me. 

Kim: Louis, you know I won't turn you, I'll never turn you. 

Louis: Why not? I'm turning twenty soon and I don't want to be with you as an old man while you're still young, beautiful, and attractive. 

Kim: I'll never leave you no matter how old you get. 

Louis: You wouldn't want to be seen with me when I'm old and wrinkly. 

Kim: You're not even close there, why are you talking like that. 

Louis: Babe, look at you, you're young beautiful, still seventeen. I wish I was still seventeen. I hate growing up; I want to stay forever young. 

Kim: And you will, just not at this age. You still have a long time to live; god has you breathing for a reason. 

Louis: Yeah, I know, but I just want to be with you forever Kim. I don't want people to be looking at you like ew why is she married to an old man for; she's probably with him for the money. 

Kim: People are not gonna think like that. If I change you then what about the others, what will they think? Are you willing to see the others grow old without you?  

Louis: Please don't talk about them; it's me and you, not me and them. You're the one I love. 

Kim: Louis, I don't know why you keep making this hard for me. 

Louis: I'm not trying to babe. 

Kim: Are you just with me because you want to become like me? 

Louis: I want to be like you so we can both live together forever happy, just like your parents. What will I do without you when I'm old and almost dead? 

Kim: Please don't talk like that. 

Louis: I'm sorry, but I just wanted to tell you. 

Kim: Louis, I... 

Louis: *grabs kims hand and puts it on his chest* Do you hear this heartbeat? It only beats for you and no one else. I have never met anyone as beautiful and lovely as you Kim. 

Kim: If I nevered had come to camp, you and Eleanor would be together still right? 

Louis: We would have still broken up neither way. 

Eleanor: *walks by and hears kim and Louis talking* 

Louis: I just want to be dead like you Kim. 

Eleanor: Dead?  

Kim: You don't want to be dead Louis, it's a cold world out here.  

Louis: I rather be dead with you then being alive without you. 

Kim: *touched* 

Louis: Please. 

Kim: *closes her eyes and then looks around quickly* 

Louis: What is it? 

Eleanor: *gasp and hides* 

Kim: Someone is listening, they're thoughts are pretty loud. *gets up and walks off* 

Eleanor: Where did she? 

Kim: Hey! 

Eleanor: Kim, how'd you? 

Kim: Why were you listening!? 

Eleanor: I'm sorry; I overheard and just decided to... So you really are dead? 

Kim: What? 

Eleanor: Are you really dead Kim! 

Louis: Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *turns and sees Louis* You cannot die and be with her Louis! *tears in her eyes* 

Louis: What are you talking about? 

Eleanor: I heard it all Louis! *cries* 

Louis: Kim's not dead, we we're just rehearsing a skit for her family. 

Eleanor: Lies! *runs off in tears* 

Kim: We've been heard. 

Dave: *pops up* What just happened. 

Kim: Dad, I didn't know she was there until I smelled and heard her thoughts. 

Dave: You've been discovered. 

Kim: No! I'm not unless she tells everyone then I'm done. 

Louis: I'll make sure she doesn't tell anyone. 

Kim: Thanks Louis! *walks off* 

Harry: Kim? 

Kim: Harry. 

Harry: What's up? How've you been? It's been a while since we last talked. 

Kim: Yeah, it has. Hey, did Eleanor tell you or the boys anything? 

Harry: No, why? 

Kim: Don't believe it ok. 

Harry: Why what happened? 

Kim: Don't worry! I'll explain it myself afterwards! 

Harry: Where are you going? 

Kim: Does it matter? 

Louis: *out of breath* Kim. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Harry: Argument huh? 

Louis: No, just a misunderstanding Harry. Kim, we need to talk. 

Kim: We already did Louis! Someone overheard us and... 

Louis: Control yourself Kim! 

Kim: *comes back to her sense* I'm, I'm sorry. 

Harry: What happened?  

Louis: Look, if Eleanor tells you or anyone about Kim. Just know that Kim and I are only rehearsing a little short play for her family. 

Harry: Family? I want to see it. 

