When You Found Me (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Jess and her friend Chloe. Runaway from home, unable to cope with life. With little money they were forced on the streets of London. Found by One Direction, they took them under their wings and looked after them. Niall has an instant liking towards Jess, and she reciprocates the feelings. Chloe has been close with Zayn, but is it not what it seems?


13. (Not) Break and Enter

Chloe's  pov  

We hurried ourselves into the driveway, walking to the house. We knocked but there's was no answer, Jess instinctively knew were the spare keys were. Beside the door, was a small tree in a pot plant. Jess carefully dug through the dirt, making sure no nail had been wrecked. She pulled out the keys and opened the door. The lights were on, and we could see the boys on the couches through the hallway. They probably didn't notice us. 

"Maybe I don't even like her, maybe she's just a friend. Or maybe I'm not afraid to admitting that I like Jess" This is what Jess and I heard Niall say. 

"What?" Jess confused voice said. We came through the dark hallway. Forgetting we had dolled ourselves up, the boys looked at us and their mouths drooped. It was hilarious. We smiled, the boys got up and Zayn stood with me, paralyzed. Gee I didn't know I could have this effect on Zayn. By his presence I could tell he smelt really good. 

"You smell good" I winked

"You look even better" he winks back

We arrived at the fancy restaurant, seated by the waiters in a private room. The room was full happiness and laughter. I think the wine had it's part on that. The night slowly came to a close. I didn't want to leave! I was full of energy, it was only 8.30 there had to be something we could do. I looked at Jess and Niall, she was pretty much out of it. As we're the other guys, not Zayn though. He and I needed to do something to calm us down. 

"We're gonna go do some stuff" Zayn said to the others, grabbing my hand. I almost struggled to keep up with his hyped running. The restaurant we were at was in a big shopping center, Lee-Mart. Not much was open, they closed in 10 minutes. "Pull an all nighter at Lee-Mart?" Zayn suggested. 

"Hell yeah" I grinned back. You'd be surprised how many shops didn't have security systems or shields to close of the stores. We went beyond the stores and to the security room, to check if any guards were doing their job. We found out that there was only one security guard. He was tubby and where the surveillance TVs were, the guard played multiple Xbox, play station and Nintendo games. We sat and watched him for half an hour, making sure he was doing what he wasn't supposed to. We were safe. We raided a clothes shop. We weren't stealing, we were just trying on clothes. The store sold clothes for older women

"Aren't you rockin' the old grandma look" Zayn smiled, sitting upon the chairs just outside the change rooms. I wore an orange calf length oversized dress. I made Zayn try on a couple of he older men's clothes. He wore a suit that was the right height but 2 inches too wide. Also a single spectacle eye glass and a pocket watch.

"God you look ridiculous!" I laughed. He quickly changed out of it. We placed the clothes where we found them. "I see a perfume store!" I said pointing in the direction. I covered my self in all the women's tester perfume, even the horrible ones. Zayn did the same with the aftershave.

"The chemicals are probably screwing with us" he chuckled. I took a whiff of Zayn. If he stripped back to maybe just a hint of whatever he had on, he might smell good. But my nose was a bit stuffy from all the fumes. "To the chocolate store!" Zayn marched. Ok, now we were probably stealing. We only ate one box of chocolate. Ok maybe 20 something... We ate until we felt sick. So worth it. It tasted amazing. After that, I could definitely go for a slower moving activity.

Zayn's POV
"Yes! We can go see a movie!" Chloe squealed. We broke into the projector room. We chose to watch Romeo and Juliet. We sat back down in the theatre room. I had my arm around Chloe's chair. She lay on my chest. My heartbeat moved with Chloe's breathing, I closed my eyes for a second, my heartbeat slowed right down. We sat there for half awhile. I could barely move a muscle, Chloe turn to me, my eyes forcing to stay open. I really couldn't bother getting up, and I fell asleep.


"Excuse me" a voice said, in the background noise of my mind. I didn't take much notice of it. Figuring I would probably be dreaming.

"Excuse me!" The voice said louder, and something nudged me. My eyes opened to the security guard, eye balling us. He tapped his foot in impatience. I jumped and grabbed Chloe. There was no way I was going to wake her up. 

"Did you guys fall asleep during the last movie?" He asked. I'm guessing he hasn't checked out the rest of the centre yet. 

"Umm yeah. You should really get someone to clear out the movie theatre after its closed." I suggested. 

"Yeah ok. I will let you two out." He said kindly. Poor guy, he has no idea. Well there was no car, and no way I could call the guys at 3am in the morning. It was a while away to home, but only a block away from the nearest hotel. I checked us in. And stripped off Chloe, putting my shirt on her. I didn't look, I promise. I kicked off my shoes and joined Chloe in the bed. Once she felt me near her, Chloe grabbed me and held me close. I instantly fell asleep. 

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