When You Found Me (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Jess and her friend Chloe. Runaway from home, unable to cope with life. With little money they were forced on the streets of London. Found by One Direction, they took them under their wings and looked after them. Niall has an instant liking towards Jess, and she reciprocates the feelings. Chloe has been close with Zayn, but is it not what it seems?


12. Makeover

Chloe's P.O.V.


Everyone heard the conversation with Jess on her phone. We all freaked, she started crying and I ran to her aid. No one should suffer as bad as she did. Niall was there catching her tears, I loved that he cared.

The room was quiet as Lou and Harry did the dishes, Lou also suggested we watch movies. He also suggested we go out for dinner. Good idea. After the movies I scurried through my bag looking for something socially acceptable for a restaurant. 

"Goddamn" I said under my voice.

"What's wrong?" Zayn stood behind me.

"Nothing to wear. I can't go out in sweat pants and a hoodie." I said. Searching if there was something that I may have missed. I did find my wallet that did hold a decent amount of money in it. I pulled it out and moved Zayn out of the doorway. 

"Going shopping, taking Jess with me!" I yelled to Zayn marching down the hallway. 

I grabbed Jess from Niall's embrace and dragged her out the door. "Dinner. Dress. Now." I explained as her sleepy eyes tried to adjust to the light. We walked a couple of blocks to a small boutique. It had beautiful dresses that were at very good prices. I picked a hot pink peplum styles cocktail dress. The answer is yes, I have style when I need it. 

"Can I have some help?" Jess asked. She picked an ill fitting dress that had a very busy and distracting pattern on it. Mental slap. I picked a soft pink light and flowey dress with flowers on the bottom. If fit her perfectly, but she put her hand to her face.

"This is not me" she said. So I chose a dark purple plain dress that was short at the front, and long at the back. Jess gave me thumbs up when trying it on. 

We made our way to a little café. We decided we were going to have lunch there, I texted Zayn letting him know we would be out for a while 

"Out with Jess for the day. Be back before we leave to go to the restaurant. X" 

"K thanks babe X" he replied. I giggled, he called me babe.

"Oi! Who are you texting?" Jess said.

"Just telling Zayn we'd be out for the day" I couldn't contain my giggle. Jess snatched my phone, and giggled with me

"I guess things are all good with you and Zayn then." Jess smiled.

"Yeah we talked and stuff..." I said dropping off. Trying to hide my grin.

"You kissed!!" Jess smiled and pointed to me. I showed off my grin. "I knneewww it!"

After lunch we made our way to a shoe store, matching the shoe color to our dresses. Later, we made our way to the nearest mani pedi place, and got ourselves pampered. Then, we went and got some massages. Being served by two good looking masseuses. We knew we had guys back home, so there was no attempting to flirt. Later we went to get our hair and makeup done. I wore some bold hot pink lipstick, it matched my dress and shoes. I convinced Jess to not wear dark purple lipstick, so instead it was a a light pink, almost lip colored lipstick. My hair was up on a neat bun, and Jess had her long hair flowing to her sides. We got changed onto our dresses at the hair and makeup salon. We walked home.

As we walked in the boys mouth literally dropped to the ground. This was going to be a fun night

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