Another World: Kiss You

Another World: Kiss You is the third series of Another World: Summer Love & Another World Still The One. In Another World: Kiss You, Louis discovers that Kim is a vampire and is dying to be a vampire too. He does these crazy things and stuff just to be one. When he finally gets what he wants, Kim decides to heal him and he pretty much does get upset with it. Read on and see how Harry, Louis, and Kim's relationship reunites and distances from eachother.


2. 1.2

Eleanor: Louis! What happened to you? 

Louis: It's a long story really; my mom's pretty upset with me. 

Eleanor: What did you do? 

Liam: Louis!  

Louis: I'm fine Liam, where's Harry. 

Liam: He doesn't want to see you anymore. 

Louis: I need to talk to him, tell him to come here. Tell him I'm hurt, like really hurt. 

Liam: Ok. *leaves* 

Harry: He's hurt? I'm the one that's hurt Liam! Tell him to come apologize first. 

Liam: Ok. *leaves* 

Louis: He wants me to apologize first!? Fine. *walks on his crutches* 

Harry: *sees Louis* Louis? What happened to you? 

Louis: Yeah, you're still hurt more than me. 

Harry: No, not anymore, what happened to you? 

Louis: It's a long story; my mom's upset with me for doing it. 

Harry: I have all day. 

Kim: *walks in the café* 

Louis: *looks and sees kim* 

Harry: Kim. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Harry, look can we talk for a minute. 

Harry: Yeah, Louis, can you? 

Louis: *annoyed* I was gonna apologize first, but ladies first. *fakes a smile and leaves* 

Kim: I'm sorry things went wrong with Louis and me, but if you're willing to give me a second chance, I will be your girlfriend. 

Harry: Second chance? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Harry: *thinks* 

Kim: *smiles* I love you too.  

Harry: *tries not to smile* What? 

Kim: *kisses harry* 

Niall: *sees kim and harry kissing* What the? 

Harry: Your lips... They're, they're so cold. 

Kim: *looks away* I'm sorry. 

Niall: Hey guys, did you guy see where Louis went? 

Harry: He took off. 

Niall: Thanks. *leaves and finds louis* Louis! 

Louis: Niall, what's with the loudness? 

Niall: I saw Kim and Harry kissing. 

Louis: What? 

Niall: With my own two eyes. 

Louis: No way! 

Niall: Yeah. 

Zayn: Hey, why are you two right here? 

Kim: We were just about to join the others. *follows zayn* 

Harry: Louis, can I ask you something? 

Louis: Yeah of course. 

Harry: *looks at kim and everyone* Kim and I are in a relationship. 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* What? *looks at kim evil* 

Kim: Harry and I are in love Louis. 

Louis: In love? 

Niall: Well, Harry's always been in love with Kim since camp Louis. They should be together, they look great together. 

Zayn: Yeah, plus Eleanor still loves you. 

Louis: I don't love Eleanor. *grabs his crutches* 

Liam: Where are you going? 

Louis: I'm leaving. *walks out the café* 

Kim: *sitting in silence* 

Harry: Kim. 

Kim: *gets up and runs after Louis* Louis! 

Louis: *stops* 

Kim: Wait! *walks up to Louis* Please don't hurt yourself over this. 

Louis: What more do you want me to do to myself Kim!? Shoot myself this time! 

Kim: Don't! If you do then, we won't change you. 

Louis: Change me? *chuckles* Change me? You're father disagrees, how can you say that to me. 

Kim: Just, just don't hurt yourself Louis! 

Louis: Now that you mentioned, I'm considering it. 

Harry: Kim. 

Kim: I'll be right there. Louis, please don't do anything stupid that'll make you regret it. 

Louis: Leave me alone, you're boyfriends waiting for you. *walks off* 

Kim: *walks back to harry* 

Danielle: Where is she going? 

Perrie: She's leaving Louis. 

Eleanor: She's walking to Harry. 

Perrie: She is. 

Harry: *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Harry: *hugs and kisses kims cheek*  

Kim: I love you. 

Harry: I love you too. 

Danielle: Did he just... 

Eleanor: Louis. *runs after Louis* Louis! 