Louis: You can't. 

Harry: But I'm your friend. 

Louis: Just stay out of it, somehow she mistaken it as being real and ran off. 

Harry: Ouch, alright, I'll leave so you two can talk. *leaves* 

Louis: Kim, it's gonna be ok. 

Kim: It better be, if the whole school knows, I'm done Louis! I'm done, that means I'm dead, my parents would be dead, Zac would be an orphan again. 

Louis: If she does then you don't need to be scared, only we would know the truth. 

Kim: How? I'm cold as ice Louis. 

Louis: Breath Kim. 

Kim: We don't breath. 

Louis: Right. 

Kim: You don't want to be like me Louis. *walks off* 

Elizabeth: So what happened at school today? 

Kim: What do you mean? 

Elizabeth: Your father told me.  

Kim: Mom, I didn't know! 

Louis: *arrives outside and hears the talk* 

Elizabeth: Do you know how much danger you are putting us in! 

Kim: *silent in tears* I'm sorry mom. I really didn't know she was there. 

Elizabeth: You should have known better to not talk about it in public areas! Do you want to die? Do you want your parents to really die?! 

Kim: We're already dead. 

Elizabeth: *slaps kim* 

Louis: *rings the doorbell like crazy* 

Elizabeth: *opens the door* Louis? 

Louis: Hi, is Kim home? *sees kim on the ground* Kim! I'm, I'm sorry. *barges in* Are you ok babe? 

Kim: You! 

Louis: What? 

Kim: Because of you my family and I are in danger! 

Louis: Me? It wasn't my fault you wanted to keep going with the conversation. 

Kim: Because you wouldn't stop Louis! 

Louis: *silent* Look, I'm sorry it went this way, but if she does... 

Kim: If? If!? She will Louis! 

Louis: I know Eleanor more than you, and she would not do such a thing. 

Kim: I can't believe this is happening, just end me already please. 

Louis: No! Why would you want to do that for! Do you not see how much love I am giving you? How much I care about you? How much I want to be with you? How much I need you? 

Kim: *silent* Get out of my house. 

Louis: What? 

Kim: We are done, get out! 

Louis: Kim, really? 

Kim: Yeah really, get out! I don't want to see your face anymore! 

Louis: Fine, I'll go, but we are not over, I'll let you calm down. Goodbye Mrs. Austin. *leaves* 

Eleanor: Yeah, she really is. 

Danielle: No way? 

Perrie: That explains why I felt that coldness when she looked at me! 

Danielle: Yeah! And when the boys and I hugged her! Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. 

Eleanor: I'm gonna pretend to be nice to her and then kill her in the bathroom. I brought my dad's gun *smiles* 

Danielle: Gun?! You're gonna kill her? Really, Eleanor, you're gonna take Louis's happiness away from him. 

Eleanor: That's the only way to get him back. 

Perrie: As much as I hate her for kissing Louis in front of you, but she doesn't need to die again. 

Danielle: Yeah, she's not harming us or attacking us. 

Eleanor: Dani! She almost attacked you at the kick back party. 

Danielle: It was a little blood only, I'm sure she just wanted to see if I was ok. If she was to attack me then she would have done it a long time ago. 

Perrie: Danielle's right. 

Eleanor: Whatever, I'm gonna go find her. 

Louis: Like she won't even talk to me like usual anymore, she said it's over between me and her. 

Zayn: Why? Just because of that? 

Louis: Yeah, I haven't seen her today, so I don't know. 

Niall: Maybe she's waiting for you to apologize to her Louis? 

Louis: Oh yeah, that can be it too. Brilliant idea Niall. 

Liam: I'm sure she'll forgive you. 

Harry: Yeah, I mean she loves you right? 

Louis: Yeah, she does. 

Danielle: Guys! 

Liam Danielle, what is it? 

Perrie: Eleanor's gonna find Kim and kill her. 

Louis: What?! 

Danielle: Supposedly Kim is dead she said, and she wants to kill Kim so she can have you back. 

Louis: She's not dead, where is she! 

