Dayana is an 16 year old girl that lives in Arizona with her parents. On the summer she is going to her auntie´s Rose house in Holmes Chapel to help her with the small pet shop she had there because her parent think she is getting very rebel and in all the process she meet Liam Payne that is visiting some of his friends there and they know that is some especial connection between them. But it will be hard for her to fall for Liam knowing that he is with Danielle?


2. What?!


I went out of my house as fast as I could, I didn’t want to deal with my mother right now about my low grades. I know that I have been distracted and all and the last I need is someone that reminds me that. While I walked to school, that was like 5 blocks away from my house, I listened some music and think about the little birds that were flying that morning. I always wanted to be like them, to be free and to fly to wherever I want. When I arrived to school I saw, like all the mornings, that there he was, in his spot of all the days, talking with Dany and Fer, 2/4 girls that used to be my ´friends´ and now I hate the most. I ignore them like always and made my way to my locker, but no they had to follow me.

“Hi Dayana, can you pass me the English homework?” Dany asked me in a very “I´m so innocent” voice that annoyed me.

“Sorry, Dany I can´t” I told her turning around. I wished I could tell her something more, but I was afraid that she would respond me something more offensive and with the bitchy she is that was for sure.

“Sorry you, that wasn´t a question” Dany said grabbing my wrist tight, but luckily Sam, my best friend, grabbed Dany´s wrist and she let go mine. I was afraid that Dany or Fer would say something to Sam for protecting me.

“Dany, this is our last day; can you be less bitchy today?” Sam told her with a sassy tone. That is one of the things I love about her, she never is afraid of anyone, especially from Dany. I didn’t want to make the problem worse, so I didn´t said anything and soon they gave up and went somewhere else. I am very glad Sammy appeared at time, if no only god knows what they were going to do to me.

Our first class was English and Mrs.Aguilar, before my grades were low she liked me very much, but now I don´t think so. She always wear sunglasses and a purple lipstick that combines with her hair, it quite fashionable for a woman of her age. The entire classroom was chatting with someone and they didn´t pay attention to the teacher.

All the class Dany was flirting with Roy, the cousin of Pam. Only if Daniel, her boyfriend, knew she was flirting with him, surely he would have beaten him and Dany wouldn´t care a bit. I don´t even know why she is with Daniel if she even don’t like him at all, it is obviously, I mean in all the photos Daniel was hugging her and she was hugging herself. Anahi, that is her best friend, loved Daniel first and Dany knew that, but she didn´t care and threw herself to him hurting Anahi. She is like that, passing though anybody to have what she wants, not a true friend. There it goes, she flick her hair for the #342 time in the hour. I kept starring at her annoyed, I used to wish to be like her, someone popular and pretty, to be wanted for all the guys in school, but there is no way I change that before my intelligence.

Mrs.Aguilar saw me starring at Dany and glanced at me to pay attention to the lesson, but I kept thinking that this was unfair. At lunch Carl was there flirting with Lizzie even though she is 2 years older than him, he is a womanizer and now I regret to went out with him. I sat on an empty table and minutes later Sam, Jackie and Dana joined me.

“I have the entire summer plan for us girls” Sam said grabbing her apple. I wasn´t very excited about summer because I wasn´t going to the beach this year, so that means that I will be in home reading books or drawing. Exited? Not really. Jackie and Dana are going to Jackie´s grandmother house in California in a week and also Sam is going to UK with her parents, so that means that we have only a week to do whatever we want together and Sam is planning all the week insane.

“We are going to go to camp so be ready, I will pass for you tomorrow morning ok?” Sam told us and Jackie only nodded wile Dana was pretty excited, I only nodded. Don´t think I´m negative, It is only that I didn´t have a very good time this week. I arrived to school late because I went for an ice cream with the girls and my mother texted me that they needed to tell me something.

“I´m home” I yelled closing the door and walking to the kitchen for some water. No one reply so I wonder why at least my mom wasn´t at home, maybe she was late because of my brother. I went to my bedroom to threw myself on the bed and check my phone. Twitter, nothing, Facebook, nothing, but then my phone started ringing, it was a text of Sam asking me if I could bring two extra sleeping bags for Jackie and Dana because they haven´t one. I replied saying yes and someone opened the front door. Mom was here finally. She yelled at me to come down and I did it.

“Hi Dayana” My brother told me running to his room. Ok, that was weird, my mom asked me to join her and my father in the kitchen. What is going on, why everyone is acting so weird today? I did as they asked and they look at me…..worried ? Why?

“Love, your father and I decided that you are going to pass the summer with your auntie Mary” My mom sad finally and I was in shock. I didn´t said anything, but keep staring at my hands with wide eyes. What?!  I was going with my auntie? Why? Anger  grew into me.

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