When You Found Me (Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Jess and her friend Chloe. Runaway from home, unable to cope with life. With little money they were forced on the streets of London. Found by One Direction, they took them under their wings and looked after them. Niall has an instant liking towards Jess, and she reciprocates the feelings. Chloe has been close with Zayn, but is it not what it seems?


16. Let's go to mall, today

Apologies for only updating once! The other writer of this story has a busy schedule so I will only be doing single updates, but regularly. Promise! Xxx

Zayn's POV
Chloe and I both were wearing what we had on last night. I could tell Chloe felt uncomfortable in the dress and heels so early in the morning.

"Are you sure we can't just go back to the hotel and sleep?" I whine, as she rolls her eyes.

"I need some clothes other than these if we're going to see Jess and Niall, ok?" We were walking to the a clothes shop, short-cutting through the shopping centre we were at last night.

"Look! There up they are! Those are the two that snuck in, I have it on video! Get them and I'll prove it to you" I heard from 10 meters away from where Chloe and I stood. We both looked at each other, and realized he was talking about us. I grabbed Chloe's hand and walk very subtlety but fast paced to remove ourselves from the shopping centre.

"Hey! Hey you!" We heard from behind us, Chloe picked up the pace and I followed. I turned to see who was trying to chase us, it was the chubby security guard that lazed in his office. There was no way he could've kept on running.

"We have two runaway thieves heading towards the east exit, I need back up immediately" The chubby officer puffed and slowed and spoke through his walking talkie.

Just before we were out the door, two very tall and well-built male officers stood in our path. We stood still for while and Chloe squeezed my hand, her palm instantly getting sweaty.

"Turn around with your hands behind your back" One of the officers ordered, Chloe slowly let go of my hand and we obliged to the orders.

Chloe's POV
"You two are in a lot of trouble" the other officers spoke. They hand cuffed our hands, which is completely unnecessary, they were 'mall cops', they had no rights unless we were a danger to people around. There were stares at Zayn and I, he tried to hide his face so there wouldn't be too much attention to him causing a riot of directioners....

I stopped mid-way with the guard pushing me forward. I stood my ground, "OH MY GOD!!!! ITS ZAYN MALIK FROM ONE DIRECTION" I yelled as loud as I possibly could. Screams came from every direction, the ground trembled and the screams grew louder, and finally the wave of fans got the guards hands off Zayn and I, we ducked through the crowd escaping only just. The fans instantly caught on to where we were headed, so we ran through the doorway into the open sky.

Zayn and I sprinted tamed hid behind corner in an alley hoping they wouldn't catch us. Directioners ran straight past us, barely even noticing our disappearance. We waited right until the last, puffed and warn out fan passed us, and we laughed walking in the opposite direction of the fans. Our laughs were interrupted by 3 mall cops and 5actual police officers.

"It's alright officers, we've got it from here" one mall cop said. The police officers went back in their cars and drove off.

"That was quite a stunt you pulled back there girly" A cop was saying while grabbing my arms and leading me back to the mall. Zayn and I were sent to the mall corporates office, chattering was going on outside the room.

"Just keep quiet and let me do the talking" I whispered to Chloe, she nodded before the chubby security officer and his two well-built accomplice's barge through the door.

Jess's POV
I woke from my sleep and carefully the rolled away from Niall. Wait Niall? Again? Oh well. Excitement filled me as it was my 18th  birthday today! I'm an adult now and and very mature one, haha no way! Myself and mature in the same sentence, that doesn't happen.

"Jessie why are you laughing?" a grasps deep voiced Niall asked.

Did he really just call me Jessie?

"I was just thinking of about the words mature and I, now they don't mix" I laugh, "But Jessie? Really?"

"Uh..Well..Uh..I.. slip-of-the-tongue?" he shrugged while blushing.

"Don't worry, I actually like the nickname" I smiled, filling that awkward space between us.

He nodded and was still smiling  and blushing a bit, he then got up putting his hand out to help me off the bed. I grabbed his hand and smoothed the decreases on my pajamas and taming my hair before Niall stopped me. 

"Happy Birthday Jessie!" he grinned then swung me around in his arms. 

"Thanks Ni" I half smiled as I just figured a fitting nickname for him.

"Really? Ni?" he asked while raising his eyebrow and smiling.

"Slip-of-the-tongue?" I said, imitating and mocking his voice.

"I do not sound like that! Now, hurry up and go get ready" he ordered whilst giving a cheeky grin.

"Ok Ni, but where are we going?" I questioned.

"Out" his grin few wider.

I shook my head walking over to my bag grabbing out a pair of dark blue jeans and a white flowing blouse. I strode out of Niall's room and to the bathroom, turning the water on,  I stripped off my pajamas and got into the shower washing my hair and body. Once I got out I dried myself and dressed quickly. I then decided to braid my hair, going around the back of my head. After rechecking myself in the mirror multiple times, I was happy with how much effort I put in today, Chloe would be proud. I walked out of the bathroom and back to Niall's room, to find him already ready to go.