Louis: Eleanor? 

Eleanor: I just saw Harry and Kim... 

Louis: Yeah, I know. 

Eleanor: Are you ok?  

Louis: Yeah, I'm ok, why? *chuckles* 

Eleanor: You know I'm here for you if you ever... 

Louis: Yeah, I know, thank you Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *smiles* 

Louis: Keep smiling like that please. *walks off* 

Eleanor: *frowns* 

Kim: Dad, Harry wants to come and visit you guys. 

Dave: What?  

Kim: He's in the car waiting. 

Dave: Does he know too! 

Kim: No, I haven't told him. 

Dave: Don't! Bring him here.  

Kim: Ok. *smiles at harry* 

Harry: What he say? 

Dave: *hears kim* 

Kim: He said that's fine, my mother will await us with food. 

Harry: That'll be great, I'm starving. *smiles big* 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Dave: Prepare some food for Harry. 

Elizabeth: She's bringing him over? 

Dave: I told her not to, but I heard her. 

Elizabeth: Ok then. *cooks* 

Dave: Welcome Harry. 

Harry: Hello Dave. 

Kim: Mom, this is Harry, my boyfriend. 

Elizabeth: Boyfriend? Oh. *chuckles* It's nice to meet you Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: *hugs Elizabeth* It's nice too, whoa, you're cold as well. 

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I have the flu. 

Harry: I'm sorry, I hope you get better. 

Elizabeth: *smiles* Thank you. 

Harry: It's a nice house. 

Elizabeth: Thank you. 

Zac: Hey mom, can you. *sees harry* Oh, Harry. 

Harry: Zac? *looks at kim* 

Kim: Zac and I reunited. 

Zac: It's good to see you again Harry. How have you been? 

Harry: It's better now that your sister and I are a team. 

Zac: Ha, what? 

Harry: Together as in boyfriend and... 

Zac: Yeah, ok I get it. Well congrats, I remember you telling me you really liked, I mean love her. 

Harry: *smiles* Yes, I love her, and this time I won't let her slip from me. 

Zac: That's good, we'll I'm gonna go back to camp to work, I'll see you another time. 

Harry: Alright, bye. 

Zac: *leaves* 

Elizabeth: Dinner is ready. 

Dave: Shall we eat? 

Harry: I'm starving. 

Dave: *takes a bite* It's good 

Elizabeth: Help yourself with more food Harry. 

Dave: Yes, please, help yourself. 

Harry: Thank you. 

Kim: I'm done, I'm gonna go wash up, I'll be right down.  

Harry: You guys didn't even eat anything. *chuckles* 

Dave: It's cause we kinda ate before you came. We didn't know you were coming. 

Elizabeth: So I cooked again just for you. *smiles* 

Harry: Well. *chuckles* You didn't really have to do this for me. *smiles* 

Kim: It's ok, we all joined in. *fakes a smile* 

Harry: Well I'm done too now. *smiles*  

Kim: I'll clean up. 

Harry: *walks into kims room* 

Kim: *walks into her room* Hey? 

Harry: Where's your bed? 

Kim: My bed? Oh, I umm, I sleep on the couch or sometimes on the floor. 

Harry: A big nice house, but no bed for you? Funny. 

Kim: Right? *fakes a laugh* It's getting late, maybe you should leave now. 

Harry: Getting rid of me already? It's only seven. 

Kim: Well, don't you have homework, or any other work to do? 

Harry: Not really, I'll finish it in ten. 

Kim: I'll see you tomorrow. 

Harry: Oh? Ok, can I get a kiss then? 

Kim: *kisses harry quickly* Bye. 

Harry: I'll see you tomorrow. *leaves* 

Kim: Next time when I bring a human here, can we you guys not make it so obvious that we don't eat human food! 

Dave: I told you not to bring him. 

Kim: I couldn't lie to him dad! He was already in the car. 

Dave: You could of said we weren't home. 

Kim: *silent*  

Elizabeth: Next time, why don't you just go and buy something for him and bring it here to eat. 

Kim: Mom! 

Dave: Your mother is right, don't raise your tone at her. 

Kim: Alright! I'm sorry! *walks back to her room*

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