When You Found Me (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Jess and her friend Chloe. Runaway from home, unable to cope with life. With little money they were forced on the streets of London. Found by One Direction, they took them under their wings and looked after them. Niall has an instant liking towards Jess, and she reciprocates the feelings. Chloe has been close with Zayn, but is it not what it seems?


8. Show me London

Jess's p.o.v

Niall and I just got back to their house, we walked inside, Zayn and Chloe were just walking out of the house to attend to the food supplies. 

"But I only just got here" I said, pouting to Chloe. Zayn said bye, grabbed Chloe's hand and walked out.

Niall and I walked over to the couch and sat down, "hey guys let's watch another movie!!" Louis said excitedly, we all groan but nodded in agreement 

"Oh do you have any Disney movies? I love them!" I said, sounding like a little kid. 

"Me too!!" Liam squealed.

"We have a couple, The Lion King and Aladdin " replies Louis 

"Ummm can we watch Aladdin?  I love that movie I have watched in ages!" I giggled to Liam from across the room. The rest of the boys looked at us and laughed and we laughed with them. Lou put the movie on, I was sitting next to Niall, I rested my head on his chest and I felt his arm go around my shoulder and him snuggle into me.

We finished the movie and Niall's phone went off.

"Hey Zayn" he answered.

"Okay well we be there soon" he continued. Niall ended the call "Come on Jess we gotta go pick Chloe and Zayn up from the grocery store" 

"Okay" I said, getting off the couch and following him out the door. We walked over to his car and hopped in.

"Good movie you picked Jess" Niall laughed 

"I thought so! I haven't see it since I was ten? I think" I said giggling while we were driving to the store.

I could see Zayn and Chloe standing out the front waiting for us. Niall pulled up, I got up and helped Zayn and Chloe put the bags in the trunk. We got back in the car and drove back to the house.  

We got back to the house and took all the bags out of the trunk and in to the kitchen. Zayn ordered all of us out, because Chloe and him were cooking us dinner. The boys and I walked out and headed to Niall's car. 

"So where are we gonna go?" I asked  

"How about we go to the park and hung there for a bit?" Liam suggested, we all agreed and got in the the car.

Driving to the park, and little things came on the radio. All the boys and I all stared to sing. As the song finished we arrived at the park. Harry, Louis and Liam jumped out of the car a sprinted to the swings. Niall and I ran over to them, Niall put his arm around me and looked down and smiled at me.

I watched louis push Harry on the swing and Liam push Niall. Honestly they were just like little kids, watching them scream, shout at each other and laugh. They finished up on the swings and walked over to me 

"Oi! Up for a coffee ?" Harry asked us. Lou and Liam went with Harry. Niall and I decided not to go for a coffee so we stayed at the park. Niall told the boys to meet us back here a 3.50, Harry, Louis and Liam walked of to the nearest Starbucks.

I watched the boys walk away and I turned around and walked over to one the swings. I sat down started to push myself but felt a hand on my back to push me. I looked around to see Niall 

"Thanks Niall" I said giggling 
and he just smiled.

After a while I got off the swing and sat down the grass. Niall joined me 

"Hey Jess how old are you?" he asked 

"umm I'm 17"
I replied 

"Well I'm 19" he said with smiled I smiled back at him. Silly boy, like I already didn't know.

 I flopped back on grass and looked up at the sky, Niall laid back not long after me

"What time is it" I asked 

"It is 4:45. The boys should  be back at anytime" as he said that,  Harry, Louis and Liam jumped on Niall. As they got off him, he stood up and put his hand out to help me up. I took a grip of his warm, soft hand and got up. We walked back to the car and got in

"I wonder if we're allowed and in the house?" Harry laughed 

"Hope so, I wanna go home and watch a movie " Louis said 

"Lou do always watch movies? Do ever give them a break?" I asked 

"Nope " he said 

We got back to the house, Harry knocked on the door. Zayn answered the door and let us inside. I walked over the the couch and sat next to Chloe "Hey Clo" I greeted her

"Oh hey Jess" she said, looking puzzled. "What do you and the boys do ?" she continued trying to smile 

"We when to the park and hung out there" I replied "What's wrong?" I asked. She opened her mouth to say something

"hey guys dinner ready!" zayn called from the kitchen, interrupting Chloe talking. We all walked over to the kitchen, dished up some food for ourselves, sat and ate.

After we ate Zayn offered to do the dishes. The rest of as got up and walked to the lounge room.

"Hey let's watch a scary movie!" Louis  said we all agreed. But I really wanted to talk to Chloe. Oh well, we will get our space. Lou put on the DVD and we all sat down. I sat next to Niall, with Zayn and Liam on one couch. Chloe sat  next to Harry and Lou.

I got scared though the movie, Niall noticed and put arms around me, giving me a hug and I buried my head in his chest. I looked at the screen every now and then but I scared so I hugged him tighter. I scanned the room a couple of times. Zayn wasn't focused on the movie but Chloe. She had her eyes locked on the screen, with scary scenes her face was mutual. I didn't see Zayn's eyes leave her.

The movie finished, all the boys expect Niall and Zayn went to bed.

"Okay you two. Chloe and I are sleeping on the couch tonight, and you guys are in your own beds, right?" I said 

"Nope we are on the couch you and Chloe in ours bed " Niall said 

"Nuh- uh" I said getting comfortable on the couch. 

"Actually, I'm fine with that. You guys can stay on the couches. I'm going to bed" Zayn said, marching off. Silence filled the room.

Chloe and I got comfortable on the couches, I lay down and closed my eyes. I felt someone picking me up, it's was Niall. He threw me over his shoulders and carried me to his room 

"Put me down Niall!" I shouted, he just laughed, opened his door and laid me down on his bed. I sat up, and as he was walking out "Fine if I have to sleep here, but so do you" he smiled 

"Okay then" I said, ran up and jumped on me.

I got out, to go get changed into my pj's, I went to the bathroom to do so. I came back, and got in to bed. Niall already half asleep in the bed, so I got in and pulled the cover up and over us. I was lying on my side with my back to Niall, I felt his strong arm go around me waist and pull me into a hug 

"Goodnight Darlin. I hope you enjoyed me showing you London today" he whispered in my ear 

"Goodnight Niall, I did enjoy today" I said felt him hug me tighter and I started to doze off.

I woke up in the middle of the night, with sudden realization. "Wait, What?!? I'm in the same bed cuddling Niall Horan from One Direction. I'm falling for him even more then when I first meet him. (which was on like a day ago) But I'm a stranger and I'm cuddling him. It's weird I feel like I've know him years. I wonder if he feels the same." I felt Niall hug me closer, he must of known I was awake.

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