Perrie: I don't know! She left us. 

Harry: Louis, call Kim. 

Louis: *calls kim* C'mon Kim, pick up the phone. 

Kim: What. 

Louis: Where are you? 

Kim: I'm outside my car in the parking lot; I'll meet you in the café, bu... 

Louis: Don't! I'll come meet you. 

Kim: Why? 

Louis: Eleanor is looking for you, she wants you dead. 

Kim: What?  

Louis: Here talk to Zayn, I'm gonna go look for Eleanor before she finds you! *throws the phone to zayn and runs off* 

Zayn: Hello? Kim? 

Kim: I have to find Louis! *hangs up* 

Zayn: She's gonna go find Louis! *runs out the café* 

Harry: *runs after zayn* 

Niall: Wait! *runs after harry* 

Liam: Are you girls coming?  

Danielle: Yeah. 

Perrie: *runs with Danielle and liam* 

Louis: Eleanor! 

Eleanor: Louis? *fakes a chuckle* 

Louis: What are you doing? 

Eleanor: What do you mean? I'm going to my car. 

Louis: You're car? What do you need? I'll get it for you. 

Eleanor: Something. 

Louis: Like? 

Eleanor: Why do you want to know?  

Louis: I just want to go get it for you? I feel like running you know. *fakes a chuckle* 

Eleanor: No, I got it. 

Louis: I'll walk with you. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: *talking to Eleanor* 

Zayn: Kim! Kim! 

Kim: Zayn, where's Louis? 

Zayn: He went to look for Eleanor, you can't go find him, you have to hide! 

Kim: I have to find Louis Zayn! 

Zayn: No, you can't! 

Perrie: Eleanor said you were dead. 

Kim: She did? *looks around* Guys, I'm sorry, I was going to tell you guys, but I waited too long, I apologize. 

Danielle: It's ok, as soon as you aren't hurting us, or harming us, we're ok with you being... dead. *looks at liam* 

Liam: Yeah, Kim. We love you no matter what, plus we can't even tell that you're dead. 

Eleanor: *sees kim and the boys and pulls out the gun* 

Louis: *looks and sees Eleanor pulling out the gun* Eleanor? 

Eleanor: *aims for kim* 

Louis: *turns and sees kim* No! *tackles Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *shoots* 

Kim: *hears the gunfire* Louis. 

Niall: Quick, I see them! *runs* 

Kim: *speeds off first* 

Eleanor: *fighting with Louis to keep the gun* 

Louis: Eleanor! You cannot shoot her! It's not worth it! 

Eleanor: *still fighting to keep the gun* 

Louis: She won't die from a gunshot! 

Eleanor: *turns the gun and accidently shoots Louis* 

Louis: *gasp* 

Kim: *half way* No! *runs faster* 

Eleanor: Louis! *drops the gun and kneels down to Louis* Louis! I'm so sorry. Oh my gosh, Louis, please be ok. 

Louis: *grunting in pain* I, I... 

Kim: Louis! *stops and kneels down to Louis* Louis, baby, please, please. *tries to heal Louis* Please work, please, please, please! C'mon! *cries* Louis, c'mon! Work with me babe! *cries* 

Eleanor: *gets up and grabs the gun* 

Kim: *tries healing Louis again* C'mon! Dammit! Why aren't you working. 

Eleanor: *points the gun to kim's head* Stand up or I'll shoot you. 

Kim: *standing up* You can't kill me with a gun idiot. 

Dave: *attacks Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *slides across the ground* 

Kim: *looks* Dad!? 

Dave: Do not move! *holding Eleanor down* 

Harry: *gets there first* Louis! *runs to Louis* 

Zayn: Louis! 

Liam: *cries* Oh my gosh, Louis, no Louis. 

Niall: *cries* Louis, oh my, Louis! *kneels down and picks up Louis crying in tears* Louis! 

Officer Rick: *arrestes Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *crying* I didn't mean to aim at him! 

Officer Rick: You are going to jail. 

Eleanor: *cries harder* 

Officer Derek: And who are you again? 

