Forgotten Memories

I keep having this story as a dream and thought it could become a good movella. Leila a 7th grader in love with her first boyfriend Harry Styles, catches him kissing another girl after school. She runs away with Harry chasing her when she gets run over. She wakes up in the hospital and can't remember anything about her life. 5 years later she is living in England remember everything about her life again, except how and why she got run over which means she doesn't remember Harry at all. So what happen when she runs into a guilty Harry who never forgot about Leila who is vacation in London read to find out! (Harry Styles not famous and not from the UK)


1. How it all Began

Leila POV

Hi my name is Leila and my boyfriend's name is Harry and I think I am in love with him. Right now I'm in school and I'm waiting for Harry because he is turning in an extra credit paper. Since he is taking so long I decide to go look for him. When I go inside school again and start looking for him I see him kissing a girl I start running crying. I ran until I'm out of the school and I heard him calling my name I'm in the middle of the road when I'm about to answer him when the car comes and all I see are lights.


I wake up in a hospital and this women 5 year old girl and man are there. I ask ," Who are you?", the women starts crying and the man says that is your mother, sister, and I'm your father. I don't remember you guys I'm sorry. The doctor comes in and says you are quite lucky to survive do you remember what happened. I respond with I don't remember anything about my life! The doctor turns to my parents and says I will remember my memory step by step and certain things will trigger certain memories.


We come home and I remember everything like the doctor said, but I didn't remember on my own so they gave me a pill and BOOM I remembered everything, I think? Yet I still felt something missing like something big and how I got run over, but I'm sure it will come back at one point. Right now my Dad said that we were moving to England I couldn't be happier I always wanted to live in England.


We were in the airport when my dad handed me an iPhone 4s with THE cutes floral case. He says it's my phone and that I'm ready to have it back. While we were waiting to board the plane it starts ringing and the most handsomest boys face appears on the screen and the name says Harry and since I couldn't remember him I presses decline.


Once we got to London the cool air hit my face as I walk outside and into the house. I went and picked my room. I felt this was fresh start for my life and I couldn't wait to start it. 

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