When You Found Me (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Jess and her friend Chloe. Runaway from home, unable to cope with life. With little money they were forced on the streets of London. Found by One Direction, they took them under their wings and looked after them. Niall has an instant liking towards Jess, and she reciprocates the feelings. Chloe has been close with Zayn, but is it not what it seems?


14. Movies...again

  Ch 14
Jess' pov 

After we got the boys and I home, we decided on watching the movie, mean girls thanks to Louis.

"hey guys I'm goin' to go change into my pjs and make my self some food okay?" I asked walking up stair to Niall's room to get my clothes and changing into and black shirt which is Niall's hehe and and pair of pjs shorts, as I was walking out of Niall's room I grabbed the comforter off his bed wrapping it around my shoulders and walking back stairs.

I enter the kitchen an made some popcorn which I put in a couple bowls to share with the boys, grabbing the bowls I walked in to the lounge room giving a bowl to the four boys and getting a sad look from Niall which i laughed at.

I sat down on the couch that I ended up sitting alone  but hey I'm not complaining, I sprawl out on the couch spread the comforter over me and got comfortable and started watching the movie while stuffing my face with popcorn.

About half way though the movie I got up and when to the the loo but before I left I gave the boys a warning about taking my seat and that it wouldn't ended well for them, I got back and I found Niall lying in my spot I gave him a dirty look.

" Niall what the hell! get out for my spot and don't you dare put that  'you snooze you lose!' sh*t  on me!" I yelled and with that I could hear the rest of the the boy snicker.

"no I'm not moving and I staying here because it's comfy and cause you made my share popcorn!" he pouted.

" move.right.now" I said in a serious tone.

"nope, but we can share? " he asked lifting the comforter up and moving back to make room for me.

" fine I guess so" I huffed walking over and getting and getting comfy and snuggling into Niall's body for warmth, Niall snaked his arm around my waist but I didn't mine. 

The movie was almost finished and Liam,Harry and Louis all went to bed about ten minutes age so it was just me and Niall but I guessed that Niall was asleep because he lightly snoring in my ear.

I carefully removed Niall arm from around my waist and get up, next I carefully shook Niall waking him lightly.

"Niall time to get up and go to bed, come on I'll help ya" I said helping a half asleep Niall to his and walking up the stairs to his room lying him down and spreading the comforter on him which i grabbed on our way up and tucking him "good night Niall" I said walking out of his room and back to the lounge room.

Grabbing a blanket of the other couch I pulled it over me and slowly drifted asleep.

Niall's p.o.v

"good night Niall" I heard Jess say , so I rolled over to give her a good night hug but I could find her, so I shoot up and looked beside to find her.

I got up out of bed and walked to the lounge room , "she better not be asleep on the couch " I muttered to myself.

I walked into the lounge to find her cuddled into the couch fast asleep so I picked her bridle style and started carrying her to my bedroom.

"Niall what are you doing put me down and go back to sleep " she said sleepily.

" nope your sleeping me end of story" I said.

" fine" she huffed snuggling into the crook of my neck.

Once I reached my room I laid Jess down on the the trucking the cover around while I got in the over side pulling the covers over myself. Leaning over Jess I said goodnight and kissed her forehead and I started to drift off to sleep. I felt Jess cuddle up to my side, I put my arm around her and pulled her in closer and finally fell asleep. 

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