Dave: I'm Dr. Austin from Lincolns up in the woods. 

Officer Derek: Yes, I heard of you, why were you here? 

Dave: My daughter attends this school, the guy shot was her boyfriend. 

Officer Derek: Alright, well the ambulance took him to the hospital already and I believe your daughter left with them. 

Dave: *looks around* Are you sure? *looks at the boys and doesn't see harry* She might of have, thank you. *walks off* 

Dr. Ray: I don't know if he'll be ok, he was shot near his heart, just three cm away from it.  

Kim: Can't you guys do an operation on him? 

Dr. Ray: It doesn't matter if we do or not, he's not gonna make it. 

Kim: *cries and walks away* 

Dave: Are you ok? 

Kim: Dad. *cries* 

Dave: What's wrong? 

Kim: Really? *really cries* Dad, you have to save Louis before he dies. Dr. Ray said even if they prepare an operation, he's still gonna die. 

Dave: *looks up to the sky* It seems like god has finally granted his wish huh. 

Kim: Please dad! 

Dave: Why didn't you heal him? 

Kim: I did, but it didn't work somehow. 

Dave: Kim! *sighs* 

Zayn: *holds in his tears* Umm, hey Kim. 

Kim: Zayn. *hugs zayn and cries in his arms* 

Zayn: *trying not to cry* Umm, Johanna would like to see you. 

Kim: His mom? 

Zayn: *crying* Yeah. 

Kim: *cries again* 

Zayn: *hugs kim crying* 

Kim: *walks to the room* Hi. *holds in her tears* 

Johanna: *sitting next to Louis* Kim. *cries* 

Kim: *cries* I'm sorry. 

Johanna: I can't believe Eleanor would do such a thing to him, Kim. I really liked that girl. 

Kim: It was my fault; I didn't get there in time. 

Johanna: My baby boy is gonna die. *cries really hard* 

Kim: *wraps her arms around Johanna* 

Johanna: You're really cold. 

Kim: There's something I need to tell you. 

Johanna: Yes, just say it. 

Kim: My dad can save Louis's life. 

Johanna: Really?  

Dave: *walks in the room* 

Johanna: Can you help save my son for me? *crying* That's all I ask of you. Is please save my precious son, he's too young to die. 

Dave: Yes, I can save your son for you, but you would have to send him to Lincolns. 

Johanna: Yes! Anything to save son. 

Dave: Perfect, I'll talk to Dr. Ray, and I'll set an appointment. 

Johanna: Thank you so much. *smiles in tears* 

Kim: Guys, Louis's gonna be ok. 

Niall: *crying* How? 

Kim: My dad will save him. 

Liam: *crying* You mean he's gonna have to be turn? 

Kim: *nods sadly*  

Zayn: So this is the last time we'll see him as human? 

Kim: *silently* Yeah. 

Harry: *cries* I can't believe he's really gonna leave us. 

Kim: But hey, at least he'll be like me and not dead and never be seen again. 

Liam: *hugs kim crying* Thank you so much Kim. Thank you. *really cries* 

Niall: *hugs kim and liam* 

Harry: *hugs the group* 

Zayn: *hugs the group* 

Johanna: Are you sure he's gonna be ok here and not at the hospital? 

Dave: Yes, he'll be ok here, trust me. 

Elizabeth: Let's go for a walk shall we? 

Johanna: Sure, ok. *walks with Elizabeth* 

Louis: *sees dave and is dying* 

Dave: I'm sorry Louis, this is gonna be a little bit more painful since you're not dead yet. 

Louis: *stares at dave* 

Dave: *covers louis's mouth* 

Louis: *twitches/moves around* 

Kim: *leaves the room and closes her eyes* 

Liam: Kim. 

Kim: I can't watch it. 

Louis: *tries to break free* 

Dave: *bites Louis* 

Louis: *screams in pain weak and twitches* 

Harry: Louis! 

Kim: It's gonna be ok Harry. 

Harry: *wants to run into the room* 

Dave: I'm sorry Louis. 

Louis: *slowly dies*

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