"Hang on a minute, I'm just going to put some shoes on." I mumbled as I walked over to my bag pulling out a pair off sandals and slipping them on me feet.

"Okay I'm ready to go" I told him.


" May I order the small pancake stack with a glass of orange juice?" I ask the waiter at the diner, "Thank you" I said after he reviewed my order. Niall had taken my to an all day breakfast parlor, which he claimed it was the best place to get food.

"Can I get some eggs on toast with a double side of bacon and hash browns. "Niall said giving the waiter his order "Oh and a glass of orange juice as well, please" 

"Order enough there eh?" I giggled

"Well geez Jess, mine wouldn't have looked like a big order of you didn't ask for so little" Niall pointed out"

"I'm not so much of a breakfast person" I replied. Niall just nodded, and we made small talk as we waited for our food to come.

My food was eaten witching two minutes because I didn't order much, so I ended up watching Niall inhale his food. It made me start laughing at him. Once he had finished and insisted on paying the bill he reminded me even though it was still my birthday, I was his guest.

"I called Chloe this morning," Niall informed me "and said to for her and Zayn to meet us in the park, just there" he pointed. 

"Well alright then, lets start walking then" I stood up from my seat


We had been walking about five, ten minutes around the park when I we finally sat.

"Come on lets go sit down over there" Niall said pointing over to a big shady oak tree.

"I just sat down" I sighed. He stood there, arms crossed tapping his foot. I moaned and got up anyway. We watched little kids running around playing with each other. "Hey Ni. What did you get me for me birthday?"

"Nothing" he winked at me, making me groan.

"Niall tell me" I pleaded.

"Nope not until Zayn and Chloe get here" he persisted.

"Fine" I pouted.

After a while of just sitting under the tree letting the small breezes hit us Niall spoke, "Hey Jess?" Niall asked sounding un-easy.

"Mmmmm" I replied back.

"How come you ran away from home?" He asked curiously. I was really hoping this wouldn't be brought up, especially today of all days. I don't blame Niall for asking, I blame him for reminding me of what I left behind. 

I sighed, he was going to ask sooner or later. 

"My dad used to get angry, for no parent reason he beat me and my mum all the time. Some days, he would come home drunk and belt us. He treated us like worthless nothings, even when he wasn't drunk. He was a horrible man, mum could only handle staying with him because she loves him too much to leave him on his own. I got to the point were I couldn't handle it anymore. So one morning I got up before mum and dad, pack pretty much all of my belongings and ran away from him the pain, the cuts, scars and bruises.If that's me, running away from it all, I can barely imagine what mum's going through right now" I finished my story. I could breathe, they only person that knew what I was going through was Chloe, but I could never tell her the full story, about mum. I turned to  Niall who gripped my hand there were tears forming in his eyes.

"Ni, don't cry its over. He's nowhere near me. He cant hurt me anymore okay?" I said pulling him in for a hug. 

"I think you should be the one saying that" he laughed wiping the tears from his eyes. "But these are tears of happiness, I'm forever glad your here with me, safe I promise."

"So what did you get me?" I asked once again changing the subject.

"Haha, no sympathy point from me you'll just have to wait" he chuckles

"Hey look there! Zayn and Chloe" I said springing to my feet running over to them with Niall trailing behind me.

Chloe's POV
"Jess! I'm so sorry we were late! We got caught up and it was hectic." I briefly explained, "Anyway! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" I yelled hugging her tightly.

"Happy Birthday Jess" Zayn smiled

"I got you this" I handed her wrapped box. Her jaw dropped, I got her make up "Now you have no excuse not to wear make up!" I laughed and we hugged again

"Niall has been bugging me all day about his gift but he refused to show me or tell me  until you were here" Jess nudged Niall.

"Ok you've waited long enough.... Follow me" he gestured for us to follow his lead. We made our way to a jewllers , what on earth are we doing here?

"Hey mate, is it ready?" Niall greeted a employee

"Sure it's just out the back,ill go get it!"  the uniformed guy walk away then came back minutes later with a pandora box in his hands and gave it to niall

Jess' POV
"Happy birthday Jess!" Niall said handing me the pandora box, I opened the box to find and silver chain pandora bracelet with five charms on it. There was a little love heart, one with a J on it, a little green four leave clover,and cute little teddy bear and one with and butterfly  on it.

"OH MY GOD! THANK YOU NIALL! I love it so much!" I yelled throwing my arms around his neck hugging him.

"Your welcome love" he said stepping back to look at then kissed them forehead.

"Now come we've go to go meet with the rest of the boys I have some thing else planned." He shares a wink with Zayn.

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